Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Christmas Eve

Hello readers. Is there snow on the ground where you are? Because there is lots here!
It is the day before Christmas Eve and I have not finished all of my shopping yet! Shame on me, I know.
Uhm.. I just wanted to wish you all a happy Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then just Happy Holidays.
I hope to have a couple chapters up before the end of the year. I just have been so crazy busy. I have a lot of work to do before School starts. If it starts.
check out my youtube Twilight vids!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Ninth 2008

I'm feeling kind of .... wierd lately. I don't know if anyone can actually sympathize with me or not. I think I am entering a state of despression, and I am unsure if my friends can make me feel better. I mean, they're all happy because they have these amazing and exciting lives they're living. New friends, new places to live, and they have amazing stories hiding in their back pockets.
I feel as if I have taken one ginormous step backwards. I was finally doing something with my life! I was the furthest from home out of all the children. I was the one that made my brother and sisters jealous because I had a goal and I was taking steps to achieving it! Now I'm at home sleeping in until noon and wearing my pyjamas all the time. I'm doing nothing! I'm at home and lonely.. eating junk food and wondering when the hell my school is finally going to shape up and let us come back! I don't want to feel lazy and unacheived anymore. I need pressure.. I need to have a purpose! I hate this I really do.
I'm sorry for whineing at you guys.
I'm all worried money wise too. I'm paying for my family to eat out of my credit card. And soon I won't have money to buy Christmas gifts, or to even pay for my Sponsor Child down in the Dominicon Republic. I don't want to have bad credit at 18 years old. Uh uh.
I need a job. But I can't get one because I have no idea when I will go back to school. And Toronto is not hiring an unexperienced student. unless they want me to make coffee.

On to other things...
I'm going to try to write tonight, but I'm feeling really bummed at the moment, so my chapters would probably come out all depressing. I'd make you all sad. Haha. I'd kill off Bella or something stupid like that.
Hey, I could write some poetry... haha
I haven't written poetry in over a year. And when I do, its always dark and depressing stuff. Perfect for tonight. Anywho. Have a good night to all of you.

Friday, December 5, 2008

On Finding the Moon and other stuff

Chapter two to be posted up within an hour, I am just adding finishing touches.
I didn’t know I had gotten that many reviews for chapter one, or else I would have updates sooner. I have been updating more regularly now. You might have gotten author alerts in your email, but because you don’t read my maximum ride or Sarah Dessen stories, it just seems like I haven’t posted in a while. But its been every two days and I’m glad I’m getting into the hang of things. My school is still on strike, which means that I’ve been lazy and without internet on my laptop and siblings who are obsessed with the computer, I have had little chance to write and post up.
Books I bought today: Tales of Beetle the Bard (Yay! It’s finally out and I cannot wait to read it!), The Dangerous Days of Daniel X by James Petterson (I’m anxious to see what this is about), and You Know Where to Find Me by Rachel Cohn (I own all her books except this one and I saw it and had to buy it. Seriously I jumped up and down in the bookstore going “There’s another Rachel Cohn book! Ah!” I scared my older sister.

Number of Times I have seen Twilight: 3

I now have a livejournal account with one entry. yay. I don't know if I will continue it or not. Hmm.....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My views on Twilight



Okay, now that I have that out of the way, HELLO.
This is what I wrote on TwilightGuy's comment page:
LOVED Emmett and the knife. Charlie and the Gun. Eric and the Worm. LOVED Mike doing his jig at the window. And I liked when Tyler was trying to apologize to Bella in the hospital and Charlie eventually swung the curtain closed.
Do you think she likes Italian food? Emmett: Her name is Bella.
I love Emmett and I truly believe that Kellan played the part to perfection. They just should have shown more of him, but I’m biased because I love him so much. Haha
I noticed the lap top too. When she pulled it out I gasped, and my friend Caitlynn beside me patted my shoulder and said “It’s okay, Kimmy. It’s okay.”
There were many parts that were different, but I loved how they changed it. If it was point to point the same then I think it wouldn’t have been as grasping as it is now. Like, I could complain forever about what they didn’t keep the same (the cast was to small, she wasn’t hurt as badly. lap-top, no Cullens at prom.. etc..) But I truly did like the movie. I LOVED IT. I have been waiting over four years to see this movie in action, and I really did like it.Nikki as Rosalie was wonderful. Ashley and Jackson had amazing chemistry, especially when they grapsed hands in the car.What I didn’t understand was how Bella got to the ballet studio. It was too quick. There was no going to her house first etc. And I doubt she could have gotten past Alice and Jasper that easily. Alice would have “seen” something or they could have just smelt her. And Edward appeared too quickly before James could confess about Alice.Against most of the others in the comments, I liked the meadow glittery skin. It was a good way to acknowledge that he was beautiful and unhuman. And how she walked past him like that and into the woods, I shook and could just hear Edward saying “Oh no… she knows.”
It would have been hard for a non reader to love it as much as we did. With Robert’s wolf reference at the end and such. But these viewers leave the theatre knowing that it’s not over. Victoria and her teary eyes are coming for you Bella! I’m so glad Rachelle is from Canada like me. And she’s so amazing at her role.I could talk about sooo much more, but I need to see it a second.. third… fourth time for it to really become instilled in my mind. Haha.
I’m going to leave on a funny note.Edward: I can read every mind in this room. See, [points to individuals] money, sex ….sex… money.. sex… cat. [show image of a biker guy with a dreamy smile on his face].
They should have said I love you more.
Should have kissed more.
More Jasper and his talk with Bella.
Bella's aversion to blood! Like HELLO!
All in all 9/10. hehehe

What did you guys think?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is my apology

I am sooo sorry for not updating sooner. I know I have probably infuriated a few of you.
It's been crazy. My school went on strike, and I went home. AFTER meeting Maria V Snyder (I had to walk 3 hours home down Yonge street followed by peddlers). My laptop will not connect to the internet for some infathomable reason here at home. And the hosue computer just doesn't have the software for writing. That's no excuse. I have been lazy.
Partying and the like. Sorry!
I have turned a new leaf! Writing more! But, of school starts Monday again then it sucks haha. But I WILL post the epilogue, which is written and ready to go on my laptop.. tomorrow. And I will find time to post up a chapter for another story. Don't forget that tomorrow is the release of Twilight and I might be to excited to sit down and write. Althougyh, you guys will be too excited to sit down and read. Haha.
You guys are so amazing, please don't hate me.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 6th. And counting..

I've got a lot of stuff to say so listen up:

If you don't follow me on Twitter, you don't know that my University has made the decision to go on strike. That's right. As of midnight last night. I had no classes today and was so bored that I couldn't write. Kid you not. They think its going to last a few weeks at least! Thats no classes for me! I think I'm going to go dumb. Haha. Last only a couple weeks, kay? No more no less.
So anyways I have more time to write. I started a new chapter for The List today but I just couldn't finish it. But I'm going to do that after this. Not moving this seat until its finished.
If you're a fan of City of Bones, I've written half of the first chapter for my new fanfic. Keep an eye out!

