Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a Surprise!

The alerts are back! I came home from a bonfire and had over 140 emails waiting for me!

Breaking Dawn is going to be 768 pages! Eclipse is 640, and that one's long! I can't wait!

Sunday News

Stupid and their stupid alerts! :( They better fix that soon.... I had to read my reviews from all you guys on the story itself. has an interview with the guy who plays Phil...Matt Bushell.
Does Phil have any lines in the entire series? I don't even think we see him, let alone hear him.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What We Become Ch.20

'Tis late I know, but I almost didn't post one! Gasp! What would you have done then? Hmmm?
Ch. 20
Edward's POV
I walked slowly through the rooms picturing family pictures hanging on the walls. I grazed my fingers along the edge of one wall, just seeing the measurements of my children as they grew.
With a sigh, I leaned against the back door, staring out into the yard.
"This is what I want." I murmured.
"It's pretty sturdy, I suppose." My father said, coming up beside me. "But we can afford to build one for you." I shook my head.
"No. This is it. This is the house I've seen in all my thoughts since the moment I fell in love with Isabella Swan." I closed my eyes, wondering what Bella would say right now.
"So. What do you think?" The realtor said from somewhere behind us. I turned around. I let myself smile, but what I really wanted to do was jump for joy. This was the house I wanted to raise our Annie and Henry in.
"Yes. This is what we want. We'll take it."
"Wonderful. I hope you and your wife have a great life in this house."
"Oh, I know they will." My dad said. Just then, his cell phone rang. He checked the number. "Do you have your phone with you, Edward?" He asked.
"No. It's in the car. Why?"
"Because Rosalie is calling my phone." His eyebrows curled and then he and I came to an assumption at the exact same time. "What's wrong?" My Dad said urgently into the phone, clicking into doctor mode."
That's right! You heard the names of the babies! What do you think of them?

Do you really love me?!

I just want to thank you guys for coming to my site even though I didn't do the whole annoying begging thing in a new chapter. You don't know how good it is to be loved even if you let them down.

I am feeling slightly better today. I was SUPPOSED to go horse back riding :( but I was so sick this morning that my mother said I couldn't go. I haven't been horse back riding since I was eight years old.... 'Twas excited. Oh Well.

So I got an ear infection, but I am going to write a chapter for at least two of my stories today! I just got my own lap top which means I can finally work on my novel in my own room, so that's going to be fun.

See you in a few hours. ;)
IN THIS VIDEO, YOU CATCH A SLIGHT GLIMPSE OF PETER (Carlisle) SMILING. Ashley (Alice), Nikki (Rosalie) and Taylor (Jacob) Do a bit of talking too!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday News... so far :)

Greetings from Twilight has been updated with a post from Catherine Hardwick. There's also a video.

BellaandEdward has a new layout. Pretty groovy.

I am still sick, but I'm going to try and write a chapter today. I think I might write one for one of my other stories. Probably She Crashed Life With a Broken Heart. What do you think?

Talk to you Later!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What We Become Ch. 19

So here it is.... No need for introductions! Sneak Peek


I leaned back into Jasper's arm. He grazed my arm as he whispered in my ear. I shivered.

"Have I told you how much I love you?" Jasper asked lightly as his hand slid down my side.

"I believe you already have, five seconds ago." Jasper smiled against my neck. I giggled. A screen door opened behind us, and we shifted out of sight behind a flower pot. Covered in darkness.

"I don't know what to do!" Rosalie bellowed into the phone. "Just stay calm." This was where Rosalie started breathing loudly in and out. I supressed a laugh. "It's okay! Oh My God! Bella? Bella? Hold on-- I'm calling Carlisle!" She turned around quickly and paced to the door. "It's too early!....." She hung up and slid the door open hard.

"Uh Oh." Jasper whispered. We stood up quickly and followed Rosalie into the house.

So... What's happening?!? Should I let you guys vote on the names?

Thursday News

Hey guys! Still sick. I'm going to try and write a chapter a little later after I take a nap. (I only got 3 hours sleep last night and I am exhausted!) So, thanks for being so kind and waiting yesterday. :) I won three awards at graduation. One of them being an award given to a student recognized for their love of reading and literature! I got it!

Anyway, I'm going to rest now, but I shall be back in a few hours and that is when you shall have your chapter. :) It's going to be a good one too!

Oh! Go over to the lexicon and watch the video they have with the Quileute Tribe. It's really cute!
The above picture was sent to me by a reader!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday News

I am so sick right now. I'm sorry. but no chapter today!

Two widgets made by Hisgoldeneyes have been added to the site.

Everyone knows I love Jackson Rathbone, It's common knowledge. Anyways a fan site dedicated to our lovely Jasper is creating a support book with designed guitar picks! It looks really exciting. Go here to check it out.! Thanks to TwilightLexicon for that.

Thanks to BellaandEdward the scans from POPSTAR are streaming online. They're pretty cool. New pictures.
I'm going to have the pictures soon.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What We Become Ch.18

Sneak Peek at chapter 18. I know you guys love me! And I even said I wasn't going to write today. Talk about devotion!

Dr. Cullen pulled a chair up the the table where I sat. He looked up at me. Slowly, he rubbed his forehead.

"Anything wrong with me?" I smiled. He laughed.

