Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rachel Vincent Contest

Rachel Vincent, the brilliant author who wrote the Stray series, is having a contest to win the first two books of her YA Screamer's series. Check it out here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Day at the Park

Careful, I've got a back that is killing me intentionally and a kitten who is trying to walk across my keyboard. He seems to think it's funny when his paw presses a button that makes the entire screen go dim, which gives me ten minutes of a migraine trying to figure out what the hell he did.
So today was a long, but interesting day. I volunteered at a book and magazine festival in Queens Park here in Toronto. It was fun just having to sit there listening to the nominees for the Toronto Book Award just reading from their amazing novels. The time flew by fast. The one thing that kept me excited all day was trying to keep an eye on the nearby signing tent to see if the line to meet Margaret Atwood was short enough. I didn't want to be missed too badly when running across the muddy grass to get to meet, even for a short minute, one of my favorite authors. It ended up that right when the line was coming to an end, I was needed to hand out raffle tickets. So when I was finished, I ran in my flimsy flip flops with my copy of Handmaid's Tale in hand, almost falling on my ass as I slid across that damn mud, and coming to a stop in front of a table that had no Margaret! But, I caught her as she was leaving (Thank God!) and she signed my book with a smile and a "Fork it over" (which is usually used in the context of when someone is confiscating something from another, so at first I thought she wasn't going to give it back-- haha). I told her I was a writer and then I was on my way. I slid back into my seat about two minutes before Charles Wilkins was finishing up a reading from his novel: "In The Land Of Long Fingernails -- A Gravedigger's Memoir", which I do plan to read now.
Now I'm safe at home, completely exhausted, but not wanting to go to bed. As usual.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Victoria

Actress, Rachelle Lefevre, will no longer be playing the role of Victoria in Eclipse. The part is going to be taken by Bryce Dallas. You may have seen her in Spider-Man 3 or Lady in the Water. It's sad to see Rachelle go.

Personally, I loved Rachelle as Victoria! She was the Canadian addition to the cast, but I suppose she had other engagements. But, we don't know what the turth is for sure, so Im not going to take any sides. I'm sure Bryce will do an amazing job as well. And we still get to see Rachelle in New Moon when it arrives in November.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When Daniel Met Rupert

Rare photo of the day Daniel Radcliffe met Rupert Grint. It's cute, and I thought some people might get a kick out of it. Read the interview with David Heyman (the producer for all those who aren't obsessed like me) here:

Monday, June 22, 2009

And So The Vampire Has Got Us Hooked

There were two big questions that had me standing up in anger when I saw those final credits pop up after the second episode of this season’s True Blood. Is Lafayette going to become a vampire at the fangs of Eric and Pam? And also, is Bill going to let his inner killer take a visit on Jessica’s family? Even now, only a couple hours after the episode finished, I can’t get these questions out of my head.
True Blood has already become the show now keeping it’s fans through cliff hangers and sex appeal. Instead of the rant I would like to go on about this episode and how it has changed my ideals of where the plot is going to go completely, I am going to stray a bit. I’d like to bring a question to the table. What is it about vampires that has taken popular culture by the throats, keeping humans begging for more? It’s not like we are being forced to pick up romance novels with pictures of half naked women in the arms of her foe. But, when it comes to television we don’t have much of a choice anymore.
Over the past decade, television broadcasting companies have brought us shows with paranormal intrigue. Beginning with the infamous Buffy, and going on to Charmed, Supernatural, and now True Blood. And it’s not even television. Not one person can clearly say that they have never heard of Twilight before. It has become a norm, a fad that has played it’s part in keeping us ’brainwashed’.
Is the thought of being held in a vampire’s arms and the fantasies that come along with this idea what makes us watch these shows? I personally don’t swoon at the thought of Edward Cullen or Bill Compton, but many people do. The thought of a corpse walking around seducing women just doesn’t go there for me. Now Sam Merlotte is a different story…
I suppose anything that keeps us from thinking about our actual lives and the difficulties we possess will gain our interest. A show about a human, mind-reading bartender who falls in love with a vampire has got us tuning into HBO every Sunday or continually refreshing the screen of their favourite streaming website to see if the owner has uploaded it yet. And until our own community vampires come out of the cellar and let their existence be known to the public, we will continue to watch.
It’s human temptation; a need to have our wildest fantasies come true, even if it be in a fictional character’s life. It’s in our nature, and we can’t keep ourselves away. Like a vampire to blood, we crave the unbelievable because our lives are too dull to live without it.