November is a very busy month! These are my plans:
Tomorrow: Do nothing all day.. maybe write.. Go meet Maria V Snyder (A very Amazing Author!) At the World's Biggest Bookstore. Get my book signed. Yum.
Saturday: Go to a seminar of writing romance taught by MARIA! Yay!
Next Week: Go see TWILIGHT TORONTO PREMIERE! then go see it on friday in my hometown with my best friends.
Woot thats alot. I'll be posting more news a little later tonighht.. Maybe :)

P.S I made a new youtube video devoted to Ed and Bella. Check it out. www.youtube.com/LupsandTnks

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back from the past Ch.8

I have posted chapter 8 to the awesome story. Sorry guys for not updating as soon as possible. I had midterms like crazY! I'm back.

So happy Halloween!! BooO... My favorite holiday! Yes! I'm going clubbing downtown Toronto tomorrow in my retro vintage 80's dress. Vampire me! woot! I just spent the past two hours dancing to Thriller! It's amazing how I still know the steps! I love myself.

I still have homework I need to do for tomorrow. Oops. :)

I hope you guys have an amazing Halloween! No need to watch out for vampires, because according to my favorite vampire show (guess?) they stay in on that night. Lucky us... not! I want a vampire. I'm A fangbanger. Haha

Any body doing anything awesome???

O.M.G only 20 more days until the long awaited movie comes out. Yay! Cheer with me everyone.. Yayayaya... Jack o' lantern pumpkin awaaaaaayyy!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Scene... "What if I'm the bad guy"-- sounds southern there. Yum

I will be writing the epilogue to Who We Are when I get back from class in two hours. Stay tuned :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello All

So I posted a chapter for Whispers of the Purple Eyes. I am starting from the bottom of my list of recent updates and making my way up, because some of these stories haven't been updated in months. I'm trying my hardest.

I have three midterms this week, but I'm going to try and update as much as I possibly can. I hope you guys still love me. :) I love you, if that helps.

So since I'm going up my list, the next update will be for my Carlisle story. THAT ONE has been a logn while since I updated. Haha. Maybe if more people read it, it would be more worth while. But I will update it next for myself.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finding the Moon (Isn't that an amazing title)

Here's the banner for my new story now that Who We Are is finished.

Isn't it beautiful? I'm amazed with my work, I really am. This story is actually very complex, but it will be easier to understand I promise. Not your typical fanfiction happy ending love story. Mine actually has a plot. As all of mine usually do. I hope this one pulls you in just as much as What We Become did.
Speaking of What We Become and Who We Are, I am not going to be posting a third installment for Who We Are at the moment. For now it is finished. I may start it up again some day, but I want to move on to other projects that will amaze you just as much.
Such as my Tokyo story and Back From the Past. My other stories aren't as popular with you guys for some reason! Haha. Go read them they are amazing. Tonight I am writing a much needed chapter for Thank You. Lots of people are getting edgy and demanding in that department. I've been spending too much time on Twilight. Someone slap me! How could I do such a thing?
I'm actually getting into my Maximum Ride story. People have been telling me that it seems Miggy at the moment. Sorry! I'm a sucker for Iggy, and I kind of want them together too. But in this story it is completely just brother/sister kind of stuff. I hope you all understand.

I also want to start a fanfiction for "City of Bones" series. Has anyone read them? They are amazing! I love Jace so much!

Also, I bought the first books of Night World tonight. Should I be excited to read them?

I might get my epilogue finished tonight too. I'm not doing any homework! All writing for fanfiction. I need to catch up. You guys all probably hate me by now for not updating as quickly as I used to. Sorry again!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Who We Are

I hope Y'all left me an amazing review. If you did not review, go back and do it now. :) Because I said so. Mmmkay! So let me know if I should do a epilogue or 3rd instalment.
Check out my gypsy novel at www.webook.com Penname KimberleyFalk and leave some feedback.
And now read this short one-shot between Edward and Bella! yay!
"Do you ever wonder if the stars can see us? That when you're alone and looking up, that you're really not alone?"
"God, I hope not."
"Because this would be like porn to them.." Edward answered. He had both his arms above my head and I was beneath him. He was soft and hard at the same time.
"How erotic would that be?" I laughed, wiggling beneath him until he could do nothing but moan and hold my tighter. He smiled into my cheek.
"This also gives new meaning to 'sex on the beach' as well." The vibrations of his voice on my neck. I slid my fingers up the plains of his back and grasped his shoulders.
"It does, doesn't it."
"Uh huh."
"Shouldn't we get back to the kids." His ear was just next to my lips. He shivered and caressed my cheek with his knuckes.
"Soon. They're safe. They have thier cousin to play with, and right now I want to play with you."
"Yes. So enjoy the ride, my love." He growled and I laughed, rollling over so I was on top. Slowly, I pulled off of him.
"No.. no.. no.. Uh.." He groaned as I slide down his legs. "Come back up here!"
"Why?" I asked, grinning.
"Because I said so, Darling."
"That's not good enough." I teased and then stood up on my feet. Edward reached out for me. "Uh uh.." I wagged my fingers at him. And then I turned around, racing to towards the water. I could hear him behind me laughing. I dove into the chilly ocean. He grabbed be around the waist from underwater, and we both hit the surface together.
"Love me?" I whispered into his lips, running my hands through his wet hair.
"Always and forever, love."
"haha. Very original."
"You know me."
"I do."
Right at this moment I am watching Kristen Stewart in 'Into the Wild' . Never seen it before, but it is reallly good so far! Has anyone else seen it? Oh and tell me what you though about my one shot there, okay?

So much Twilight

Don't You Love Kellan? I do! He's looking so good! Marry me! cough....

There has been so much Twilight going on lately that I just cannot keep up..! But it's all so amazing! I am so excited for 42 more days! ah! I'm okay... breathe....

Tokyo coming soon... and Who We Are hang in there!

The Maximum Life

So who watched the Twilight Trailer that came out just a few hours ago? Loved it! Edward and Bella getting hot and heavy eh? They didn't kiss like that in the book.

I posted a chapter for my Maximum Ride fic. I like it. If yuo haven't read Maximum Ride, go do it and then come and read my fic! yay!

A chapter for Tokyo tomorrow... :) And Who We Are is next to be written after that! Maybe tomorrow too... Or Sunday if not. I'm gone all day with my buds on Saturday. I haven't seen them in so long! I'm excited.

Anyway. You guys rock!
Kellan Lutz was on 90210 this episode. He's so good as a bad boy!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Hey guys! I've been writing a chapter for my Maximum Ride story. And, thanks to Caitlynn's feedback, I will be also posting a chapter for my Tokyo story very soon. In the mean time, wouldn't you want to check out one of my actual own works! Yes, I have created an account with WeBook and I want all of you to start reading the novel I wrote so long ago. It's about wonderful gypsies.. and there's romance in there too. Hehe. Check it out and give me some feedback, okay?

See you all soon!

Click here to read my novel, and scroll down to click on it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alice in Wonderland Ch.2

Chapter 2 of Alice in Wonderland has been posted. Yay! Highlight the below area to see a spoiler for chapter 3.