"You're as healthy as any small-framed 18-year old pregnant girl with twins can be." I watched him critically. He sighed. "As of now, things look okay, but we may see a few problems near the end. I may have to put you on bed rest if you get too big." He placed a hand on either side of my six months of belly. "You're already pretty big."

I smiled. "My Dad won't let me go to school, and he's acting all nurse around me."

"I guess my pep-talk with him worked." He grinned and stood up, walking to the table and grabbing my file. He looked at Edward and then back at me. "So do you want to know the sexes of the babies?"

Saucy. So I may not update tomorrow, but I probably will.

Question: What do you think I should name the babies? (comment below)

Twilight Tuesday

Not as exciting as past ones, but it's still pretty cool. We learn about that truck that Bella has. You know, the big red one that reminds Kaleb Nation of a firetruck?! We also get to learn a bit of astronomy. Go check them out here and here.
Theres also a video with Peter (Carlisle) and a new one with Taylor (Jacob). But, I'm in Canada and it doesn't work. I shall be posting the youtube version up as soon as I get it. Keep coming back!
Heres the one with Taylor..

Carlisle... I mean Peter wants friends.

I know you're probably already adding him, but this way you can get info out of him too. So. Peter Facenelli wants 10000 friends on his myspace. What I need you guys to do is go and add him to Myspace friends and in the little info box where you can post a comment before submitting your request type: referred you! That's all you have to do! Help me out, and you shall be rewarded in plentiful ways!
add him here.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A sneak peek

For all my fanfiction fans... A sneak peek at Chapter 17 of What We Become

I walked straight towards her, standing exactly where she could see my stomach.
"It's not much of a SECRET to tell is it?!" I yelled so the entire school could hear! "Is it!?" Lauren took a step back. I huffed, turning around and heading back to Edward, who waited patiently by the door, a smug smile on his face.
"Whore!" Lauren yelled out after me. She said that just as I collapsed on a near by table. I tried to stand up, but I couldn't do it on my own.
"Edward!" My entire body shook.

If you haven't read my story, go do it now! :)

My grandparents are coming from Alberta tomorrow and my graduation ceremony is on Wednesday. Then I have a grad party to go to out in the bush, so I may not be able to update, but I'm certainly going to try!

I'll always be posting on my blog though!

Read the poems below and tell them what you think!

Kaleb Nation.. Need I say more?

He's surprised us again with a double chapter analysis! What else will that guy do? Hmm? Well for starters he talks about how the vampire violence at the end of Twilight is worth all the sappy romance at the beginning.
The reason that I believe is the most truthful for the two chapters:
A band of masked Twilighters led by Bailey leapt through my window, chained me to my desk, and threatened to stone me with textbooks if I didn’t read faster.
He mentioned NoMoreMarbles, so he must get extra kudos. Speaking of youtube, he also wants people to subscribe to his channel. His goal: 1000. He's only in the 800's now. So go add him! Here.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Behind the scenes pictures!

A certain Gil Birmingham has updated a certain blog with certain behind the scenes pictures. Go check them out here!

Thanks to NovelNovice and TwilightLexicon for posting the news up!

I've been rising quickly on TopSites. I'm at 80 right now. Won't be long now....

A poem from a fan

Another poem has been sent to me. I'm all happy inside. Here it is, and be sure to tell her what you think!

This Poem is from Bella to Edward

A Poem For Edward

Your breath is like the wind
Your smile like the sun
Your voice is like a current
Pulling me along

Every time I see you
I become a little weak
And compared to you my darling
I'm the dirt below your feet

Even though I don't deserve
Anything you do
I'm still a very selfish person
I won't get rid of you

I love your family
I love your house
I love your car
And I love your room

But most of all darling Edward
I just love you.
By Syrena Williams (RenaBear)


Saturday, June 21, 2008

How come we can read the Twilight books over and over again?

So I asked you guys this question over a week ago, and I got a few answers back. The Question was:
What is it about Twilight that gets you to read it over and over? Why are there some books that can only be read once, and others that tug at your conscious until you read it again?

The answers I got were amazing. So here they are, my wonderful answers. Which one do you agree with? Feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments!

This is coming from a person who has read all three books a grand total of 35 times. (yes, i have no life..haha) but what makes me read them is that the story keeps you coming back for more. you want to know every single detail about each character so that you can fully understand why they do what they do. Then there are books were they were really good the first time around, but you go to pick it up again and you read the first few pages and you just cant continue. its not that the book is written badly, its just that the story line can only hold your attention for so long. that is the great thing about the Twilight Saga; the story line keeps you pulled in. most people, like myself, can be pulled in so far that they cant and DON'T want to get back out.Nicole *smiles*

I think I read the Twilight books over and over again, because I'm in love with the characters and I want to find out more and more about them. I read it over and over so I can get every single detail. Plus I love the story, and I want SO badly to be Bella, and the more familiar you are with a story, the better you can picture your self in that story. I love Love stories. And I often read those kind of books again. Books that don't have a very complicated plot or I can't relate to the characters or story, Or I don't really feel like I need anything more out of it, I don't read again.~*Twilight Luvr*~

