Thursday, July 31, 2008

TOMORROW... at midnight

So I just made plans yesterday to go to the book release party. I mean, I was going to, and then I found out I didn't have enough money for a hotel. But now my friend is proposing that her father will drive us up to Ottawa an back! Yay! So I gotta make my dress in time. And I don't get my book until 8:30 in the morning on Saturday. But just going to the party is good enough. As long as some ex-twilighter yells out the end before I can get home tomorrow night. Cross your fingers.

So a chapter for... something today. Lol. When I sit down to write, the story will pop out. So I have no idea which one I'm going to write for. But look forward to something, Mmmkay?

Today's quote is my favorite this week! Lol....

"Jacob: "I’ll kill you myself! I’ll do it now!"

Ah! I think he's talking to Edward... Oooo.

Okay. I'm rereading the series before Breaking Dawn and I think I saw some foreshadowing in New Moon! Laurent and Bella meet in the meadow and Bella asks him how she likes Tanya from Denali, because she's trying to distract him from EATING her. But he says: (pg 239) "I like Tanya very much" he mused. "And her sister Irina even more... I've never stayed in one place for so long before, and I enjoy the advantages, the novelty of it." So... Do you think Irina was his mate and then when Laurent was killed by Sam Uley and the werewolves that Irina is going to want revenge? Huh?

Or was I just looking to much into it. Haha

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Breath Away!

So... Two days until the Big Finale! Ooh. I can hardly wait. I'm still reading New Moon now.

I posted a chapter for "She Crashed Life With A Broken Heart." Enjoy.

And that's about it for today!

Today's quote is from Carlisle:"I’ve seen vampire venom work miracles, but there are conditions that even venom cannot overcome.""

Anyone watch the new Harry Potter trailer released yesterday? I'm excited!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday... 3 days

(that's not how I pictured Charlie)
Yes! I know that its not that far off, but I really really don't want to be spoiled. So, starting now I am no longer going to read any reviews or comments on this site. Go ahead an review and comment, because I really do want to hear from you. It's just that I'm waiting until I have finished Breaking Dawn. I know you guys understand. Keep reviewing though, please!

And I'll still post up a couple chapters before Saturday, just no updates on the weekend.

If you are one of the people who have read the book early, please don't spoil it for anyone else. That's not being a true Twilighter. Remember that.

Anyway. Thanks for voting for the Country Twilight Song contest. It's doing really well, better than expected. So far Big & Rich are in the lead.... that would be a Breaking Dawn song. I think it completely defines it. Though I have not read it. But we can all tell that the wedding is going to take place. Obviously. Jake can cry on my shoulder.
Twilight Tuesday was amusing.

I've decided to read the series before the weekend. Im at the beginning of New Moon. I read Twilight yesterday. Do you think I'll finish them? Hmm?


So there's this TV show based on a series of books. Has anyone read the Heartland series? I read them back when I was in middle school. They are completely amazing. Tyler Borden was my first book crush. The show just finished their first season, and season two premieres on Oct. 5. I'll be at university then, but hopefully they'll show it on plain old cable.

The show is filmed in my hometown of High River Alberta. I grew up there. It's an amazing town just about half an hour south of Calgary.
It's a show full of romantic tension and horse shows. Completely amazing.
Here's a bit of a summary:

Heartland is a sprawling family saga that follows sisters Amy and Lou Fleming, their grandfather Jack, and the newly arrived Ty Borden through the ups and downs and highs and lows that follow the death of Marion Fleming.
Heartland will struggle from near bankruptcy to paying for itself. During these struggles, Amy's relationship with her sister Lou will grow closer as they both try and reconcile with their estranged father, Tim.
As Amy starts to become more comfortable with the fact that she possesses her mother's skill to help injured horses, the bond between her and Spartan grows stronger. Amy knows Spartan can once again be the powerful jumper he once was.Ty's past haunts him, but he tries to overcome it and, with Amy's help, learn to heal the horses of Heartland.
Scott Cardinal, the local vet and old friend of Lou's, and Mallory Wells, a local girl who's almost part of the family, also play a major role in the daily life of Heartland and the Fleming family.

got anything to recommend to me or other Twilight fans? Drop me a line at
I want to hear from you!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Who We Are Ch.7


I posted a new chapter. Yay! It's pretty depressing, and I bet you wanna know what happens next, huh?