Still haven't jumped on the True Blood boat? Check out this promo and tell me you don't want to catch up?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20th

  So we have come to the final days before I no longer have to sit with my laptop slightly raised in the air so it won't over heat. No more hanging out alone in my dorm room watching old episodes of LOST and twittering to followers who only followed me in hopes of getting a followback. Yes, I am talking about finishing exams, leaving school, going home. And.. doing everything I just said six hours away from here. But, hey, I'm gonna try and find a job this summer so that I can make enough money to have a half decent laptop, half decent clothes, and oh yeah rent for next year!
  No worries though, because I will still be the girl who writes the fanfiction in her spare time. But will also be working on that novel that still needs to be finished, and you never know what else. The summer is a mystery, but hopefully it will be a bit cooler than it is now. Probably not. But I love to be busy, so maybe I'll lose some weight this summer being so active Haha.

  So the first ever official poster for New Moon is out! Aren't you all so excited for November. I know I am.  Jacob, here I come. No,no I will not forget about Kellan. My love.
I have yet to watch the last two episodes of 90210. I've been busy with exams! So no one ruin it for me. Right now I am watching American Idol and Fringe and LOST at the exact same time! Well aren't I the multitasker...

Off now, I am much to hot and tired to type about nonsense no one will read anyway. Haha. ;)
Chapter for Tokyo Battle coming next, thanks to the lovely Caitlynn!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day... well it was.. I don't think it's Wednesday anymore. Haha.
Uhmm.. interesting things that happened to me today: found out Green Day is coming out with a new album, and I love thier new single.
Went crazy trying to see my financial advisor in order to get more money.. hopefully everything works out soon.
Going to see Cassandra Clare on Sunday! Yes, I know! She wrote City of Bones in case you have no idea who she is (shame on you). Lily Allen was tonight. And very good.
Just posted a chapter for BackfromthePast.. next is going to be Thank You. I've gotten some new readers for that one, so it will be my next project.
I might not be around for a bit due to the next 4 weeks being stressed out completely. I mean, I have 3 ten page essays due the first week of May, plus a cultural critique. Then I have exams. It's all been condensed due to the strike. I have twitter! so for all you people who have it, follow me and I will follow you!

Sexy Wolf pack above! Yumyum

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Moon Cast List

All I have to say is "About time!" I feel like they've been keeping me on a thread for weeks now. Yeesh. So Summit has released, kinda, the complete list (minus a few).
Dakota Fanning as Jane (She's grown on me, and I think she is going to do a splendid job in my opinion, but I could be wrong)
Cameron Bright as Alec. Finally a slight tie personally to the cast. I don't know him, but he is my best friend's cousin which is better than how ever million people who have no tie what so ever. I was so close to getting his siggy when he was i n X-Men 3, but Cait told me that his mom wouldn't let him sign a card for me because he didn't know me.... If actors knew everyone they were giving a siggy for, they wouldn't know thier lines! Ok, I'm not going to complain... But hey Cameron! You were finally asked to do a role and you're going to get what you want: Instant Fame. I'm sure you'll do a good job as well.
Charley Bewley as Demetri. Two words: Holy Shit. They sure got you sexy down pact.. but Demetri has lots of muscles (described as having more than Emmett..) so you better bulk up kid. haha. Nah, you're good the way you are. I mean, Kellan is perfect the way he is!
Daniel Cudmore as Felix. Felix has always been my favorite volturi member aside from Aro. That said, I have even placed him in my stories as a good guy--sort of-- for those who have read my older stories. Daniel is perfect. And he can pull off that sly smile that the character has! Mmm.. I want your half vampire child! 
Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius. I mean, I don't know how I sw Caius, but I did see him as having a more of a babyish face. Jamie does as well. Caius is the suck up, he is a subordinate and doesn't really speak his voice in the books, and think Jamie does a good job of pulling that aura off.
Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus: He looks kinda spooky like Marcus. and Mean too. Marcus was the one who really wanted to kill Renesmee (I add him later to my Finding the Moon story). Nice pick to Summit.
Michael Sheen as Aro. I don't know about you guys, but I saw Aro as having a little round head. haha. And Sheen pulls it off. I mean, look at him. He just screams 'Aro!'. He has that air of kindness about him-- a person who truly wants to do the right thing for the vampires and be good to them as well -- but he also has the condendency of getting mean if he has to. This is Aro by far!
Noot Seear as Hiedi: I sure hope they don't go overboard with this role, because she is only seen once in the entire series, and I don't think has any lines either (correct me if I'm wrong). I didn't even get a chance to picture the perfect Heidi in my head before I never saw her again. I was hoping for Annalynn McCord to play her. But maybe it's for the better. Because she's Kellan's girlfriend and everything and Emmett needs to want Rosalie and not wanna-be blonde goddess. 
Graham Greene as Harry Clearwater. I wish he had a bigger role! I love this actor so much! I pictured Harry as the same age as Charlie pretty much, but I think Greene will be fine.
Tinsel Korey as Emily: She's so beautiful! I wonder how they are gonna do make-up for the scar. 