It was the tensions and romance that you see happen between Edward and Bella, I mean from the first time he glared at her and the first time he kissed her to the time where he was sucking the venom out of her hand. The Motivation is desire. Many girls who read Twilight (Even some guys) numerous times have shown to wish to be in Bella's spot. I've seen someone read and say that her name was Bella. The Outfits she described for the Cullens were nice clothes. When I first read it, I thought they dressed punky and "Vampiristic" because they are, Well, Vampires, You knew that! So, It was my first impression that they were goths and punks, obviously not emos. They have no blood.FallOutGirl458

For a book to have that "re-readable" quality, it has to still be suspenseful enough that you don't remember to come to the surface long enough to say,"Oh, yeah, they'll be just fine." Twilight has this, plus there's the fact that there's so many details you basically have to reread it just to go over and see what you missed the first time.Chika_Chica

One thing about Twilight that makes it re-readable is that there is so much stuff going on and it is so intense that each time you read you are like speeding through it. with this you miss all the little details that make the story even better. re-reading allows you to pick up all on the small little things, the irony in the beginning that you couldn't get the first time because you didn't know what was going on. each time you read you are able to discover something new and it makes reading the whole thing over again worthwhile. it also gives you the chance to dive back into the world of the book that you love so much since there are only a limited amount of pages, books, devoted to the world. while a book will probably never be as good as the first time it was read, since the excitement of not knowing is no longer there, re-reading helps enhance the overall reading of the book and can be almost as good as the first time!

That twilight probably never gets old because Stephenie Meyer is really like a fan writer. (fanfiction type, like you and me) It's really strange how we, or I at least, never get old of reading fanfics over and over again, but stories, real stories, I can only read once, or once in a couple years. It truely is really strange. But I seriously think that is the reason why.rawrrryoface

I didn't even have a chance.

Look at that! Just imagine the amount of people that must've been waiting for tickets! NYC sold out within minutes! Come on! :( It's not like I could go anyway! But the chance would have been there.

Okay, I'm done moping. I'll sure meet Stephenie Meyer when I am big and famous like her! That's right, move over!

So. Friday News. Breathe. I'm sorry. *runs off and cries.* I'm okay.

Novel Novice,which is one of my favorite sites, posted up a bit of a fan spotlight of yours truly. Go check it out. She has also posted up a pretty hilarious news bulletin.

I have been getting reviews like crazy for my stories. Thank you guys so much! I didn't think that What We Become would be so popular. It makes me cry when I look at my inbox and see over 120 new emails from you guys!

TwilightLexicon has posted an interview up with Christian Serratos. Also known as Angela Weber. Go read it if you haven't already.

A poem from a fan

Okay, here is a poem that I have been sent. From Bella's point of view in New Moon. Read and let her know what you think!

Dying Inside
I know now you love me
You support me
Encourage me
And understand me
But you will not give us a chance
You said that if in the end you lost me
It would kill you
But as you live because you still have me
I'm dying inside,
clinging to life,
from being torn apart inside
'Cause I can't be with you
So you're losing me anyway
Little by little
And I have no choice in the matter
'Cause you are
keeping us apart
By Caitlynn Bright
(Bella in New Moon)

Friday, June 20, 2008

NoMoreMarbles does it again!

My all time favorite youtube girl has made another video for Edward's birthday! I am completely in love with this video! You make me laugh girl!

Baker: So how old is he?
Bailey: 107
Baker:I dont think so
Bailey:No he really is, I need 107
Baker:Are you friggen joking?
Bailey:No, Im serious!
Baker: 107, where the hell does he live?
Bailey: in Washington
Baker: Happy 107 hope you live well, longer
Bailey: oh, he will
Bailey: 107 edward... oh and you added the blue
Baker:does he like blue?
Bailey:yes, actually he does like blue
camera girl: makes his girlfriend wear it all the time
Baker: awww thats so cute.. he has a girlfriend at 107 ...
Bailey:yes, he does
Baker: wooo hooo

Bailey:He has a lot of money.
Baker:Does he? good for him.

Go watch the video hisgoldeneyes!

New Picture of Rosalie

The official Twilight movie site has updated with a few new pictures. Two of them we have already seen. I have also seen this Rosalie/Nikki Reed picture somewhere before, but it's still a very good picture. Now how could a girl like this be mean to Bella? Hmmm?

The other ones on the site:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Edward!

It's his birthday where I am, so I'm posting this now.
We can officially call him old now. An old man in a 17 year old's body. Okay, that just made my stomach turn. Let's not think about that, because it may change our thoughts of him. He's just an old soul... that's it. Breathe. So, it's Edward's birthday! I'm going to celebrate it like no birthday before! All day, you will be seeing me post up poems, stories, and news.
If you have a poem or story or anything devoted to Edward send it to me at! I want them all! Tell me how much you love him , and why we need to celebrate it more than Christmas. It should be called Edward Day! Give me art, give me shout outs! Let's not skip the comments this time! Show your support for Edward and his birthday! What do you think Edward and Bella are doing to celebrate? I'm going to be making a contest out of it. So! You have until Saturday, midnight EST, to send me those stories. Then come back Sunday and vote for the best one. I'll be posting them all day.
Okay, so to start it all off, I have a little fan fiction story for you to read! Tell me what you think. It's just a bit of a story of Edward before he was changed. I hope you like it!