Chapter 7
Esme rushed out of the room and threw herself into her husband's arms.
"This doesn't make sense. How could this happen?" She cried. "I always thought..."
"It was I who should have known." Carlisle murmured sadly.
"Niether of you should be blaming anyone but me." Edward said, coming around the corner, his arms crossed tightly. Esme pulled away from her husband and reached her hand out to her son.
"Edward.." She whispered.
"I just want to be left alone. Will you take the twins with you tonight?"
"Of course. Maybe we should call Alice or ... "
"No. It's better if nothing is out." Edward's eyes tightened, and he left the way he had come. Esme began to sob.

Vote on the side!

I suppose you could consider it Monday...

So my poll that was recently closed came up with mixed results. Obviously most of you agree with me and would choose to meet Kellan over anyone else. It's not just his looks though! That's only part of it. It's the way he talks and acts. The way he relates himself as a fan and actually talks to them, plays tic-tac-toe with them. He jokes all the time. In every interview I had read with him, I come away eager to see this movie. He is amazing. Just to talk to him and ask him my undying questions-- about his character, about his feelings towards "Generation Kill" and just to ask him why he loves gummy bears so much-- would be amazing.

I thought Jasper would be my favorite character, because he was the mysterious one. The one couldn't control himself, but chose to stay with Alice because he loved her so much. But my views have changed. Yes, Jackson is awesome as well, but Emmett has shined through Kellan. Literally, I see him. I do. So my Cullen of choice went from Jasper to Emmett.

Don't tell my friend though, because she called him long ago. Haha back in 10th grade we chose who was our favorite and no one else could have them. I had chosen two because I'm greedy; Jasper and Carlisle. Caitlynn had chosen Emmett. It was hilarious because by the time my friend Amanda read it, there was no one for her to have. We kept telling her she could have Mike Newton. Her face would always go green after that. She chose Edward of course and made me swear not to tell Caitlynn. Because Edward was said to be mutual among all of us; he's the instant choice.

So I secretly stole Emmett away. ^_* shh. Same with Jacob. Now that I have seen Taylor, I have changed from Team Edward to Team Switzerland. I love Taylor. He's just so.... Jacob. Jacob was "called" by my friend Shaylene. She has no idea that I stole him too. Geez, I'm making myself out to be some "me mine mine" girl. I kind of am. I see a male lead in any book or movie and he's instantly mine. And I'm always the one to read the book first, whatever that book may be, so I steal the character before any of my friends can take dibs. Like now with 'City of Bones'-- that book surprised me by far. I felt like gagging in the end-- I dib Jace.

Does anyone else do that with thier friends; take dibs on characters? Or are we just crazy Canadians?

All this came on from one Kellan Lutz interview. Interviewed by a very lucky girl. Gosh I wish I had been in her place. Read it here.

Today's quote is oddly from Jasper: “I can’t understand. I can’t bear this.”
5 days.

After I sleep, I am going to write a chapter for "Who We Are". ALL YOU PEOPLE GO READ "BACK FROM THE PAST". No one's reading it, and I love it so much more that 'What We Become".

I have started the poll for the Twilight Country Song, so go vote. And if you hate country, don't listen to the music, listen to the lyrics. It's a whole different thing. Hear me out, okay?
Or look up the lyrics online and read them. Mmmm Kay?
Good-bye for now my pets.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back from the Past Ch.5

Did you like it? hmm?

Chapter 5

Bella rolled her eyes and shifted to the left, but he moved too.
"Move please." Bella whispered. Edward lifted his eyebrows, but said nothing.
"Because you want to, or is it because Mr. Ford is waiting for you?" He asked Bella. She shifted her weight to her other foot.
"Do you have some sort of issue with James?"
"Why would you ask that?"
Bella huffed. "You're... never mind. Please would you kindly step aside?"
"By all means."

Is it Saturday Already?!?

Today I was supposed to be at a fundraiser washing cars.... but I didn't go. I was half asleep and woke up at noon. Oops.
And I've been reading this AMAZING book all day. It's called "City of Bones." Has anyone read it?
I actually have a chapter for "Back from the Past" almost done. I have about 700 words. But it's really bland. If that makes sense. I'm trying to write it, and its not coming out all wonderful. So, I will be posting it 99% sure tonight. I just have to tear myself away from my book and my novel. But I SHALL! I'm quite sure....