I'm posting a chapter for Finding the Moon tonight.. and If I can't finish it, then I will do one of my soldier stories. until then... my love to you all!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank God It's Friday!

So. It has been a few days since I have posted up a blog. Also, it has been a few days since I have posted up any kind of chapter. Here is why: University life sucks! No, I'm just kidding, I love school. The thing is that lately there has been a lot -- and I mean a lot-- of assignments due. Because of the strike (grrrr) this semster has been all pushed together. I mean, in two weeks we have midterms and the semester just started! So, because everything is so hectic, everything is being squeezed together. This week I had two essays due, a presentation, a test, and about 12 readings.. and these readings are like 14 pages single spaced and boring. And this coming week there are 3 assigments due (not the high school kind, but the 10 page essay with atleast 7 sources kind). And I need to get ready for my huuuuuuge butt research articles to write (about 30 pages each) due in May... yicky.  Today I will be working on my Personal Context Paper, tomorrow my biblioography, and on Sunday my 5 page analysis on some chicks article in which I forget. haha
But, today I will find time-- I SWEAR-- to post up at least one chapter.. probably for Tokyo. So I hope you all dont think I am skipping out on you.
I have three pounds of gummy bears to get be through the evening. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's here, It's really here!

In case that makes no sense to you at all. TWILIGHT IS NOW EXISTANT IN THE PHYSICAL SENSE... excluding the novel. teehee. 
I have watched it twice already. The sad thing was that I had to walk two hours, by myself, from my residence building to the nearest Walmart to get the DVD. I was content listening to my iPod on shuffle and ignoring the stinging of the afternoon air on my ears! I had to pick between the 2 disc special edition and the one disc copy that came with posters of the Cullen Boys. Of course I picked the 2 disc one. But I really want those posters... hint hint. I see pictures of the other special editions and the case folds out and has pictures and stuff, and mine just opens up and then there are the discs. I think I was ripped off in some form or another. Oh well. They had some nice T-shirts there! and I really want Catherine Hardwick's scrapbook. You know what I really need? A JOB! It's gonna be rough soon trying to stay in the city during the summer with no job whatsoever. 
Okay okay.. I will write a chapter for Tokyo. :) :) I needed someone to just come out and ask. Haha. That will be my update and work for tonight instead of doing homework and studying for my NATS assignment. 
Did anyone watch the Special Features of 'Twilight', the part where they go through the process from book to film.. there was that one part where Jackson (Jasper) puts up his collar, walks for a bit, and then turns and hisses at the camera! I had to skip back and watch it four times it was so hilarious. I love Jackson he is sooo adorable. ( I have a youtube video about him in case anyone is interested).

Friday, March 20, 2009

Only a few more hours... !!!

Someone remind me that it's Kellan I love and not Robert.. damn this picture. HE DOESN'T EVEN TRY.. okay, I think I would take him too. :)

TWILIGHT TWILIGHT TWILIGHT.... There, I got it out of my system. 
Alright, so I shouldn't be doing this so don't tell anyone. I will be spending the money my mother sent me to do laundry.. on Twilight tomorrow morning.  OH! I just found out that Twilight is only 14.99$$ at Walmart all weekend. Rejoice! and it comes with mini posters.. oo.. lala.
I'm really excited, can you tell? Even though the movie wasn't up to the standards I set back in grade 10 haha, I still really want it. (For Kellan of course). If anyone goes to the midnight release parties and sees Kellan.. PLEASE GET ME AN AUTOGRAPH AND TELL HIM HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM. I'm not kidding, I'll pay shipping.


I look at that picture of Kellan in my previous post and I sigh. 

