Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rachel Vincent Contest

Rachel Vincent, the brilliant author who wrote the Stray series, is having a contest to win the first two books of her YA Screamer's series. Check it out here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Day at the Park

Careful, I've got a back that is killing me intentionally and a kitten who is trying to walk across my keyboard. He seems to think it's funny when his paw presses a button that makes the entire screen go dim, which gives me ten minutes of a migraine trying to figure out what the hell he did.
So today was a long, but interesting day. I volunteered at a book and magazine festival in Queens Park here in Toronto. It was fun just having to sit there listening to the nominees for the Toronto Book Award just reading from their amazing novels. The time flew by fast. The one thing that kept me excited all day was trying to keep an eye on the nearby signing tent to see if the line to meet Margaret Atwood was short enough. I didn't want to be missed too badly when running across the muddy grass to get to meet, even for a short minute, one of my favorite authors. It ended up that right when the line was coming to an end, I was needed to hand out raffle tickets. So when I was finished, I ran in my flimsy flip flops with my copy of Handmaid's Tale in hand, almost falling on my ass as I slid across that damn mud, and coming to a stop in front of a table that had no Margaret! But, I caught her as she was leaving (Thank God!) and she signed my book with a smile and a "Fork it over" (which is usually used in the context of when someone is confiscating something from another, so at first I thought she wasn't going to give it back-- haha). I told her I was a writer and then I was on my way. I slid back into my seat about two minutes before Charles Wilkins was finishing up a reading from his novel: "In The Land Of Long Fingernails -- A Gravedigger's Memoir", which I do plan to read now.
Now I'm safe at home, completely exhausted, but not wanting to go to bed. As usual.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Victoria

Actress, Rachelle Lefevre, will no longer be playing the role of Victoria in Eclipse. The part is going to be taken by Bryce Dallas. You may have seen her in Spider-Man 3 or Lady in the Water. It's sad to see Rachelle go.

Personally, I loved Rachelle as Victoria! She was the Canadian addition to the cast, but I suppose she had other engagements. But, we don't know what the turth is for sure, so Im not going to take any sides. I'm sure Bryce will do an amazing job as well. And we still get to see Rachelle in New Moon when it arrives in November.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When Daniel Met Rupert

Rare photo of the day Daniel Radcliffe met Rupert Grint. It's cute, and I thought some people might get a kick out of it. Read the interview with David Heyman (the producer for all those who aren't obsessed like me) here:

Monday, June 22, 2009

And So The Vampire Has Got Us Hooked

There were two big questions that had me standing up in anger when I saw those final credits pop up after the second episode of this season’s True Blood. Is Lafayette going to become a vampire at the fangs of Eric and Pam? And also, is Bill going to let his inner killer take a visit on Jessica’s family? Even now, only a couple hours after the episode finished, I can’t get these questions out of my head.
True Blood has already become the show now keeping it’s fans through cliff hangers and sex appeal. Instead of the rant I would like to go on about this episode and how it has changed my ideals of where the plot is going to go completely, I am going to stray a bit. I’d like to bring a question to the table. What is it about vampires that has taken popular culture by the throats, keeping humans begging for more? It’s not like we are being forced to pick up romance novels with pictures of half naked women in the arms of her foe. But, when it comes to television we don’t have much of a choice anymore.
Over the past decade, television broadcasting companies have brought us shows with paranormal intrigue. Beginning with the infamous Buffy, and going on to Charmed, Supernatural, and now True Blood. And it’s not even television. Not one person can clearly say that they have never heard of Twilight before. It has become a norm, a fad that has played it’s part in keeping us ’brainwashed’.
Is the thought of being held in a vampire’s arms and the fantasies that come along with this idea what makes us watch these shows? I personally don’t swoon at the thought of Edward Cullen or Bill Compton, but many people do. The thought of a corpse walking around seducing women just doesn’t go there for me. Now Sam Merlotte is a different story…
I suppose anything that keeps us from thinking about our actual lives and the difficulties we possess will gain our interest. A show about a human, mind-reading bartender who falls in love with a vampire has got us tuning into HBO every Sunday or continually refreshing the screen of their favourite streaming website to see if the owner has uploaded it yet. And until our own community vampires come out of the cellar and let their existence be known to the public, we will continue to watch.
It’s human temptation; a need to have our wildest fantasies come true, even if it be in a fictional character’s life. It’s in our nature, and we can’t keep ourselves away. Like a vampire to blood, we crave the unbelievable because our lives are too dull to live without it.

Still haven't jumped on the True Blood boat? Check out this promo and tell me you don't want to catch up?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20th

  So we have come to the final days before I no longer have to sit with my laptop slightly raised in the air so it won't over heat. No more hanging out alone in my dorm room watching old episodes of LOST and twittering to followers who only followed me in hopes of getting a followback. Yes, I am talking about finishing exams, leaving school, going home. And.. doing everything I just said six hours away from here. But, hey, I'm gonna try and find a job this summer so that I can make enough money to have a half decent laptop, half decent clothes, and oh yeah rent for next year!
  No worries though, because I will still be the girl who writes the fanfiction in her spare time. But will also be working on that novel that still needs to be finished, and you never know what else. The summer is a mystery, but hopefully it will be a bit cooler than it is now. Probably not. But I love to be busy, so maybe I'll lose some weight this summer being so active Haha.

  So the first ever official poster for New Moon is out! Aren't you all so excited for November. I know I am.  Jacob, here I come. No,no I will not forget about Kellan. My love.
I have yet to watch the last two episodes of 90210. I've been busy with exams! So no one ruin it for me. Right now I am watching American Idol and Fringe and LOST at the exact same time! Well aren't I the multitasker...

Off now, I am much to hot and tired to type about nonsense no one will read anyway. Haha. ;)
Chapter for Tokyo Battle coming next, thanks to the lovely Caitlynn!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day... well it was.. I don't think it's Wednesday anymore. Haha.
Uhmm.. interesting things that happened to me today: found out Green Day is coming out with a new album, and I love thier new single.
Went crazy trying to see my financial advisor in order to get more money.. hopefully everything works out soon.
Going to see Cassandra Clare on Sunday! Yes, I know! She wrote City of Bones in case you have no idea who she is (shame on you). Lily Allen was tonight. And very good.
Just posted a chapter for BackfromthePast.. next is going to be Thank You. I've gotten some new readers for that one, so it will be my next project.
I might not be around for a bit due to the next 4 weeks being stressed out completely. I mean, I have 3 ten page essays due the first week of May, plus a cultural critique. Then I have exams. It's all been condensed due to the strike. I have twitter! so for all you people who have it, follow me and I will follow you!

Sexy Wolf pack above! Yumyum