Today's quote is our first quote from a werewolf! Yay! And my favorite leader of the pack as well (Although I'm pretty sure in Breaking Dawn he's most likely going to give his position to Jacob so he can grow old with Emily. MY THEORY!)

Sam: "This is not something our treaty anticipated. This is a danger to every human in the area."
Of course we can probably guess what it means. :)The treaty between vampire and werewolf must be broken!
So... More tonight.

p.S Anyone catch all the comiccon stuff? Woah. It was hard for me to keep up with it all.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank Edward it's Friday

Edward: "You look so guilty-- like you've commited a crime."

All of the comic-con stuff online is crazy! It's all so amazing! Robert fell off Bella's bed in a kissing scene, he also wrote THREE songs on the soundtrack, and he had for auditions a scene IN BED WITH KRISTEN... and Catherine...
Last night I must've read over a dozen right ups about the event. Listen to interviews here. There is so much more over at the lexicon and hisgoldeneyes!

Today is Mike Welch's Birthday! My favorite human is 21 years old! *Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!*

A chapter for "Back from the Past" will be seen in about three or four hours. So hang in there.

So anyone else completely awe struck at all the comic-con stuff? Anyone else angry that they never got to see the completed scene?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday...8 more days

So... maybe a chapter for "Back from the Past" later today.

Quote of the day: Rosalie: "Over my pile of ashes". LOVE IT! Especially coming from her. She won't take shit from no one, haha.

EW on Monday will be telling us something that happens in Breaking Dawn! With Stephenie's permission of course... Ooooo... I don't know if I want to see it or not. Yikes.

Up top is a picture of the new trading cards.. some of many to come out in November.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Who We Are" Ch. 5

I posted chapter 4. That was fast, I know. :)

Here is the sneak peek, and don't forget to read the post below this one.

Chapter 5

"So what do you want me to do?" Edward asked me, his hand barely skimming the skin of my shoulder. I sighed and looked away at everything around us. At the twins as they played lightly on the floor together, building blocks scattered all over the floor. At the many papers on the coffee table that I still had to fill out and send in. And then I look back at Edward, his work uniform covered in dust, his hair just the same. He's looking at me as if I need to say something now to make him believe me. When really, it's what I need to here that will convince me to stay.
"I don't know."

It's Wednesday.... Right?

Hello my readers! Guess what! I'm posting a chapter for "Who We Are" today. *bows*. I've been putting my novel first, and that's why you haven't been seeing as many updates. Don't worry though, I haven't given up fanfiction. I'm addicted.

Okay, I'm sitting here listening to Faith Hill on CMT and I've come to realize that country music has MANY Twilight songs. I think there are more country songs that you can relate to Twilight than any other. I know that a lot of you probably think that Country Music isn't to your standards. But, just listen to some of these songs that make me cry, make me laugh, inspire me with my fanfiction and my novel. I grew up with these people in my CD player. I want there to be a Country playlist. SO if you're not a fan, that's okay. Just listen through a few and vote for which one you think is the ultimate "Country Twilight Song." I'll be putting up the poll in a few days, so if you have a country song that would do awesome on my list, just leave me a comment.
Some of the songs you've got so far:
'Stealing Cinderella' by Chuck Wicks ( not in the playlist, but look it up) Edward to Charlie
'Didn't you know how much I loved you' by Kellie Pickler -- New Moon
'Song in my head' by Julliane Hough-- Twilight

Today's Quote of the Day:
Edward: “Do you want me to sing to you? I’ll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away.”

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Twilight Tuesday!

So, as we all know, today is Tuesday and that means.... TWILIGHT TUESDAY! My favorite day of the week!

Interview with Rosalie: also did a photoshoot with our favorite convertible driver. Check it out here!

Today's quote of the day is hilarious!

Renee: “Alice wouldn’t let us do anything else. Every time we tried, she all but ripped our throats out.”
Kaleb Nation got to the third chapter of New Moon! Do you know what happens in that chapter!! :(
I'm going to be betaing (is that a word) a few people's chapters this morning, and maybe early this afternoon I'll get a chance to write a chapter for "Who We Are", or maybe "Thank You". And I want to work on my novel today. So.... See you guys in a bit!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Back from the Past chapter 4

I posted chapter 3 a bit late. I was going to post it before, but it was short. I got a few complaints from people saying my chapters were too short, so I made it longer. I hope you liked it.