I place my hand on the cold glass. Watching as the rain falls, I can almost hear men as they march across the empty field. Of course there is no one there, but the memories are so vivid in my head that there is nothing I can do but see it again. My life. Who I was before. All that's out there now is the backyard of our home. Over a hundred years later. Memories I thought I had forgotten, I wished I had forgotten, came rushing back like my own thoughts.
I brought my fingers to my temple. For some reason unknown to myself, I was sick. I never got sick, never had a cold in my life. But here I was, walking home with a sore throat and every possible symptom of a cold. I sniffed and turned the corner, nodding at an officer as he walked by. I must have gotten sick from my mother. That was it. She had a cold, and I had given her a hug the other day. I coughed.
She must have done it on purpose to stop me from going off to battle, I mused to myself.
I walked up the stairs of my home, the maid waited for me in the entranceway.
"Something has happened, sir" She said under her breath. I turned to look at her from where I was placing my coat and hat on their hooks.
"What do you mean?"
"It's your mother...." She whispered, bowing her head. I turned and walked past her, going as fast as I could carry myself. I ran up the stairs and bursted into her bedroom. The maid came in behind me. Doctor Mellan stood by the far wall, drying his hands on a hankerchief. I only gave him a momentary glance before I knelt down at my mother's side. Her copper hair, the same colour as mine, was wet and stuck to her cheeks. I pushed it back. Her face was a sweat; her temperature at a vivid height.
"Edward..?" She moaned, turning her head into my hand.
"It is me. I brought you some tea."
"Good. Good. Could you make it for me? I so tired."
"Of course, Mother." I sat up and walked to the doctor. He shifted his feet, showing his unease. He looked up into my eyes, and I knew that he was going to tell me that it wasn't as bad as it truly was. "What is wrong with her?"
"I... "
"It's not just a cold, is it?"
"Well, no." He turned and looked out the window. "There's been cases of it in Medford. I have a handful of patients who have the same thing." I nodded at him. He had to tell me more.
"A cold is just the first symptom." He said. "And then the fever, then the flu."
"Flu?" I almost mouthed. The doctor pulled on his suspenders and adjusted his vest.
"It gets worse. It's not an average flu."
"It's going to kill her isn't it?"
"I'm going to do as much as I can." He said, starting to walk to the door. "I must leave, Mrs. Markell has asked if I could check her daughter. I'm sorry, I'll be back in the morning." He left the room. I knew he wouldn't be back. He didn't want to catch this. Whatever it was. I closed my eyes and swallowed the lump that formed in my throat. I had to come to terms with this. I had a cold too, what would it turn into?
Keep coming back through the day for more Edward celebration! Send your poems and art to me!

News on Breaking Dawn Concert

A reminder that tickets for the Breaking Dawn Concert Series go on-sale this Saturday (ticket details can be found on the Events page). These events will sell out quickly – so be sure to get your tickets as soon as they go on-sale!
We’ve got some exciting news to announce for those who aren’t close to the venues: iClips Network, one of the premier online webcasters, will produce a live webcast of the entire New York City event on August 1st AND the Los Angeles event on August 7th on The events will be broadcast live and will live on the iClips site for you to enjoy at your convenience. And please note, this will be available to all of Stephenie’s fans around the world – to be able to view, you just need to sign-up at (it’s FREE!).

Thursday News

Another update over at It talks about the different Twilight promotional books that will be coming out this fall.

Just a reminder that any publishing information that does not appear on or should not be considered confirmed or accurate."

Today is Solomon Trimble, my favorite werewolf, Sam's birthday. He's 24 and still looking good! Happy Birthday!

TwilightLexicon has a video up with Justin Chon and Christian Serratos! It's amazing! Go and check it out.

Biteoftwilight has thier interview with Justin Chon up, and they sure got a lot of info out of him.

Kaleb has updated his site with a reading of Chapter 17. The Game. My favorite Twilight chapter. He read into it very well too! Is Edward the stalker type?

My favorite Human posts again!

Mike Welch has updated his Myspace blog talking about a new fansite devoted to him.

Check out his post here.

We love you Mike!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Super Awesome Giveaway

I'm kinda hypervenilating right now! Okay, so there's this contest that mawbooks is holding. It's totally crazy the amount of stuff they're giving away!

Five winners will win one copy of The Host by Stephenie Meyer, a I Heart Ian button, a I Heart Jacob button and a Twilight Lexicon Magnet.
One grand prize winner will win Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and The Host by Stephenie Meyer, a I Heart Ian button, a I Heart Jacob button, a Twilight Lexicon Magnet, and a t-shirt of their choice from the Twilight Lexicon shop. What a package!
This giveaway is open only to U.S. and Canada addresses (no PO boxes). Your prize will be mailed directly to you from Little Brown (Stephenie’s publishing company) and from Twilight Lexicon (Stephenie’s fan site).
All entries must be in by midnight MST on June 30th.
Winners will be notified on this blog no later than noon MST on July 1st.

Go here to enter!!!


Just letting people know that I will be taking answers to my question until tomorrow. I've already started my article, but I don't have near enough quotes from you guys! So post them in the comments!

Question: What is it about Twilight that gets you to read it over and over? Why are there some books that can only be read once, and others that tug at your conscious until you read it again?
And I'm still looking for your fanart!
(artist of picture unknown)


Kaleb Nation has updated his site with a new Twilightguy story. This one completely made me cry. I felt as if I was standing there watching it all as it happened. I cried. I really did. Go and read the story, it will really make you think.