In the next chapter, which you will be reading soon...... >>>>>>>>>Mary (Alice) goes after her sister thinking she is about to commit suicide. What she doesn't know are Liza's actual plans to seek out information for Mary. Instead, a vampire attacks. But, of course Alice gets away. But, we all know this vampire and know that he loves the hunt, and nothing can hide from him.<<<<<<<<<<<
Things we still need to know:
How she became to be called Alice.
How she gets "changed".
And how James becomes obsessed with Miss Mary Alice Brandon. :(
Soon to know all!

Hello Lonely

OKay.. I am so sorry all of you!

I was half way through my Alice chapter but I gave up. That was Tuesday night. The first night of my wonderful Food Poisoning sickness. It lasted too, I still have it now. I hate KFC now. How dare they sell me uncooked chicken! PLah!

But, I am home home now until Wednesday. And I will be writing and doing homework at the same time. I thought I'd make a balance out of it... hmmm?

So.. I guess I'll see you tomorrow.. or later today since it is about 2 in the morning. Haha

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kellan and..... Chain Saw?

I had this dream about Renesmee and Jacob when I had a nap this afternoon. Should I write in a fanfiction? I can't get it out of my head!

hahahaha. Watch this video. Kellan in a tux!

I will be writing a chapter for my Alice story while I'm watching 90210 tonight. So, expect it two or three hours. This is for you Colin, because you have absolutely no patience! Aaaagh!

I bought the Edward and Bella movie poster! I'm so excited! They're having this huuuuge stand with really cheap posters. It was a toss up between Heroes and Audrey but then I saw Twilight! I shall go back for the rest... Mwah haha.

I'm all sore today and I have a splitting headache. My brother got his finger sliced off on a blade in a factory last night so I've been worried about him all day. He's lost so much blood. He thinks he's going to be a freak if they amputate it. Poor guy. Maybe he should finish high school now! That's right.

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Story: The House Wear the Undead Suffer

A new story has been posted. Go read and enjoy. Let me know if I should do sneak peeks for it as well.
Mind my translation skills, please. Banner coming soon!

So did anyone watch that amazing season premiere of Heroes. Ooo.. I love that show. Milo is soo sexy. I should make a video for him too. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The List

I have posted a chapter for "The List". If you haven't read it yet, I prefer you did. Okay???
Haha. Have fun.
Fan of Heroes? 2 hour season premiere tomorrow! Yay!
New story coming tomorrow:
Sneak Peek:
What happens when Isabella Swan, a teacher and fighter of villians living in Tokyo Japan, meets the biggest villian of all: Edward Cullen? We will find out with a verrrrry long (6000 word) first chapter tomorrow!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why Kellan Lutz is so Amazing!

Yes, I know it has been a while... Not that long, but yeah...
University is quite hectic when it comes to homework, but I swear tomorrow I will post something.
Until then, enjoy this video that I made.
I'm not obsessed....

Monday, September 15, 2008

"Who We Are" Chapter 12

Another not so happy chapter.. I did add a bit of a flashback though! Yay! No sneak peek for this chapter, because I fear it will give too much away. But, vote in the poll on the right!


Robert's version of Bella's Lullaby will no longer be used in the movie. I am sad. How rude! :)

KELLAN NEWS, because you all know how much I love that guy. From MTVBlog.
“If I was Stephenie Meyer,” Lutz said, “and if I made that book — which is more heartfelt, like a diary in a way — it wouldn’t be out for years. I feel like she created it just for herself, and it’s sad that a part of her has been leaked, if that makes sense.”
Lutz said that if Meyer decides to continue with “Midnight Sun,” she should take extra time to make it like her other books: “so fluid, and so easy to read.”
Long before the leak, Lutz did get some of Meyer’s insight into the vampire POV. “Us actors doing ‘Twilight,’ we have our ins on all the extra stuff she hasn’t put out there yet,” Lutz said. “And it’s really cool seeing another side of it. Like, Bella doesn’t understand the point of view of a vampire. If you can’t die, you have the knowledge that you won’t have an end. You don’t need to accomplish that much. Because you’re going to live forever, you can do whatever. There’s no risk, and that’s not really living. And it’s cool to see Edward’s point of view.”
In time, however, after the “Twilight” buzz has quieted down a bit, Lutz thinks it will be good to “mix it up and show that confusion” of Edward’s perpective. “Not so much of the storylines, but of the mentality: good versus evil,” Lutz explained. “Edward doesn’t think being a vampire is a good thing, and Bella doesn’t see that. She just wants to be turned. And it’s important to see another point of view, plus it’s a cool extreme.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

True Blood

For those of you who want to see the first episode before the second one airs tomorrow.
Who We Are coming tomorrow.

I will post the next episode when I get it, though.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who We Are Ch.11

I don't know how many chapters there will be until this story is finished. Hmm.. But I'm thinking of skipping ahead 15-16 years, would that be cool?

Chapter eleven
Emmett slid his arms around his wife and placed his palms on her three month pregnant stomach. Rosalie moaned, relaxing into his warm, strong chest. "We will always be happy together." He whispered into her ear. She smiled, sliding her hands over his.
"Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way."
"And we know you always get what you want." They laughed together. Jasper walked into the room knowing they were there. He was looking for them, and he had some horrible news to pass on.

From the Twilight Lexicon:

In honor of Bella’s birthday coming up, it’s time for us to reveal a gift we have been working on for a few months now. It is with great pleasure and excitement that we can announce the formation of Twilighters For Forks, a non-profit organization set up to help benefit the city of Forks, specifically The Forks High School.
While visiting Forks for the first time this last summer, Pel and I both commented on how the words “small town” just didn’t do the city justice. Being from relatively big cities, we enjoyed how peaceful and quiet the area was, but we were concerned with the economy of the area. As we took pictures of the landscape and various “Twilight” locations we both thought that if there was any way to help the small town of Forks that we wanted in on it. We started brainstorming what could be done and wondered if the city had a means to take monetary donations over the internet. We thought that if we could place a link on the Lexicon, we’d be able to reach thousands of Twilight fans.
Later that day, we were talking to the amazing ladies who run Infinite Jewlery Co., which manufactures Bella’s Bracelet™ and Bella’s Engagement Ring™, who were also visiting Forks. They informed us that the Forks High School had been condemned and was in danger of being knocked down. They expressed their desire to do something to help the city, and we said that we had the same desire. We all knew that if the fans understood what was happening in Forks they would want to help out, too. Through the affiliations that Infinite Jewlery Co. had made in the city and with the backing of the Lexicon, we went to various city officials asking them for a way for fans to donate to the city. Thus, Twilighters For Forks was formed!
Now is a chance for all of us who have escaped to Forks so many times while reading these books to give something back to show our gratitude. Just think of what a $2.00 donation from each fan could do for the city of Forks. Visit the
Forks Forum website for all the details on the school and the purpose of Twilighters for Forks and the chance to help donate to this very valuable cause.

Today is Wednesday.

Hello, my friends. There shall be a chapter tonight. No worries. News for today.