As promised:

Chapter 4
Edward walked carefully around the fountain to where James and his new partner were
standing waiting for something or someone. James had his hand on the small of her back, and Edward couldn`t help the stab of jealousy that flushed through him. How could James have the right to gain a beautiful woman like her. How did he manipulate her into going with him. He didn`t know, but he was going to find out. Before the officers came knocking at his door.

So.... what do you think my people.


I know I didn't post a chapter for "Blast to the Past" last night. But I'm going to write it like right now. So give me an hour. :) So I can put the chapter together.. it's all in bits and pieces.

quote of the day:

Edward: "Oops."

.... huh? What kind of quote is that? I'm just saying that it better not be during the honeymoon. ;) hahaha

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday.... Almost Monday (But who cares, because it's SUMMER)

And how could Edward turn down a face like that?

It makes no difference to me what day it is. Only that I have to go to church. :)

Alice: "No one will dare to call you plain when I’m through with you."Bella: "Only because they’re afraid you’ll suck their blood."

Chapter for "Back From the Past" Coming later on.. I'm also planning on working on my novel today... I've put it on the back burner this past week. SLAP ME! YELL AT ME! tell me to get that finished!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Who We Are Ch.4

I posted Ch.3 of "Who We Are" as promised. Yay! I'm pretty proud of it too.

read this sneak peek of chapter 4.

"Mommy...." I heard someone whisper. I covered my head with my arm. "Mommy.." It started again. I turned my head and looked at Edward. He had one smiling baby seated on each leg and all three of them were staring at me. I knew that the twins had no idea what was going on. I turned and looked at the clock.
"It's 8 am!" I said. Edward frowned.
"Mommmyyy....." He whined. "Please...."
"I'm going to be having them doing that in a couple years, I don't need you tormenting me now." I murmured, sitting up. Edward only smiled.
"But it's so exciting, Mommy."
"Edward." I warned. He looked up at me through his eyelashes. Then pushed Anna to me. He lowered his head to her ear.
"Anna says she wants to go downstairs now." He whispered. "Oh, and what's that--" He turned to Henry. I rolled my eyes. "He says you're being a really mean Mommy." Henry smiled as if he was agreeing with him. I sighed.
"Fine. Let's go see what Santa brought us."

:O :P After this... We skip forward to their first birthdays! AH!

It's... Saturday!

Hello my people. News for today:

Breaking Dawn Quote: Bella: “Why am I covered in feathers?” Oooo... That's a tricky one!

I'll be posting a chapter for "Who We Are" later today.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Twilight Friday. :)

I have no idea if I will post a chapter today. We shall see.


Today's Breaking Dawn quote:

Edward: “You’re awfully small to be so hugely irritating.”

Oooo... Who's he talking to? Alice most likely. I'm excited.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back from the Past

I have posted chapter two for Back from the Past. it explains a bit more. Not much time has passed though, it's still the same night. In the next chapter, Edward comes to the future! Will he get the part of Mr.Darcy? We shall see...

Should I do sneak peeks for this story as well? Let me know.


It is almost the end of the week! Which means two more to wait until Breaking Dawn! Speaking of which, the quote for today is: Charlie: "Bells, we're up to bat"
I highly doubt that they actually play baseball. I'm guessing it's a metaphor, but you never know. It would be fun to see.

Kaleb Nation has posted for chapter 2 of New Moon.

I shall be posting a chapter for "Back from the Past" shortly. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who We Are Ch.3

Chapter two has been posted. One more chapter and then the twins will be toddlers. It's going to be much fun. The next chapter is a few months after Chapter 2. It's going to be pretty fluffy, so get ready.
Sneak Peek of Ch.3
"How was I supposed to know that?" Edward said stubbornly from the kitchen doorway. I sighed and put both hands on my hips.
"You would have if you would have been here!" I said, my voice rising. "You're missing everything!"
"I'm sorry that I want you to have a life! I'm sorry that I want to get an acceptable job so that my family will not be left without! IS that not too much? I need to go to school!" He walked towards me.
"I want to go to school too! I want a life! Everything I do is based on these babies! I won't have a job! I won't have school to go to! I barely graduated!" I backed away from him and sat down on the couch. "I have nothing anymore, Edward. And I'm so sick of it. I am so sick. I can barely get up in the mornings. And then you're gone." I looked up and he was standing above me, his breath coming in large bursts. "Henry said his first word today, did you know?"
Well??? A chapter for Back from the Past.. maybe tonight. If I can get back on.