New Layout

The luckiest brother in the world, known as Seth, has updated Stephenie Meyer's official site with a new Breaking Dawn layout. It's pretty snazy. Go take a look!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm now a happy member of TopSites

I know I cannot even compare to some of the sites out there, but I want to be noticed too. You know what I mean. I'm getting more and more hits every day. I have been acknowledged by only one site, biteoftwilight, but they rock and I know that other sites will notice me too. For now, I can get my fanfic readers and people who read my site, to vote for me on topsites. It's not like I'm going to surpass NovelNovice or BellaandEdward.
Vote now! Takes two seconds. I'm already at number 136 out of 178, which is pretty good for only having it up a day.
update: I am now number 117. Keep on voting....
Twilightlexicon has updated the site talking about recent rumours about Jackson Rathbone that have been circling around.

Any rumors regarding Jacksons Rathbone’s sister and her health are
unfounded. Jackson has also been reported to be over the age of 24, that
is also false. And finally the stories circulating the web about him being in a long term relationship for the last three years are also unfounded.

Does that mean he's on the market?

Chapter eleven posted of "What We Become"

I know you guys love my fanfiction, and I have been holding off a chapter for "What We Become" for a couple days due to exams. I have one left. Yippee. So I just posted a really long chapter to make you guys love me. :P


All human.
Edward, the ghost of the school, has seen her from afar, but has never approached her.
He and Bella have come to an unspoken agreement:don't talk to me and I won't talk to you.Hate is always the feelings that arise.
With one night together, Bella becomes pregnant. What will happen? Will they find away to love one another?

Excerpt from Chapter 11, for new and interested readers:

Either Alice knew something but wasn't letting on, or she clearly bought this dress on a whim. I half expected it to be close fitting. I would have had to tell Edward I couldn't go. Not that my stomach was too noticeable.. yet... but there was still a bit of a bump. Two and a half months will do that to you. I put the dress back in the box and turned my body to the side so I could get a better look at myself. Yes, there it was. Proof. I was going to have to do something about this soon. I couldn't keep it. I pressed my hand against my belly and just stared at myself. This wasn't the only part of my body that was going to be changing soon. I picked up my brush and brushed my hair out. It hung in damp waves down my back. There was a knock at my door.
"Six twenty..." He said through the frame. I couldn't help but smile. "How does the dress fit.." His voice was softer.
"I don't know."
"You mean you don't even have it on yet?" I laughed and knew he could hear it.
"I'll be right out." He didn't answer me right away.
"I'll be downstairs waiting."
Read it here.

Crest... Or is it Crust?

Twilight Tuesday is here again, and this time MTV have graced us with a new scene. It's a field trip in Biology. It shows a scene where Bella and Edward are talking. Here are a couple quotes I found compelling:

Bella: "Are you going to tell me how you stopped the van?"
Edward: "I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common.... You can Google it."

Bella trips. Edward: "Watch where you walk, sometimes it helps."

Wondering why this scene is even in the movie? It not in the books, duh, but I think it's going to be a very important part of the movie. Instead of allowing all those pages of them not talking go by, why not make it even more tantalizing by having them together that same day. So. No hospital, just a field trip.

They also go on to interview our favorite Cullens. Peter talks about the Cullen Crest that has been added to the movie. Each of the Cullen wears it somewhere. I think it looks pretty authentic.

Jackson and Ashley get pretty close when they're talking about the Crest. Just watch his arm around her. They're so cute together, and Jackson still reminds me of Danny Masterson.

Jackson: "I've got some coloured crust as well."

Monday, June 16, 2008

Twilight Special Edition.. among other things

At this moment I am doing a bit of breathing excersizes. Why? Because I just found something that is totally amazing. I'm so angry now that I quit my job! That's right.. Twilight books of many colours are going to be hitting the shelves starting in October. You'll see me buying each of them no matter the cost. I can only guess that you guys will be too.
I mean, I personally own two copies of Twilight, three of New Moon, and three of Eclipse. One to read over and over. One to use as reference for my fanfics... and for New Moon and Eclipse, they were the special editions and I just had to buy them.

So.. List of dates for release of the different Twilight promotions coming out:

Twilight Mass Market Tie-In Edition: Featuring a movie cover with foil effects. [November 2008]
Twilight Trade Paperback Tie-In Edition: Includes a full colour fold-out movie poster. [November 2008]
Twilight the Official Illustrated companion: Includes a behind the scenes guide, photos, etc... [November 2008]
The Twilight Saga The Official Guide: A definitive encyclopedic reference, including character profiles, charts, maps etc... [Hardcover, December 2008]
The Twilight Saga Collection: Hardcover box set, containing all 4 novels in the series, as well as 4 exclusive colour prints. [October 2008]
Twilight Collector's Edition: Deluxe edition in a slipcase, with ribbon bookmark, leather like spine, cloth cover and newly designed chapter openers. [October 2008]

Oh yeah....
Thanks to BellaandEdward

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Medieval Festival and Novel Novice

No new Twilight news today. It is a pity. :(

My Sunday has completely gone to waste.
Anyway, I went to this Medieval Festival over at Upper Canada (as if you know were that is). I showed up there 2 hours before it closed, because I had to work an eight hour shift at Tim Hortons until three.
I was shy to go and take a picture with this guy dressed up at Jack Sparrow, so my sister called him over. His cute friends came with him. One of the was Russian. With an accent. Him and I totally flirted. *blush*.
I looked everywhere for two of my friends who were volunteering there. I didn't seem them until it was all over, and they honked the car horn at me. They had some crazy guy in the back who wanted to give me a hug. I don't think so.