HisGoldenEyes is saying that Twilight will not be in Imax.

NovelNovice has posted up their Twilight Yearbook! Read it here. I was a contributor! I was the one who did the "Most Likely To.." Although they changed it... a lot. *Harumph*

One of my reviewers left me a little country song to listen to! It is so Edward/Bella and I want you guys to listen to it. It's by Jamie O'Neal. Best known for her song "Somebody's Hero", I know her as the artist who wrote one of my favorite songs "God Don't make Mistakes." Youtube them, their great. This song is called "Shiver." Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back From the Past Ch.8

Okay.. So I watched 90210.. and *tear* No Kellan in this episode. Like, how could they!? He better be in number 3! I posted a chapter for Back From the Past. yay. It's longer too. Yay.
Here's a sneak peek at Chapter 8.
I watched from around the corner as she whispered into her date's ear. I knew it was nothing romantic, because she had already accepted meeting me. She watched me carefully as she walked behind a statue, around a pillar, a drink at her bright red lips, but not touching them. Her blonde hair pulled back in a sophisticted twirl. I wanted to devour her then and there. She came close to me.
"Meet me in the lobby." She whispered. Rosalie was her name.

Kellan! Is in this picture! Vipidee doo da! So's Robert and Taylor.. they're okay too... right? *walks off into the distance* Right?! Helloooo? Kellan is beautiful!And I shall see him on the big screen in nearly 72 days!

Alice in Wonderland

So this is the banner that just took me about an hour and a half to make. It's still a bit rough, but you know what? I don't care! :) I hope it's kind of mysterious in its way. So, tell me what you think, so I know you guys' opinions.
I have a class in half an hour, but when I get back, I'm writing some more. I have half a chapter for 'Back from the Past' finished, as well as half for 'The List'. I may even get to 'Who We Are.' as well. We shall see.

Monday, September 8, 2008

True to Tru Blood

I've suddenly become.. that fan of True Blood. I don't have HBO and was forced to watch it on youtube. I know! And there were missing scenes.

I can't believe I haven't heard of the books before. I think there's something wrong with me! I mean, me and vampires go together like cheese and wine, Sean and Penn.... I usually know about awesome series' like this.

So as soon as.. humanly.. possible, I am going to go out and buy the books written by Charlaine Harris. And will most likely start writing fanfiction about them too. Aww.. sigh.

Anyone else catch it on HBO... or is willing to record it for me? hmm? that would be triple amazing.

In the not-too-distant future, vampires have come out of the coffin. Thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood, vampires no longer need humans for their fix and can walk freely, if not yet comfortably, among their living counterparts – though they can still come out only at night.
Meanwhile, in the backwoods Louisiana town of Bon Temps, Sookie Stackhouse works as a waitress at the down-home bar Merlotte’s. Though outwardly normal, she has unusual qualities of her own: Sookie can read minds, which complicates her world in endless ways. But Sookie’s life becomes a lot more interesting when Merlotte’s gets its first vampire patron – the 173-year-old Bill Compton – and the two outsiders are immediately drawn to each other.

Also, a very amazing and totally sexy actor plays in this show (Okay, there's three, but this one is essential!) His name is Ryan Kwanten. You might know him as .. that brother on Flicka, or as Jack from Merlin's Apprentice (Amazing movie by the way). I know him as... Oh God.. Yup. Here he is with his faux-family.
Look forward to my weekly ramblings about this new show. :) You can always join in. Who do you choose: Sam or Bill? I choose Sam... for now.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday.... is spent at home

Yes, I am back in Cornwall for the weekend. I decided, on a split decision, that I was going to hop onto a bus, transer onto the subway, and then take a 3 and a half hour train ride home. From Toronto. I shouldn't have done so. I should have waited until next weekend so I could be with my friend Shaylene who was also coming down for the weekend. Oh well. I really missed home, so I decided to come. I didn't even tell my roommate. haha.

So I started a new story about Alice (followed by cheers). I had wanted to do so for so long that I decided there is no time like the present. Go read it, I swear it will get more enduring as the story goes on. I plan on making a banner for it soon, but if anyone would like to make an Alice-inspired banner, I would greedily take it off your hands.

I'm not going to make any swearing promises for chapters, because I have a knack for not getting it in on time. Have you noticed? What I will say is that my next chapter will be for "Back From the Past" and it will not be a long wait. MmmKay? Savy? :)
As of now, I am reading "Jane Eyre" for one of my classes. Geez Louise, tell me why I had not picked it up sooner?! It is so amazing! Anyone else like it?
Mr.Rochester's name is Edward... giggle.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Is here...

Hey everyone. So I posted an Epilogue to She Crashed Life with a Broken Heart. If you're thinking of asking me to do a sequel, go ahead. But, it most likely won't happen. I have so many stories I want to start, and so many to finish, that this one will be hard to continue. I do hope you enjoyed the journey of it though.
Some news:

If you are a fan of our Esme, also known as Elizabeth Reaser, she will be starring in a new television show called The Ex-List. " Flower-shop owner Bella (Elizabeth) re-examines her past relationships after a psychic tells her she's already met her future husband, but will be alone forever if she doesn't marry him within the year. " Sound interesting doesn't it? It starts on October 3rd, so keep an eye out. Maybe the special someone will be a handsome blonde surgeon?.. The title of the show is thus because she goes on a journey of all her ex-boyfriends to see if they are that someone.

Here's a picture of Jacob and Billy from the Hollywood Reporter. Thanks Hisgoldeneyes for that.

Twilight, as well as a new vampire television show, True Blood, was on Entertainment Tonight yesterday. To see the youtube video for it, click here.

And just a heads up that I am about to post a chapter for The List. Some of you enjoy that story. I know I do, but whatever. :) But I encourage those who have passed it to read it. Tonight will be an addition to my story Back From the Past as well. See you guys later.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Morning Nonsense

Hey guys. There's not that much Twilight news so far this morning that I am seriously excited about. Kristen will be at the MTV Music Video Awards. That's going to pretty awesome. This is all happening September 7th at 9 o'clock.

MTV has also put up their new Twilight quiz with questions made by you. I got 8.583 the first time around. What's your score?

Who watched 90210 last night. Kellan was amazing as I knew he would be. Maybe he will be like the character who is misjudged at the beginning because of something with his family, and then he becomes nice... Kind of like the Nathan Scott of Beverly Hills. He totally cheated on me with that blonde chick! I'm all aghast! Haha.

I'm writing right now! So stayed tuned :) So who else has the InTouch pages ripped out and pasted to the wall? Kellan, I love you!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Twilight Tuesday!

Today is Tuesday, which may relate to Twilight if you've been following MTV.. Today was an interview with our very own favorite director, Catherine Hardwick. We found out two amazing things in this interview.