Wednesday News

News for today!

Why not a chapter for "Thank You" and "Who We Are."? Maybe even "Back from the Past". ... Hmmm... Keep a look out!

Breaking Dawn's quote of the day (My favorite so far):

Bella: “Jasper? What do vampires do for bachelor parties? You’re not taking him to a strip club, are you?"

Did anyone watch ET yesterday? It was amazing!

What am I doing just chatting? I have chapters to write!

New Banners

Since no one volunteered to make me some, I stayed up all night. Haha Here are the new banners for "Who We Are" and "Back from the Past".

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Entertainment Tonight!

Just finished watching it on the tele! Dear God in heaven it was amazing!
scenes from baseball, chase, Laurent's accent, police stopping the truck. and much much more. Watch the latest version here. THE ACTUAL THING WILL BE UP ON THURSDAY. This is someone's television version... still good to watch it over though. I was trying to swallow too much.

There is just too much

All the boards are shut down at every Twilight site. I don't see any reason to close ours, since we're just talking about Fanfiction.

Today's Breaking Dawn quote is from Emmett:
Emmett: “Oooo, scary.”

Twilight Tuesday with Robert!

There is going to be a BRAND NEW trailer tonight on ET! I am so excited! I'm hypervenilating! This is not a teaser... or let's hope not. .... Check your local listings... It shall be online Thursday for those of you who missed it.

NoMoreMarbles is at it again.

Other news... My lovely Mike Welch has an interview. I love him so much, did I say? read it here.
"Mike Newton is a very decent young man. He’s athletic, a small-town boy with small town values, and he’s in love—well, at least what “in love” means when you’re in high school—with Bella. And beyond that I’m not sure how complex he is. I think he is there for relief, because it’s a fairly intense and fairly dark story. It’s really Edward and Bella’s story. I mean, it was a fun thing to do. Because the responsibility certainly doesn’t lie on my shoulders, whether the movie’s going be good or bad. And honestly, I don’t know how they’re going cut it together. I’m not sure how much I’m going to be in it. But it was a lot of fun to do, and I think more than anything else, I’m there to sort of add a little spice to Bella’s story."

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Rest Is Silence

I started my new story called Blast to the Past (Title may change.. any suggestions?) Hope you liked it, and will return for chapter 2. Tomorrow is "Whispers of the Purple Eyes." and possibly "Who We Are". I must work on my novel too you know! :)

So to all of you who are interested in the pics of me with Theory of a Deadman, here is a picture of me with Tyler Connolly, lead singer and guitarist. Omg, you guys have never seen a picture of me before! Unless you've checked out my myspace.


It's rude to laugh. :) Isn't Tyler handsome? (pictures squished to fit)


Bye for now :P

Who We Are Ch.2

So I posted the next chapter! Yup. Hopefully you liked it. Not much to say, but if you have the time, could you vote for me over at topsites, my rank has gone down a lot. :) Would be appreciated. Keep a look out later today for a chapter for my new story.

Chapter 2 preview.

"Edward, I cannot ride a horse." I said directly, my face set. He just smiled and then came and stood right in front of me. He put a hand on either hip and looked down into my face. I couldn't help but look up at him.
"It's just a horse. A very pretty one, too. If you ride it with me through the village, every man will stare." He said.
"Is that a good thing then?"
"Yes, because I can glare at them all and make sure they know that you are mine." He leaned down and kissed me. I sighed.
"A horse, Edward? Couldn't they stare too if we walked?"
"No, because you'd be all sweatly and flustered by the time we got there, and the men wouldn't stare. They'd want to take you then and there." His lips moved to my throat. "I don't know if I could stop myself either." He moaned. I blushed.
"Fine. We'll ride."

Gr.. Is it just me or does TwilightArchives suck. I mean I love writing on it and everything, and I love those of you who review all the time. But every time I try to post a chapter.. it won't load. and then it says 'server disconnected' and I have to refresh it a million times before it will load. Sometimes I just think about not posting on it, but then I would miss out on all you wonderful people. :) It's got me flustered though.