Shout out of the day is to Novel Novice. I have done a shout out for Twilight Guy, Mike Welch, and Kellan Lutz, and now to you.
Most commonly known as Ms. Truitt. You seem like an amazing teacher, who would completely be a wonderful alternative to some teachers I had in middle school.
Your site has funny Twilight themed advertisements and videos. Doing so many things at once on your site make you quite a multitasker.
You always have something clever to say, and I can tell you are very passionate about your job and about Twilight.
Everyone, check out Novel Novice. If you have already, good for you!
I shall always watch your youtube videos. Oh! And congrats on the Twilighters contest.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh My Mike

Yes, that's right. This is Michael Welch in the picture! I told you he completely changed since Twilight first interviewed him! If you were Mike Newton and showed interest in me at my school, I would not compare you to a Golden Retriever. Not at all. These pictures are from a recent photoshoot.

Thanks to for posting them up!
Nothing else big from today. :( I just got off work (11 pm) and must be back at 7 in the morning. So I'm off to bed.. I may watch an episode of Heartland first on my Ipod. It was filmed near my home town!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kellan Lutz... Wraps it up!

I asked for a little something something, and Hisgoldeneyes and BellaandEdward both helped me out. Oh ya. I got to see an awesome video of Kellan talking! He's so amazing. I think I watched it like eight times already. Haha. Cut the rest, just the first 50 seconds is what we love. Thanks BUSTED!

Bored in Religion Class

Nothing amazingly exciting in the Twilight world has happened yet today! 'tis blasphemy I say. So I've gotten a few answers to my Twilight question (What allows you read them over and over again?) I'll give you guy a couple more days and then I'm going to write my article. I hope you'll like it.
So anyway, I'm sitting in Religion class, well most of us have left because we were dismissed a half hour early. I am still in the computer lab typing away. I want Twilight news. Someone tell me something fascinating that has been happening with Kellan or Jackson lately. ANYTHING! I'm going out of my mind.!
Kaleb has posted, talking about Blue October... Maybe he's seen my cute little banner. Maybe not.
This is my second last day of actual school. It's truly scary and wonderful at the same time. All I have now is Monday and then my first exam is on Tuesday! And I'm done Wednesday! Only two exams out of my 4 classes.
I've found an amazing Twilight song: Angel by Natasha Bedingfield. Heard it? Well the name kinda already screams Twilight doesn't it? Got any other song recommendations for me? Commet away!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kaleb rules the Nation

So Kaleb's on chapter 15 now, which is one chapter before the infamous baseball game. (One of my favorite chapters of the book)
It's been only a few months for this guy, and yet he's got fans bombarding his site. I would be just as stressed as you, Kaleb. No worries. Keep on reading! It shall get better. Here is the shout out to Kaleb. It won't be too long now before you've taken over the world! One Twilight guy at a time.
Those witty pictures, and awesome in depth readings just keep me wondering when the next chapter will be posted.

From Twilight Guy:
“What’s fer breakfast?” the goblin growled. (…)

Edward rolled his eyes. “Just eat Bella.”

Read the rest of his post here. Let him know how much you admire his writing skills! And that creative mind he's got, he notices everything!

Harry Vs. Twilight

It's been said. I love both Harry Potter and Twilight. BUT, there are reasons I love one more than the other. As Bailey said in this video: "Harry Potter was my first love, but let's face it, Twilight is sexier." Couldn't have been said better if it were said from my mouth.
So... Reelz has a a new video. HPvsT. Who shall win the final battle?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Twilight's Falling behind

Vote here! Portrait Magazine.
Twilight has fallen behind Tokyo Hotel. That's right. They think they can out vote us when we're not looking!
I say vote! Vote! Vote!

EDIT: We've done it guys! I knew we would. We're over 200 votes ahead of them. Spread the word and keep on voting! Let them not pass us again!

Prequel of James and Sirius

Okay guys, I think I just had a heart attack. That prequel was amazing! I know its not Twilight.. but its a prequel of Harry Potter! Ah! Even if it's one the front and back of a card, J.K Rowling can still catch the mind of anyone. Its as if she pulls me into a pensieve and I am there at that moment. Brilliant! (Read it here!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kellan Lutz liked "Strangers" Too!

Kellan, Kellan, Kellan. It seems we have something else in common besides our love for gummy bears. You see, I also have a thing for horror movies. I loved 'Prom Night', but I probably wouldn't have gone to see it if you weren't in it. (Did I just say that out loud). Now, 'Strangers' I went to go see in Ottawa last Monday. It's about a half an hour drive from my town. We drove back at 2 o' clock in the morning, and I swear that I was looking everywhere trying to see people in white masks that ask if Tamora is home.
I just love being thrilled like that. It gives me such a high to go see scary movies. Covering my eyes as if it would take away the fear!
You are my favorite Cullen actor, Kellan! Even more now!