1. The Port Angeles scene will be in the movie! Yay! Edward saves Bella from a group of crazy predators, keep it coming!

2. Catherine gave Robert and Kristen full out permission in the make out sessions...

MTV: The last question is a big one: When Edward and Bella kiss, is it a French kiss? Many of the fans feel that there needs to be tongue action.
Hardwicke: I agree! Everybody needs tongue action, believe me. And we put no restrictions on the actors; I did not have a camera inside their mouth, but I would believe there was a little tongue action from the passionate way they've kissed. But maybe we should put a little camera, a little lipstick camera, into their mouths. That would be a good idea.

Now who doesn't want to see some of that.

Stephenie Meyer also filled us in a bit on her site with some FAQ on Breaking Dawn. On Edward being able to father children:

Vampires are physically similar enough to their human origins to pass as humans under some circumstances (like cloudy days). There are many basic differences. They appear to have skin like ours, albeit very fair skin. The skin serves the same general purpose of protecting the body. However, the cells that make up their skin are not pliant like our cells, they are hard and reflective like crystal. A fluid similar to the venom in their mouths works as a lubricant between the cells, which makes movement possible (note: this fluid is very flammable). A fluid similar to the same venom lubricates their eyes so that their eyes can move easily in their sockets. (However, they don't produce tears because tears exist to protect the eye from damage, and nothing is going to be able to scratch a vampire's eye.) The lubricant-venom in the eyes and skin is not able to infect a human the way saliva-venom can. Similarly, throughout the vampire's body are many versions of venom-based fluids that retain a marked resemblance to the fluid that was replaced, and function in much the same way and toward the same purpose. Though there is no venom replacement that works precisely like blood, many of the functions of blood are carried on in some form. Also, the nervous system runs in a slightly different but heightened way. Some involuntary reactions, like breathing, continue (in that specific example because vampires use the scents in the air much more than we do, rather than out of a need for oxygen). Other involuntary reactions, like blinking, don't exist because there is no purpose for them. The normal reactions of arousal are still present in vampires, made possible by venom-related fluids that cause tissues to react similarly as they do to an influx of blood. Like with vampire skin—which looks similar to human skin and has the same basic function—fluids closely related to seminal fluids still exist in male vampires, which carry genetic information and are capable of bonding with a human ovum. This was not a known fact in the vampire world (outside of Joham's personal experimenting) before Nessie, because it's nearly impossible for a vampire to be that near a human and not kill her.

I dare to find that interesting. :) There also some information on Marcus' wife and how Aro killed his own sister! Yikes!

The playlist for Midnight Sun is also up. I feel sorry whenever I hear her talking about the book. I mean it looks as if she's trying not to act like something completely horrible has happened, trying to just let it pass and get to other things, but you can see in her writing the toll that this has taken on her. I mean, these were her fans. Someone went and violated an author in one of the only ways one can be, and that's not easy to forgive and forget.

And the big news of the night! 90210 starts in almost half an hour, and if you've been keeping up at all with my love of Kellan Lutz, you would know that I really cannot wairt to see him in action tonight. Hopefully he lasts the whole season! Yay! Watch it a 8/7 C. And then tomorrow after you read my chapter, tell me what you think of the show. Sounds good?

So I've come up with a random name for the website... but I wnat some ideas from you! I may even make a contest out of it.. for prizes of course.

See you later!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Who We Are Ch.10

Hey guys. A bit late, but at least it's not a week. :)
I pulled away and stared into my husbands eyes. He tried to smile, and I noticed the effort it took. But I could see in his eyes that he was just as scared as I was. One slow breath could calm my voice down enough to speak to him.
"Everything is going to be okay." I whispered. He slid his cheek against mine. He should have felt hair where it should me, seen my blush where it sould have come, but nothing was the same anymore.
"I know." He mumbled, his voice covered in tears. "Bella, I love you."
"I know." I whispered back, and I too could not keep my tears back.
"Don't you leave me." He said as he pulled back, and it was me who pushed away his tears. I nodded. "Now go get better." This was his permission for the nurses to wheel away my bed into the OR. Or my death, as I knew it would be.
I'm going to be making a website devoted to aspired writers. Kind of a place where you can go to talk to other people who want to become writers. These people can be fanfiction authors. Such as myself. And I wanted to get it far enough that actual authors will create accounts, and then you would be able to chat with them and ask them questions, ect.Basically I hope to make a community for readers and writers to just give and take advice. That's where it's going to start anyway. So I think it needs a bit more, and I was wondering if anyone would like to help me out. Give me ideas ect. I'm going to need volunteers who are experts at html, web design, graphics and so on. Or I just need plain old people who just want to help keep the site up and going once it starts.This isn't going to happen over night, but the more people the better.So what do you think of my idea, and is anyone willing to help me plan? That's all I need. People who are willing to devote some of their spare time and skills to helping. Because I am not good at all this computer business such as creating the actual website. And I don't want to be jipped by the big people.
contact me at: jedi_gurl2005AThotmailDOTCOM. :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hello to you all.

Hello my readers.
It has been one... interesting week for me. I am so terribly sorry that I have not posted the chapter for Who We Are. I will have it up tomorrow. Promise. I've just been so busy with my frosh week at university, that I have had no time to write.
To my Canadian readers, I was in the audience of MuchOnDemand yesterday... If you watched it or want to... You will most likely see me. Why? Because I was constantly right behind the hosts. They are so nice. And it's fun cheering on cue and waiting patiently during commercials. Ah, live televison.. doesn't get any better.
I bought a funky 80's dress from the black market downtown Toronto. It smells 80's too. I must do something about that.

I was incined to go to Wonderland today, but took the whole day to read. This was something I had to do, so don't go complaining that I should have wrote instead. Lol. I read Girl, Interrupted amd half of Life of Pi ahead of time before classes start. Just so I can get ahead. I love to read.

And... I am half way through Midnight Sun. Don't call me a cheater, please. It's just that she left the link and I have no idea when the book will actually be published. But, this version is really good, and I am really angry that it was leaked. It would have been so much better on solid paper in my hands. I do feel extreme sympathy for Stephenie. Why would anyone do such a thing is beyond my own thoughts.

Is anyone else reading it?

My dorm is pretty nice. I like it. The room is big. The people here are amazing. The guys are good looking. There's even a guy that looks like Kellan Lutz, although he does not remind me of Emmett, and he looks like he's full of himself. All the same. Eye Candy. Kellan is much more better looking though. Let's not forget.

So I didn't get my fan review in on time. Unless I write it tomorrow as well. I have no idea if I could. Novel Novice is also doing a fanfiction contest, which is due tomorrow I believe. Write a scen from Breaking Dawn from someone else's perspective. Thier prizes are pretty awesome too.

I am so full on chocolate and Dr. Pepper right now... and oddly watching Denise the Menace. Haha

So, I'll see you guys tomorrow, and I still would like ideas for my future site. Share.

Peace. Love. Edward.

bellaandedward.com: kilig is a word that describes how you feel when you see for example a romantic movie, or better yet, when you read the giddy/romantic moments of Bella and Edward.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back from the Past Ch.7

I hope you enjoyed that chapter. It was short-er... than some of the other ones... but... what can you do? hmm? :)
Chapter 7
Edward winked at Bella as he walked off the stage and stood beside his brother, the tall muscular one. The one called Emmett. Bella thought that MAYBE she would be attracted to him if Edward did not exist. She knew the truth now, and she was afraid of it. Because she had no idea what Edward would be capable of. What he Was capable off.
"You with us, Bella?" Alice asked. Bella turned and looked at her best friend.
"I'm.. yeah."
Alice grinned and patted her on the back. "I forgive you .. this time."