I knew it! I knew it!

Quote of the day (from Breaking Dawn):
"Tanya: “Ah, Edward. I’ve missed you.”"
I knew it! I knew it! I knew she would make an appearance in Breaking Dawn! A ha! I'm so excited, it's crazy!

I'm starting a chapter for "Who We Are" Right now! So give me half an hour! Yea, it's been a couple days, but I'm trying to get back into the writing mood. So..... give me a bit to write, and then you can start the reviews... !

Sunday Night

Kaleb has started the first chapter to New Moon. We should expect a post soon.

I posted a chapter to "The List". Expect a chapter for "Who We Are." tomorrow morning. Or this morning (It's only after midnight here).
I also have an amazing idea for a story. I'm excited for it! So I want to write a chapter tomorrow (today) too. I hope you'll read it. Until then, good bye!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

News and Theory of a Deadman

I don't mean to brag.... BUT I was a a Theory of a Deadman concert. If you don't know who they are you have a problem. :) One of their songs is on the right. So My friend Mimi and I stalked Tyler (The lead singer) down the path for five minutes before meeting up behind stage and getting our pictures taken with him... I totally forgot to get him to sign my CD (and I didn't get to him afterwards) I got a picture with Dean (Bass) and I got HIS signature. YES! Mimi also pushed our way through a huge crowd and got us front row centre stage! It was amazing! I totally made eye contact with the guitarist, Dave-- who didn't show up afterwards by the bus and Mimi had to drag me away before he came out, and he smiled at me and was nodding his head with me because I was literally SCREAMING the lyrics at him. All three of them are adorable! And Canadian.

And DONT even try to tell me Tyler is not god damn sexy! And he had his arm around me! I shall post the pictures as soon as Mimi uploads them to her computer.

Other news:
Kaleb is done with Twilight! And Your Guardian Angel wins for Twilight song.

Todays Quote!

"Bella: “Oh, Mike! How will I go on?”"

Sorry I didn't get to post, but I'm half way through. So the second I get up, there will be a chapter for "The List" If you haven't read it.. do it now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Twilight Saturday

I'm going to a Theory of a Deadman concert tonight. My party went rather well, I suppose. AND I'm posting a chapter today! Amazing, I know. Maybe even one for 'The List'. Should be fun.


Quote of the Day over at (From Breaking Dawn)
Alice: "I’ll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors."
Edward: "Why don’t you just tell me who wins?"
Alice: "I do. Excellent."

What do you think it means? I think its hilarious just like the chess game in Eclipse. I am so excited for this book! Ah!
What does Alice want that Edward wants as well?

Watch a behind the scenes video of the movie here. Prom spoilers.

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's my Birthday!

I was going to post a chapter today. (Seriously I was)... But I have a party to get ready for! Who's? Mine of course! I'm 18 today people! Isn't it amazing. So I have no time to write.. I'm rushed this morning!

Kaleb has posted for the final chapter!

-The Penelope DVD starting Tuesday (July 15) contains an exclusive scene from Twilight that has not yet been released to any other outlet.
-The attached clip is the "behind the scenes" introduction that leads into the scene from Twilight.
-The report from Video Business (quoted on multiple sites ) that there is a Twilight "trailer" on the Penelope DVD is incorrect. The Penelope DVD contains an actual scene from the movie between Bella and Edward.

Mike Welch has left me Birthday Wishes (As if!) On a new MTV Blog. (Actually he didn't... :(, but the blog is there! here.

Entertainment Weekly comes out today! I know! With all its Twilight pleasure! There's a sneek peek here. I'd much rather buy it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mike Welch

So, everyone knows that I love Mike Welch.
Twilight Lexicon, this video is the BEST yet! Even better than the one with Taylor Lautner... Did you hear that Mike? Haha. As if my opinion really matters.
Watch this video....

Now, doesn't Mike have a very sexy smile? Seriously, the fans are going to be blown away in the movie! There should be a Team Mike as well? Anyone think that's a good idea?

Mike is also the topic of interest over at TMF.

He's also got a few movies other than Twilight coming out in the not to distant future. Keep a weather eye on the horizon!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who We Are Ch. 1

I like the sound of that! So the first chapter has been posted! It's not as long, but I'm too on edge right now, and I also want to save all the honeymoon part for the next chapter!!