Kellan Lutz's Top 10 Horror Movies ( taken from a recent interview with AMC

• The Shining
• IT (--- Also a favorite of mine)
• Dont Look Now
• The Exorcist
• The Omen
• The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
• Child's Play
• The Vanishing
• The Strangers (---- YAY!)
• Haute Tension

One thing, Hun. Don't make a Saw 8, I seriously am too scared to watch those movies.. from experience with the first one. *shudders*

My Favorite Human

He is so underappreciated. Well, his character is anyway. This guy is definitly not on our hate lists. When I first saw him, I thought he looked too young for his age. But now it looks as if he's changed himself up a bit. I saw that 5'oclock shadow, Mike!
Love ya! You're my new favorite human! I feel sympathy towards Mike Newton, but definitly not to you. You know how to take care of yourself! I mean, you're like the only one with an always up to date blog! That's devotion, baby!

Here's a picture of Mike from MTV. Seems as if Larry has some competition!

Notes: Don't forget to answer my question below!

Let's try this again!

I have a new Twilight task. Add it to my other one, which wasn't very pop-ular. Okay. So, first:
What is is about Twilight that give someone the ability to read it multiple times? What motivated you to read those books again and again?

And my new task for you guys. I am making a Twilight inspired dress. That's right. And I need artistic versions of the Cullens. Basically I want the dress to be all punky and what not -- Vampiristic (if that's a word)-- and I want it to have drawings of the Cullens ALL over it. Bella, Edward, Bella with Edward, Jasper, Alice, the whole shibang! If you have a picture, it can be anime or manga or whatever your expertise is, please send it to me at or leave it in the comments.
Reason for the dress: To wear to my Breaking Dawn release party/ masquerade. I'm going to win the contest for best dressed. That's right, nod that head.

Reason why I wish I lived in Chicago...

Stephenie, my ever wonderful hero, is having her Breaking Dawn book signing tour with.. Blue October. They have only been one of my favorite bands since forever. Yea, I'm immortal. I love Justin's voice and I think it would be amazing if he actually wrote a song themed on Twilight. Would that not be amazing?
Come to Canada, Stephenie! Please!

I should be at work right now, but I called in with a *headache*. I could have still gone, but I think I'm going blind or something. I can't focus on anything. My glasses are yucky so I won't wear them. So. If you won't tell my work that I'm suitable to make coffee, I'll talk about nothing more often.

like my picture?

Monday, June 9, 2008

And Then They Say That We're A Free Country

Books have been a refuge for anyone who decides to confide in them. They've been around for centuries upon centuries, and there has been common knowledge that someone can read whatever they like. If a book is placed on the shelves of a school library, it wants to be read. It shoulde be read. The idea of taunting the children and then deciding that the work isn't suitable for a certain age group ect. is completly absurd.It is meaningless to take them off at all. A student is going to read what they want to read. They're going to get their hands on that book whether the authorites like it or not.
Organizations have been created for the sole reason of making it clear about the banning of books, either with positive or negative facts. Some make a mockary, with purposes of making the banning of books a joke. Then there are others that take publishers and schools to court, just to get their points clear.
There has got to be a point when it all has to stop. What’s the use of pulling invaluable books from the hands of eager students? Can children not read fairy tales any more because of the use of magic and fairy godmothers? It makes no sense.
William Shakespeare has seen much censorship of his works in schools across the world. Hamlet, the best play written of all time, has been banned from school literature classes because of the inclusion of witches and murders. "I’m sorry kids, the only Shakespeare we’re allowed to read is A Midsummer’s Night Dream, and we have to skip some scenes. Its okay, they’re only the most crucial parts to understanding the story."
If a student reads any book with a mature mind, and the understanding of terms, they can finish it with the knowledge that the author was trying to impose.
These books, such as Huckleberry Finn, have been read and admired by children for decades. What’s the point of even writing it? If C.S. Lewis knew that his ever popular Chronicles of Narnia was going to be forbidden of being read, would he have even taken the time to write them? I doubt it. It’s an insult to any author who only wanted to give children a means of escape, a place to run to, and a place to learn. Because we all have read these books as children, and we all have learned from them.
Maybe these "big" people up top should read the books again, and I mean really read them, before they go off and decide to stop children from doing so.
Judy Blume, a popular children’s author, has had many of her books banned from American schools. "I believe that censorship grows out of fear, and because fear is contagious, some parents are easily swayed. Book banning satisfies their need to feel in control of their children's lives. This fear is often disguised as moral outrage. They want to believe that if their children don't read about it, their children won't know about it. And if they don't know about it, it won't happen." Judy has devoted an entire page of her site where she talks about her feelings about her books and the reasons she believes people chose to stop their children from reading her books.
It seems as if any books that get a child to laugh, to enjoy, to actually read, has got be put under suspicion by parents and authorities, who claim "That’s just not right!"
Youth have the right to read what they feel will help develop themselves. If they want to read Harry Potter and then deal with people calling them a witch or a Satanist, they’re going to do it. If you take the books off their bedroom bookshelves, they’re going to go to the library or borrow it from a friend. No matter what you do, if they want to read it, they are going to! You can’t stop this! We are not a communist regime; children have the right to read whatever their hearts desire. If you ban that book, the kids are going to want to read it even more.
Just the thought of the books that are not going to be written astounds me. Young authors are filled with fear because they just don’t know if their book will be censored. So they stop writing. They throw their notes in the trash, or change the entire basis of the story around because of this fear. Here’s to the authors who just don’t care! Write your book. If publishers want you to change it, send it to someone else. But please don’t follow the authorities when they tell you that it’s just not good enough. Let some children read it, get their reactions, and then decide whether it should be read.
Go and read To Kill A Mockingbird, let the people who banned it know how much it has changed your life. Don’t let it all happen around you. For it was Edmund Burke, a famous philosopher, who said: "Evil happens when good people stand back and do nothing."