Friday, August 22, 2008


So I have the chapters for Back From the Past and Who We Are half way done. They're good too. I just posted a chapter for She Crashed Life. I have no idea if it will be the final one or not. So I leave tomorrow, and I don't know if I will be able to get any internet or not at the hotel. But the next day I'll be in my rez, and hopefully have my internet hooked up to post my chapter, which will be written by then.

watch this.

God sure gifted this child. ^

So here is my proposition for all of you. More people will be reading my blog after I post for "Who We Are" But Iwas thinking the people who come here regularly can have their opinions heard first, because you guys are so amazing.
I'm going to be making a website devoted to aspired writers. Kind of a place where you can go to talk to other people who want to become writers. These people can be fanfiction authors. Such as myself. And I wanted to get it far enough that actual authors will create accounts, and then you would be able to chat with them and ask them questions, ect.
Basically I hope to make a community for readers and writers to just give and take advice. That's where it's going to start anyway. So I think it needs a bit more, and I was wondering if anyone would like to help me out. Give me ideas ect. I'm going to need volunteers who are experts at html, web design, graphics and so on. Or I just need plain old people who just want to help keep the site up and going once it starts.
This isn't going to happen over night, but the more people the better.
So what do you think of my idea, and is anyone willing to help me plan? That's all I need. People who are willing to devote some of their spare time and skills to helping. Because I am not good at all this computer business such as creating the actual website. And I don't want to be jipped by the big people.
I'm going to be writing up a basic plan this weekend, but get back to me if you can. Email me at jedi_gurl2005_nabooAThotmailDOTcom or leave me a comment.
Until later,

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's ... Thursday.

I'm sad that I might miss 'Generation Kill' tonight. I don't want to miss my Kellan!

Yesterday I posted a chapter for 'Whispers of the Purple Eyes' and if I can finish a chapter for 'Who We Are' Within the next couple hours, I'll have that up as well. If not, I'll finish it and my chapter for 'Back From the Past' tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my last day at home. But I'm so excited to be on my own. Does anyone else have that same feeling, or had it when they went off to College or University? Or if you're still young, you can't wait to get out there to the real world. I thought I would be scared, but I'm not anymore. Haha. I just home I make some friends.

Tomorrow, come to my site, because I have a proposition for you guys. I'm planning on making an entire site... an actual one, not a blog, devoted to writers of fanfiction. A place to vent, if you know what I mean. Kind of like me, but a whole bunch of people. Let me know if any of you writers or readers would be interested in helping me out.

Talk to you all soon!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sorry to the TwilightArchives

I've tried three times already and I haven't been able to get the chapter onto Twilight Archives. I'm sorry for all my wonderful fans on the site. I'll try again later today. Promise. Until then, go fine the story at www.fanfiction.net/~lupsandtnks

You guys are so amazing and I thank you for that! :)
I love Jasper... :) And Emmett of course.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Who We Are Ch. 9

Hey guys! I haven't been posting much lately, and I'm sorry. But every day from today until Saturday, I will post a chapter for one of my stories. So tomorrow it will most likely be for "Whispers of the Purple Eyes" or "The Final Choice" which one should I pick? Or would you rather have one for a different story?

So I hope you liked that last chapter, and here is a sneak peek!


I looked at her as if she were the centre of my universe, because she always was. And she always will be. It was going to be a month before the actual surgery took place. I was angry because the date was so far away. Wouldn't the chance of her surviving be higher if the surgery was now!
I loved her with all my heart, with all my being. And her feelings had changed. But I wanted her more than anything.
No. It wasn't going to work.
She hated me.
I guess I owed it to her to talk to her about the locker, about the diamonds. About my entire life being devoted to keeping my family happy.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Twilight night

Right now I am watching NCIS... the one with Micheal Welch with the dead mom. I was surprised to see it come on. He's such a cutie!
And at eleven, Generation Kill with the oh so sexy Kellan Lutz is on. Therefore it's a Twilight night. I didn't get a chapter up today :(. But I'm getting up early tomorrow morning to write. So hold in there.

Talk to you all later :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So I got it...

I was able to post it, the new chapter, on Twilight Archives. Thankfully. geez.
Uhm. Up to a few days ago, I did not like the Jonas Brothers. I mean, I never really listened to them, but I pictured them as posers. They are everywhere! In movies, on posters, on the cover of every magazine. I kind of grew sick of them. I really hated Camp Rock. No offence, but they could have done a better job to make it look more realistic.

But, anyway, a lot of their songs on the new album scream Twilight. But! That doesn't make me a fanatic. It just means I had a few extra dollars to spend on Itunes. :)

Still haven't had my pictures developed yet from the release party! hopefully soon.
A chapter for "Thank You" tomorrow. Oh... and Thank You God for this picture.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back from the Past Ch. 6

All TwilightArchive people. I just can't get onto the site right now. It keeps saying its not connected. I swear, if they don't fix their server soon, I'm just going to give up! I can't take it! Seriously.. I'll try again tomorrow morning. For those of you checking up here, read my story at fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4395850/5/
So... I posted a new chapter, and before I go into all the nonsense talk of my love for Twilight, I will post the sneak peek. Yay!
Ch. 6
And the main point of Emmett's existence was to be the one to woe the opposite sex into his implications. Now, it was different. Completely unawares, this woman had him strung around his finger like a ring. He hoped to the Lord that there would be no ring appearing on his side any time soon. He did wish for it though, only AFTER Edward was the one to make the first move. He wasn't sure how much longer he was going to be able to hold this one for, but he was going to try.
So. Watch this video.

Now here's my rant for the evening. So, after reading Breaking Dawn for the third time, I really don't like what Jacob turns into. How could you just FORGET about who you love. It makes no sense. And this goes for Bella and Jacob. Not that I wanted them together or anything, but still.
I've come up with a theory about the whole Bella forgeting her feelings for Jacob and vis a' vis.
Okay, Jacob loved Bella. Bella had strange feelings towards him.
Renesmee was always a part of Bella before she was even concieved. She was still there, waiting. Like her soul was deep down. And that was the part of her that Jacob loved. So Jacob loved Bella, but he loved her because she had a part of Nessie within her. That's why he didn't imprint on Bella, because he didn't have the whole. I have no idea if I'm making sense.
Jacob loved Bella like Same loved Leah. It was just love. But he did imprint on Renesmee because he loved Bella so much.
Bella loved Jacob to her extent because she had Renesmee still within her, and once Nessie was born, Bella's feelings of love towards Jacob vanished too. It was all about Renesmee.
So does my theory sound hokey? Tell me your ideas on this subject.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who We Are Ch. 8

Hey guys! It's been a while hasn't it. I know. Crazy. I have no idea how much writing I am going to get done from here on out. My life has taken a turn. Everything is about preparation for school. And then I'll actually HAVE school. Yikes! This weekend I'm going on a trip to the island fesitval so I have no idea if I can write.. but I'll bring my laptop to get my free internet in the hotels. Just finished watching 'Generation Kill'... LOVE Kellan as a soldier. A man in uniform. sigh.