So I haven't done the every day posting for my wwone stories because that is just unrealistic for a university student. But I am trying my mightiest to get them to you. At the moment I am about to begin a long needed chapter for my 'Alice in Wonderland' story. I hope you all will read it.

Back to listening to Britney Spears.. Her concert was the other day and now I'm hooked on her again. But back to her old stuff.. right now it's on 'overprotected'.

Looking forward to Twilight... and I will post my excapade of my energetic yelps in Walmart tomorrow. I think someone should get it on camera teehee.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Kellan Lutz!

24 is totally not to old for me, remember that. ;)

Okay, on to not so brighter things, 
I sit here listening to Bon Jovi and trying as hard as I might to write! Ah! The thing is that nothing is coming to me. So I am going to say that this night's chapter might be equally short as the past one.. But I am going to try as hard as I can to make it longer, because tomorrow I have to work super dooper hard on my history assignment which is due in tutorial on Wednesday morning. I have done very little on it. hehe
So I thought I would just post up saying that this is not the last you have heard of me tonight, because there may be another one early in the morning. Or I might just wait until tomorrow when I post for my Bella chapter. humm...

*As my guitar lies bleeding in my arms.....*
The photograph I based the title of Bella's Side on:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bella's Perspective is Up and running!

Above is the picture in which I based Edward's title on!
Yes I know it was taken at the end of WWII.

So I have posted the first chapter of Bella's Part in the series. Read and Enjoy. There is much more dialogue in this chapter, so I hope you find yourself pulled in!
I'm going to see Romeo and Juliet at the ballet in a couple hours. I am super dooper excited! 
Not much New Moon news to tell you all, because it's a slow day... tahmm...
I will post again tonight if I write some more on my return from the ballet! 

Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13th... Friday the 13th!


OH NO! It's Friday the 13th! And nothing creepy has happened! Be surprised! I did watch last weeks episode of Being Erica which was a Halloween episode of sorts, so thats my dose.
So I woke up at noon, stayed in bed listening to Kelly Clarkson until one, sat on the computer waiting for the creepy janitor to finish cleaning the bathroom to take a shower. I then took that said shower, then came back in my room and hung around in my towel for an hour, got dressed, then at around 3 I did some work. No, not homework. I wish. haha I did a bunch of research on World War One for my next story. Can you beleive it? I think it's going to be really really good. It's Diary style and I have done about sic entires already from our favorite guy's perspective, and a couple from our favorite heroine! I really think you are going to enjoy it. I might get to excited about it and post the first chapter up when I am finished.. I want feedback that much! I don't think I can wait for a bunch of chapters. Maybe.. like in a few minutes haha.
     I did a wee bit of research and readings for my history assignment on what we can learn from primary sources using a source of an Indian Affairs Report of the year 1888. It's really excited, and the article was a good read. 
I didn't get to any chapter writing for any of my other stories today. But, I still got a few hours before I plan on hitting the bed sheets, so you never know what I might come up with! I think I will probably do a bit more writing on my new story, and then maybe a new chapter for something else, if it screams at me. At the moment I am at the block for all my stories. But I know I have people waiting! 
So have a fangtastic Friday night, and I hope to talk again soon!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12th

So I heard that the first set pictures have hit the web. That's pretty awesome. It just makes this so real, you know. New Moon is coming! the movie! Which is totally my favorite of the series at the moment. Uhm.. but I hope they keep a lot of the little details from the novel in the movie. 
Personally I think that if they do this, the avid readers will become more connected and appreciate it more while watching. I think they should add Jacob's 'Sure sure' a few times, because that really is him. Also the sceen where Edward calls the house thinking Bella is dead, and Jacob answers and tells him that Charlie is at the funeral. I hope they don't change that. 
Other parts of the book I hope to see ( add yours to the list):
-The cinema scene with Mike Newton, Bella, and Jake.
-The pipes under the ground leading to the Volturi (anticipation moment)
-The "That's all I needed to hear" kiss between Edward and Bella in her bedroom at the end of the novel.
-The proposal.
-The vote, where Edward leaves the room and breaks the tele
- The jump from the cliff! They HAVE to keep that scene. They also need to add the parts where she hears Edward's voice when she does something extreme (the scene where she wants the guys outside the bar to talk to her, thinking they're the same guys who tried to assualt her, just to hear Ed's voice) BUT don't make her see a ghost or anything like that. nuh uh
- More Embry and Quil. OH! and Emily! I can't wait to see who plays her!
- Give Cameron Bright (Alec) a few lines so he can feel special. Lol.. 
- The Ferrari! vroom vroom
- It would be neat to actually see Bella's temper tantrum with her parents. 
Any more?