Copyright of me, Kimberley Falk. So what do you think. It's rough so there are some spelling mistakes. More like typos with my computer, because I have lost Microsoft Word. :(

My Gradtastic Night! And an article about banned books.

My journalism teachers pushed back my magazine due date to Wednesday, which means it is not due tomorrow. Breathe. I still have one more profile to write. It may not get done, because the author who I was supposed to interview has not sent back her answers. Yup. So if you are a published author, unlikely but hey, let me know!

Uninteresting things that happened to me today:
I wrote my article on the banning of books. Thanks for the feedback people! Sarcasm there. Not intended of course. It shall be posted. Up there.
I watched the second episode of Heartland (which was filmed so close to my home town) during my spare period on my iPod with Rebecca. She's one of my best friends.
I had a Grad Dinner hosted by us tonight in my school cafeteria. I barely got any of the potluck food because I was always at the end of the line! My pasta bake was a hit! It was gone when I got there, and one of my teachers said that it was the best there! So proud. That same teacher started to brag about me to ther teachers. He, Mr.Butlin, said "This girl here, she reads book after book. ( makes a space between his fingers thats 4 inches wide) She'll come to class with one of these and finish it in what, three days tops. And it's not like it's a one time thing! She comes to school the next day with another equally long one! She's always reading in class, and sometimes I wonder how she recognizes my voice." He's a cool teacher, who likes to take breaks while teaching. So, I read. Mr. Butlin won an award: "Self Accounted: Not a morning person". He asks you not to talk to him in the mornings. And when we do have him in the mornings, he reads to us.
Now, if he only read 'Twilight'.
I do read a lot, and that's what they put in the yearbook, but seriously that's not all I do! Geez. You'd think I was obsessed with books about vampires and werewolves or something. Yeesh.

Please answer my 2nd question below. Down there in my previous post. And tell your friends to come too, I want to see how many answers I can get!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What do you think?

I want you guys' help. If you want to give it.

1. What is your personal opinion on books being banned in school libraries? Do you believe that they should or shouldn't be allowed to do so?

Please leave me your opinions in the comments. I'm writing an article for my school newspaper and a magazine project. Feel free to leave examples. I will leave my finished articles up here when it's finished.

2. What is it about Twilight that allows you to read it multiple times? There are some books out there that you can only read once, and then the thought of reading it again does not cross your mind. I know I've read Twilight and the rest of the series about 7 times each, and I can still read it again.

Welcome to me/ My theories on Breaking Dawn cover

I want to get out there. I want you to know who I am. That's right. Who is this LupsandTnks and why have I seen that name before. That's right, I am a Harry Potter fan. Have been for six years now, and it shall last until my dying days. I want people to give me their opinions on that unfortunate teen. To catch up with Harry Potter news, I post on a site called check it out. We have all the news first!
I am also a Twilight fan. Yes. Have been since 2005, and I cannot go one day without checking the lexicon et al. other sites. I am hooked and in love with Jasper Cullen and Kellan Lutz. They do not play the same character.
So I am starting a blog for all my readers, and new people to read. Readers? What? Yes, I am a fanfiction craze. I am a beta as well. Read my stories. People have asked me why I take so long to post sometimes, well this will be the place for updates, sneak peeks to later chapters, as well as a place where I can chill and talk about my life and the books I love. And when my novel is published (yay!) I will post stuff about that up here too. Sound good? Okay.
Feel free to talk to me!


As I hope most of you avid Twilighters have seen, the new Breaking Dawn cover is completely mind wrenching. I stared at it for a full 15 minutes before I had the sudden realization of what it might mean. So, here are my theories on the cover! August 2nd couldn't be any farther away.
One... there's a white queen.. who could that be hmmm? Is it a person? ...Vampires are white/pale.. Could it be maybe be Bella after being changed, and she's Edward's queen? Or could it be Tanya or maybe even Esme. White wedding dress...Two... The red pawn in behind the queen. If the queen is Bella? Who could the pawn be? Maybe Jacob and his RUST skin. That's right. She's putting him behind her.Three... Red symbolizes and is the colour of blood, remember? So.. that could mean death or something.And four... the chess board all together. The battle! Red against white... the pack against the vampires. The vampire queen is there, Bella will succeed, but to what extent? Or what if both the pawn and the queen represent Bella. Red pawn—because she has blood.. and when she's changed she becomes vampire queen (as I already mentioned).

Characters we shall see in BD:
Tanya... We have heard about her a lot, but have never met her. So. Stephenie wouldn't just leave it off like that. We must see her!Aro... because he's quirky and won't give up on Bella.Alec... we have yet to know his powerAro, Caius, and Marcus... who are they? did you know that the names of the two men who killed Julius Ceaser were named Marcus and Caius? Hmm.Jacob... because it can't just end like that!