Chapter 8
I let my gaze travel over my husband as he stood at the door to my hospital room.
"Hi." I whispered timidly. He smiled courageously.
"Am I going to die?" I whispered, choking on my tears.
"God, I hope not." He murmured, coming into the room. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sobbed.
"I don't want to die..." I whispered as he kissed away the tears from my cheeks.
"I'm sorry." Edward whispered. "For before. For the past two years. For all of it. I'm sorry."
I took in a deep breath.
"I know." I murmured, letting go of him.

Shout out from Kellan! And an interview here

I love working on the new 90210. I’m a big fan of the original. This is one of my most favorite projects to be working on because I’m working with great actors and a lot of them are my friends. It’s so much fun.The writers of the show are so brilliant! There are some juicy story lines. The show is going to be awesome and I’m happy I am able to be part of it. The show itself is iconic. In the new 90210 I play the cocky rich Lacrosse star. It’s a show not to be missed.

I won't miss it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn was AMAZING!

Who agrees? Hmm? I finished it last night at say around 3 AM. I went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth last night, so it made me put it down. I would have had it done Saturday if I wasn't so busy this weekend. Don't worry, I'm not going to post any spoilers on here. But for those who HAVE finished it, do you think I should write a fanfiction story that's say ... hmmm... 6 and a half years later? What do you think?


And for those of you who understand, can you agree that yes it is every fanfiction come true? I mean, I have read so many fanfiction stories that are like Breaking Dawn, but I never believed that Stephenie would actually make this her final story. It took me completely by surprise when I found out. I literally had to put the book down and rock back and forth for a good five minutes before I could start reading again. I had to do this plenty of times while reading. Especially at a certain page 360. Didn't see that coming AT all. Although I should have.

NovelNovice is having a fanreview contest. I'm entering.

So, a breakdown of my release party night. I did get my dress done on time and I will post it on my site once I get my pictures developed and scanned. So many strangers took pictures of me. "Can I take a picture of your dress?" Over and over. Haha. Never had I had so much attention! People were coming up to me and touching me and giving me praise on my wonderful creativity. There was an older fan who said she loved the picture of Esme I had on there. Her daughter was like "There's me!" and pointing at Nikki Reed's picture on me. Haha.

We had The Jacob and The Edward themed drinks. The Edward one was kind of disgusting..

There was a line up down thew block for this book. I took a picture of that too. And these men had telescopes outside and showed us Jupiter up close. That was pretty cool.

All in all I wish I could have gone south to New York, but I did have fun anyway.

Stephenie Meyer's new playlist has a lot of repeats from other playlists on it, but it's still good.

So people, comment PLEASE on what you thought of Breaking Dawn! I need to release all my thoughts. Email me if you want! I would go on forums and talk, but sometimes it gets so busy and it gives me a headache with all the people. They ignore me anyway. :(

I will be posting a chapter for either "Who We Are" or "Back from the Past" tonight! I haven't decided yet. Which would you rather have?


~Kim, LupsandTnks

Friday, August 1, 2008

Today is the DAy!

So. I was up until 3 o'clock in the morning with my buddy Alyce making my dress. Still not done yet. That glue better dry soon! Argh!
I'm sorry that I didn't post a chapter yesterday. I was just sooo super busy. Tonight is the night! I have half an hour to shower and get dressed for my masquerade! I don't get my book until 830 am tomorrow. But this is good! I get to actually go! I hope I win something, and I'll post pictures of my dress tomorrow. Anywho, Enjoy Breaking Dawn!

Woo Hoo!!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

TOMORROW... at midnight

So I just made plans yesterday to go to the book release party. I mean, I was going to, and then I found out I didn't have enough money for a hotel. But now my friend is proposing that her father will drive us up to Ottawa an back! Yay! So I gotta make my dress in time. And I don't get my book until 8:30 in the morning on Saturday. But just going to the party is good enough. As long as some ex-twilighter yells out the end before I can get home tomorrow night. Cross your fingers.

So a chapter for... something today. Lol. When I sit down to write, the story will pop out. So I have no idea which one I'm going to write for. But look forward to something, Mmmkay?

Today's quote is my favorite this week! Lol....

"Jacob: "I’ll kill you myself! I’ll do it now!"

Ah! I think he's talking to Edward... Oooo.

Okay. I'm rereading the series before Breaking Dawn and I think I saw some foreshadowing in New Moon! Laurent and Bella meet in the meadow and Bella asks him how she likes Tanya from Denali, because she's trying to distract him from EATING her. But he says: (pg 239) "I like Tanya very much" he mused. "And her sister Irina even more... I've never stayed in one place for so long before, and I enjoy the advantages, the novelty of it." So... Do you think Irina was his mate and then when Laurent was killed by Sam Uley and the werewolves that Irina is going to want revenge? Huh?

Or was I just looking to much into it. Haha

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Breath Away!

So... Two days until the Big Finale! Ooh. I can hardly wait. I'm still reading New Moon now.

I posted a chapter for "She Crashed Life With A Broken Heart." Enjoy.

And that's about it for today!

Today's quote is from Carlisle:"I’ve seen vampire venom work miracles, but there are conditions that even venom cannot overcome.""

Anyone watch the new Harry Potter trailer released yesterday? I'm excited!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday... 3 days

(that's not how I pictured Charlie)
Yes! I know that its not that far off, but I really really don't want to be spoiled. So, starting now I am no longer going to read any reviews or comments on this site. Go ahead an review and comment, because I really do want to hear from you. It's just that I'm waiting until I have finished Breaking Dawn. I know you guys understand. Keep reviewing though, please!

And I'll still post up a couple chapters before Saturday, just no updates on the weekend.

If you are one of the people who have read the book early, please don't spoil it for anyone else. That's not being a true Twilighter. Remember that.

Anyway. Thanks for voting for the Country Twilight Song contest. It's doing really well, better than expected. So far Big & Rich are in the lead.... that would be a Breaking Dawn song. I think it completely defines it. Though I have not read it. But we can all tell that the wedding is going to take place. Obviously. Jake can cry on my shoulder.
Twilight Tuesday was amusing.

I've decided to read the series before the weekend. Im at the beginning of New Moon. I read Twilight yesterday. Do you think I'll finish them? Hmm?


So there's this TV show based on a series of books. Has anyone read the Heartland series? I read them back when I was in middle school. They are completely amazing. Tyler Borden was my first book crush. The show just finished their first season, and season two premieres on Oct. 5. I'll be at university then, but hopefully they'll show it on plain old cable.