Things I do not want to see:
The boringness of the scenes. Well, thery're not boring. But like the scene in Edward's room. A little but more talking, a little less awkwardness. but now that they're in love it might be okay.
A little bit less of stuttering from Kristen -- I love her to death, but please.
A sprint like Blood and Chocolate. Stick to the book.

Alright.. on the bigger things. I have posted a chapter for Whispers of the Purple Eyes tonight. I'm proud two in a few days! That's good for me lately. Haha. No class til Monday. Soo... maybe. Lol. Next is my Maximum Ride story and then probably Alice in Wonderland because it's been a while. I'm starting a new story, like tonight. But I want to have a bunch of chapters written first so that you don't loose interest when I have a big test or something and miss a few days. Just so that I have back up. It's called: Kiss the War Goodbye. and it's a What If? story. Yay! That's all I'm giving you for now. 
I had this huge history midterm this afternoon and I chose the essay on the Industrial Revolution.. and I think I got a really good mark! I'm excited! 
New Music: Been listening to the new Kelly Clarkson album straight for the past few days. It's sooo good. Anyone esle agree or disagree?

I hope to get a few more blog readers back to me, now that I am going to write on a more regular basis. Unless you find me boring of course. (Please don't) 
New chapters up on Webook (penname: KimberleyFalk) go check them out. Don't forget my youtube page in the name of LupsandTnks.
see you around! Doesn't robert look dazzling?
Kellan wasn't really smoking in this picture.... dont smoke!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's been a while. I am sure.

Basically I am writing this for me, because no one else really reads this. Kudos for those who do.
So I made myself write a chapter for Thank You yesterday and was actually suprised to see that I got even 3 reviews, I loved them though. greatly.
I would be writing more fanfiction, but my novel is taking a lot of my time. AND school is being a pain in the glutos maximus... grr. but yeah, I'm going to try and post more often. I have a midterm for my history class on thursday, and am probably still going to write a maximum ride chapter for tomorrow instead of studying. I'm bad.. teehee... But good.
So.. there will a chapter up for one of my Twilight stories probably before the weekend, so I am going to let you get your hopes up. haha. I won't let myself down! I have been setting plenty of short term goals for myself lately because I haven't been able to stick to schedules easily. 
I know news about the New Moon movie that no one except Summit knows, but I can't tell anyone and it hurts. But you'll find out soon enough, indubiently. 
So Kristen, Taylor and Nikki were seen walking the streets of Vancouver. I am so excited that they are in my country and boosting our economy with their actor pay checks. I would do anything to fly over 3 provinces to go see them. 
That's all I've got for now, because I am tired and am just waiting until this guy leaves my room (he's currently with my roommate) so that I can go to sleep. Yay.. It's just makign me agitated, and is making it hard for me to spill on my blog. Ugh. 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello All My Loves

Kellan can bite me if he wants :)
Alright, today is January the.. 25th I believe. And I have not a whole lot to catch you all up on. HOW COULD TAYLOR BE ALL GROSSED OUT. Sorry.. I had to get that out there.
I posted another chapter on my Webook story. If you don't read my Webook then shame on you! Find me! My penname over there is KimberleyFalk and my story is called Dance of the Gypsies. I am also planning on writing a chapter tonight for Back From the Past. Actually I have been working on the same chapter for a while now, but it has been difficult to write because I am at a rough spot where I have no idea what is going on in that story, the characters have not told me yet!
Yes, a chapter for Thank You will be up soon. Maybe tonight if I don't grow bored of writing. (As if that could happen) BUt! If I become too tired, then I will fall asleep or start writing nonsense in the chapter that none of you will understand. Haha.
on Dakota Fanning and her maybe becoming Jane in New Moon movie: really I haven't been much of a fan of hers. Because she was everywhere a few years ago! Every movie that involved a little girl had Dakota in it. But.. now she's 14 and she's older and she hasn't been in much lately-- so my uneasiness has died down. But, she just might make Jane once she's in character. Seriously, I was kind of against Robert as Edward back last year, but then I saw him in character and my feelings changed completey. He went from Cedric to Edward!
I went to see Inkheart last night and loved it to pieces! I love Farid even more now! I mean I love the book, but the movie really grabs the charaters personalities. Dustfinger was perfect, only I saw his face with more scars than what the actor had. I still need to read InkSpell. hhehehehe Brendan Fraser was amazing by the way! And I realized that the girl who plays her mom is also the one who plays Arya in Eragon! She's so young to play Brendan Fraser's wife. But she's so pretty!
On The Strike: It's still going on! 12 weeks now! Legislation had a meeting today with all the provincial parties, but I have been told heresay that the bill to get the teachers back was not passed. I am frustrated! I want school! phisy! I hope its over soon.. there's still a chance that there might be school by next monday.
New Moon is being filmed in Vancouver, so this time I hope I can get out west to see some filming action! Exciting! I wonder who will get the role of Alec... hmm.. Taylor look so good.
Alright, I shall talk to you all very soon.. keep reading my stories.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back In Toronto