Before you read the sneak peek: Does anyone like photoshop? For those of you who read my story from Twilight Archives (Or for those who just like that banner I post up in every post), I need a banner for this next story. I would do it myself, but I just don't have the time. I have too much going on at the moment. It's crazy. So if you have one, email it to me at the email on the side. Thanks.

Chapter One
In every moment when something amazing happens, there's always something that comes rushing back. It hits you in the face like a tennis racket in gym class. You don't know if its going to be as terrible as the last horrible thing that happened. You don't know if you're going to want to crawl into a hole and hide from everyone.
I've been feeling moments like this many times lately.
"Bella!" I heard Edward scream from somewhere close by. I opened my eyes and turned to look at him. He had the bed sheets wrapped tightly around us, one arm above my head, the other on my neck. He was leaning over me, a serious expression on his face. His fingers grew cold on my skin. I tried to keep my eyes open, but they slid shut again. "Look at me!" Edward tapped my cheek. I opened my eyes again and took in every facet of his face. "Please tell me that you're just tired." I shifted slightly, feeling his flesh move with mine. I knew I had to lie.
"Yes." I whispered.

It is Wednesday

A chapter will be up within a couple of hours. I am planning on writing a chapter for the sequel as well as a chapter for my 'Just Listen' fan fic.

Until then... Tell me what you think of this picture (I think that Kristen doesn't even look like Kristen and its just... almost porn. Haha .. Though I like Robert's chest)

To be released July 18.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Twilight Tuesday

They're called the 'Bella Cullen Project', and their music is not so bad! So, they are the highlight of this Twilight Tuesday. Enjoy the interview here.

In other news.... No chapter today. You can't hate me that much, I have been devoted to you guys all summer. I must go to a birthday party today... But tomorrow when I get home you will all know what I am going to do the second I sit down at my computer. MMMKay?

So enjoy your Tuesday as I will enjoy mine, and I'll see you guys tomorrow!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

What We Become... Is No More

Yes... It's all over. All of it. Until the Sequel. Haha. Which isn't far off.

Sneak Peek of Ch.1 (Anyone have any ideas for the title of the story?)
I shivered as Edward placed a hand on my waist, the other of the side of my neck. I smiled in anticipation at the words I had been dying to hear for so long now.
"I do."
And then he kissed me.
After the ceremony I went and found my dad. He kissed the top of my head gently.
"So let me get this straight. I have to watch the kids while you two go off on a luxurious honeymoon together?"
"Sounds about right. I'll think about you as I'm picking grapes in Venice." I smiled up at him. I felt Edward's arms wrap around my waist. He whispered in my ear.
"And how are you Mrs. Cullen? How do you feel?"
"Like a bride, a mother, a daughter all at the same time." My stomach muscles tightened, but I ignored them. "And I couldn't be more happier."

It's Sunday!

Yes, I know I didn't write a chapter yesterday. I bow my head in need of forgiveness.
I was up early this morning doing a podcast for the Harry Potter page I work on. It was just the headmistress and me today, and we talk about all those amazing pictures that have been popping up online for the past few days. If you love Harry Potter, and have an infathomable irkling to hear my voice, listen to it here.
So I went back to bed afterwards, which was around 9 am, and now I just woke up. It's one in the afternoon. I was so planning on writing a chapter today! I almost had the urge to not write one, because I have to go to one of my best friends' pool party today. But, I think maybe, I'll get it done before then. Because I love you guys so much!
Now, shouldn't you go listen to that podcast and leave your love in the comments?

Bye for Now!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Penelope Sneak Peek

I think it's missing a part, but these videos, from, are of the Twilight sneak peek to be released with the movie Penelope. Enjoy! Do not watch if you do not want to be spoiled!

It is Saturday

Alright. I have a friend over until 7, which is another 4 hours from now. Until then, I won't be able to write a chapter. But I think this next chapter is going to answer a lot of questions that youi guys have been asking me as of Chapter 22. So, I've decided to start a sequel. I'm going to take an idea from a reader and let 2 years pass by for the characters. I think it will all be good fun.

The above picture is from hisgoldeneyes, and is a picture of Kristin in costume as "Bella."