The show is filmed in my hometown of High River Alberta. I grew up there. It's an amazing town just about half an hour south of Calgary.
It's a show full of romantic tension and horse shows. Completely amazing.
Here's a bit of a summary:

Heartland is a sprawling family saga that follows sisters Amy and Lou Fleming, their grandfather Jack, and the newly arrived Ty Borden through the ups and downs and highs and lows that follow the death of Marion Fleming.
Heartland will struggle from near bankruptcy to paying for itself. During these struggles, Amy's relationship with her sister Lou will grow closer as they both try and reconcile with their estranged father, Tim.
As Amy starts to become more comfortable with the fact that she possesses her mother's skill to help injured horses, the bond between her and Spartan grows stronger. Amy knows Spartan can once again be the powerful jumper he once was.Ty's past haunts him, but he tries to overcome it and, with Amy's help, learn to heal the horses of Heartland.
Scott Cardinal, the local vet and old friend of Lou's, and Mallory Wells, a local girl who's almost part of the family, also play a major role in the daily life of Heartland and the Fleming family.

got anything to recommend to me or other Twilight fans? Drop me a line at jedi_gurl2005_naboo@hotmail.com
I want to hear from you!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Who We Are Ch.7


I posted a new chapter. Yay! It's pretty depressing, and I bet you wanna know what happens next, huh?

Chapter 7
Esme rushed out of the room and threw herself into her husband's arms.
"This doesn't make sense. How could this happen?" She cried. "I always thought..."
"It was I who should have known." Carlisle murmured sadly.
"Niether of you should be blaming anyone but me." Edward said, coming around the corner, his arms crossed tightly. Esme pulled away from her husband and reached her hand out to her son.
"Edward.." She whispered.
"I just want to be left alone. Will you take the twins with you tonight?"
"Of course. Maybe we should call Alice or ... "
"No. It's better if nothing is out." Edward's eyes tightened, and he left the way he had come. Esme began to sob.

Vote on the side!

I suppose you could consider it Monday...

So my poll that was recently closed came up with mixed results. Obviously most of you agree with me and would choose to meet Kellan over anyone else. It's not just his looks though! That's only part of it. It's the way he talks and acts. The way he relates himself as a fan and actually talks to them, plays tic-tac-toe with them. He jokes all the time. In every interview I had read with him, I come away eager to see this movie. He is amazing. Just to talk to him and ask him my undying questions-- about his character, about his feelings towards "Generation Kill" and just to ask him why he loves gummy bears so much-- would be amazing.

I thought Jasper would be my favorite character, because he was the mysterious one. The one couldn't control himself, but chose to stay with Alice because he loved her so much. But my views have changed. Yes, Jackson is awesome as well, but Emmett has shined through Kellan. Literally, I see him. I do. So my Cullen of choice went from Jasper to Emmett.

Don't tell my friend though, because she called him long ago. Haha back in 10th grade we chose who was our favorite and no one else could have them. I had chosen two because I'm greedy; Jasper and Carlisle. Caitlynn had chosen Emmett. It was hilarious because by the time my friend Amanda read it, there was no one for her to have. We kept telling her she could have Mike Newton. Her face would always go green after that. She chose Edward of course and made me swear not to tell Caitlynn. Because Edward was said to be mutual among all of us; he's the instant choice.

So I secretly stole Emmett away. ^_* shh. Same with Jacob. Now that I have seen Taylor, I have changed from Team Edward to Team Switzerland. I love Taylor. He's just so.... Jacob. Jacob was "called" by my friend Shaylene. She has no idea that I stole him too. Geez, I'm making myself out to be some "me mine mine" girl. I kind of am. I see a male lead in any book or movie and he's instantly mine. And I'm always the one to read the book first, whatever that book may be, so I steal the character before any of my friends can take dibs. Like now with 'City of Bones'-- that book surprised me by far. I felt like gagging in the end-- I dib Jace.

Does anyone else do that with thier friends; take dibs on characters? Or are we just crazy Canadians?

All this came on from one Kellan Lutz interview. Interviewed by a very lucky girl. Gosh I wish I had been in her place. Read it here.

Today's quote is oddly from Jasper: “I can’t understand. I can’t bear this.”
5 days.

After I sleep, I am going to write a chapter for "Who We Are". ALL YOU PEOPLE GO READ "BACK FROM THE PAST". No one's reading it, and I love it so much more that 'What We Become".

I have started the poll for the Twilight Country Song, so go vote. And if you hate country, don't listen to the music, listen to the lyrics. It's a whole different thing. Hear me out, okay?
Or look up the lyrics online and read them. Mmmm Kay?
Good-bye for now my pets.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back from the Past Ch.5

Did you like it? hmm?

Chapter 5

Bella rolled her eyes and shifted to the left, but he moved too.
"Move please." Bella whispered. Edward lifted his eyebrows, but said nothing.
"Because you want to, or is it because Mr. Ford is waiting for you?" He asked Bella. She shifted her weight to her other foot.
"Do you have some sort of issue with James?"
"Why would you ask that?"
Bella huffed. "You're... never mind. Please would you kindly step aside?"
"By all means."

Is it Saturday Already?!?

Today I was supposed to be at a fundraiser washing cars.... but I didn't go. I was half asleep and woke up at noon. Oops.
And I've been reading this AMAZING book all day. It's called "City of Bones." Has anyone read it?
I actually have a chapter for "Back from the Past" almost done. I have about 700 words. But it's really bland. If that makes sense. I'm trying to write it, and its not coming out all wonderful. So, I will be posting it 99% sure tonight. I just have to tear myself away from my book and my novel. But I SHALL! I'm quite sure....

Today's quote is our first quote from a werewolf! Yay! And my favorite leader of the pack as well (Although I'm pretty sure in Breaking Dawn he's most likely going to give his position to Jacob so he can grow old with Emily. MY THEORY!)

Sam: "This is not something our treaty anticipated. This is a danger to every human in the area."
Of course we can probably guess what it means. :)The treaty between vampire and werewolf must be broken!
So... More tonight.

p.S Anyone catch all the comiccon stuff? Woah. It was hard for me to keep up with it all.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank Edward it's Friday

Edward: "You look so guilty-- like you've commited a crime."

All of the comic-con stuff online is crazy! It's all so amazing! Robert fell off Bella's bed in a kissing scene, he also wrote THREE songs on the soundtrack, and he had for auditions a scene IN BED WITH KRISTEN... and Catherine...
Last night I must've read over a dozen right ups about the event. Listen to interviews here. There is so much more over at the lexicon and hisgoldeneyes!

Today is Mike Welch's Birthday! My favorite human is 21 years old! *Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!*

A chapter for "Back from the Past" will be seen in about three or four hours. So hang in there.

So anyone else completely awe struck at all the comic-con stuff? Anyone else angry that they never got to see the completed scene?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday...8 more days

So... maybe a chapter for "Back from the Past" later today.

Quote of the day: Rosalie: "Over my pile of ashes". LOVE IT! Especially coming from her. She won't take shit from no one, haha.

EW on Monday will be telling us something that happens in Breaking Dawn! With Stephenie's permission of course... Ooooo... I don't know if I want to see it or not. Yikes.

Up top is a picture of the new trading cards.. some of many to come out in November.