Felt like adding a bit of colour! yay NCIS. cheer if you love this show too.

So I am back in Toronto.. But no the strike is not over. They're doing some vote thing next week, and if its a yes, then there may be school the week after. It's all confusing.

On arriving in rez, I noticed that my internet still didn't work on my laptop. (I got here on Sunday) So.. I was all flustered and angry.. I drank a bottle of pepsi to calm my anger and then I paced back and forth in my room all night. Before I watched the new episode of Heartland.

I called the inrez internet people on Tuesday morning-- because Monday I was lazy.. They couldn't help me over the phone so they told me that someone would come to look at my computer either that day or Wednesday. Yeah. So I sat all day in my room and no one came! Then they called yesterday at like 2ish. A girl came, and she couldn't fix it. So then her and I both walked to the internet home place and no one could fix it there either! SO then I came back here... used my roommates computer to locate the Acer phone number, and called them. They guy on there tried to help me but nothing worked!!! So he told me the best thing I could do was to reset my entire hardrive to the point it was at in the factory! yes. So I saved my novel and stuff onto my USB drive thingy and then I did as he told. So everything got deleted and I had to download all my programs again and get a cool new desktop background (My new one has NCIS on it). So now I can use the internet! Yes it is amazing!

Today I hung with my roommate a bit.. and then I watched NCIS online... because I love that shwo so much. And then I began to write. Thats right. So I now have posted a new Maximum Ride chapter. And I am half way through a new Back From the Past chapter. I will finish it up tomorrow morning. Or sometime tomorrow. I don't know if I will be hanging out with my friend tomorrow or not. It's all a blur.

So I shall see you all tomorrow. Or to anyone who actually reads my blog and whom I haven't bored with my computer problems up to this point. Thank you for your patience with me!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Into January we are...

I have gone into a state of remission.... maybe I have become extremely lazy, or my mind will not surrender. Either way, you may have noticed my lack of chapter updates. Don't worry, I give myself a Gibbsslap every time I think of all the people awaiting. Uhmm.. as of the moment I have one chapter for Thank You in the pending stages. I have been working on it little by little as I get the motive to work on it. Other than that, I have had a special request for a chapter for my Tokyo story, so that one will be coming along as well.
Yay Taylor Lautner is still playing Jacob in New Moon. I'm so proud of that little guy!
In case anyone cares, my school is still on strike. That's right. It's been over two months! Ah! Please God let it stop! I need to have school. My life is only so short and it's being wasted on watching the History channel all day! I could be living it in Toronto. I feel like my sister and brother right now. aka. GOING NOWHERE IN LIFE. not that I don't love them or anything, but yeah. It's true. I can only party for so long until I go crazy. Especially when I party by myself. All my friends are at college. Oh, and my idea of a party is sitting in the living room drinking Coke (not that diet stuff) and reading novels. All my novels I have been reading lately were assigned for my classes at the beginning of the year. But some of them ARE so not interesting.. Or only a littlei nteresting.. comsuming my energy for only a short while. Has anyone read Germinal my Emile Zola? I'm in the middle of it now for my history class. Interesting.. but unable to keep my attention like my other novels. Aka Twilight.
I'm going back to my residence in Toronto on Sunday no matter if the strike is over or not. Hopefully my family can count enough pennies to find gas money. Seriously, this economic downfall has taken a chunk out of our family. Shape up gov't! Before long.. well I'm not even going to say it.
I think I'm gaining weight from sitting around all day... that was random.
So yeah, I'm going to try and write more often, but I have a lot of readings to catch up on to get caught up with where our classes are supposed to be. Meh.
Talk to you soon. Check out my youtube videos.