Go vote for the TWILIGHT song on Twilightguy!

Friday, July 4, 2008

What We Become

So I've posted the next chapter to 'What We Become'. I think you guys are going to like it. In the next chapter, which may or may not be the epilogue, the following is going to happen:

I walked into my new house not expecting it to be so beautiful. It amazed me. Clearly Edward knew how to pick them. I felt him as he placed his hand on the small of my back. I looked up at him, smilinh.
"Like you." He kissed my forehead. "Look at the living room." I smiled again and stepped around him and the baby carriages. I peeked around the corner.
"SURPRISE!" A bunch of people cheered.
"Though it's a little late." I heard Alice's voice above everyone else's. I couldn't help but laugh.

That's your little sneak peek. Answer my poll now!

Friday News... so far

Hi! 'tis Friday. Yes, there will be a chapter, just give me some time.

BiteofTwilight is going to be having an interview with Peter Facenelli! I know, I love him too. They're looking for fans questions for him, so go check that out!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Taylor Lautner

Okay, this guy is starting to grow on me. I think it is he who is making me a little head over heels for Jacob. I used to hate Jacob with a passion! He would justn ot leave Bella alone... but now, I'm like, This is a good guy. Not for Bella, but for ME! Who agrees that he should imprint on me? Hmm?

Taylor gives us two secrets:
1: Jacob GIVES Bella the truck.

What We Become Ch. 21

It is another short Sneak Peek. I really don't want to ruin it for you guys! But this kinda gives a big part away. Until tomorrow, this is all you get. :)
Ch. 22.

Edward's POV

I smile lightly. "How are you, Charlie?" I ask. I wait as he takes in a deep breath. He tries to smile, but it doesn't reach his cheeks.
"I thought I told you, Edward." Charlie says, shaking his head. He looks around the room and then frowns.
"You've told me many things of late, sir." I smile.
"I have. And have you listened to anything I said?" He shifts from foot to foot. I don't know why I notice these small things.
"What did I do this time?" I wink. He can't help but smile.
"Tell me a secret, Edward." He says.
"Excuse me?"
"You're the reason my grandchildren are away from me, so I'd like you to tell me a secret so I won't hate you anymore." His smile fades.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kellan Lutz... OMEmmett

If you have read anything on here for the past few weeks, you would know that I love Kellan Lutz. Now. I didn't know he was going to be in 90210! I told my mom yesterday that I probably won't watch it because it will probably put the original to shame... I change my mind! Did you hear me? I change my mind!
July 13th... HBO.... 'Generation Kill'...Kellan Lutz! "Little sexy." DUH! with you in it, anything is. Did I just say that out loud? watch the trailer for Generation Kill here.
Here's the video from Seventeen if you didn't watch it on the lexicon or over at hisgoldeneyes.

Other stuff... Ok.. I'm reading 'Twilight' for the upteenth time. And I've asked myself a few questions that never really crossed my mind the first few times I read it.

1. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO JACOB'S MOM? Seriously. Was there an accident or what? Did she leave? And what happened that put Billy in the wheelchair?

2. EMMETT KILLED TWO INNOCENT PEOPLE. We learn from Edward that Emmett met two people that 'sang' to him. One more than the other, and that he killed them. So how does Emmett feel about that, and how does that tie in with how he feels about Bella now? I just want to know!

hmmmm... give me your thoughts. :)

Borders Calander

So. Who in the US wants to buy me that calander and send it to me here in Canada? Do you think Chapters might pick it up... I hope they do! It looks so amazing! Ah.

Also... Im at 52 on topsites, which is pretty cool for the reason that only my readers come on here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chapter 21

Is this a sneak peek...
I really didn't want to give too much away, so it's a bit short. Read it, love it, anyway!\
Edward's POV
The walls were somehow whiter than they were usually. I know I had been in this room countless times over the past 7 months, but it felt strange being here in my own.
I would never share another moment with Bella in this room. They would become memories.
But memories could fade. I knew these ones would not.
They would stay with me for my entire life.
It's not like they were the only things that I had.

I love Mike Welch

A whole Twilight Tuesday devoted to my favorite human! Gasp! I know! Amazing, and he is so adorable. He likes NoMoreMarbles too. There's like 4 minutes of him giving her praise, which is actually kinda cute. I can't wait to see that interview!

Read the article, here.