Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20th

  So we have come to the final days before I no longer have to sit with my laptop slightly raised in the air so it won't over heat. No more hanging out alone in my dorm room watching old episodes of LOST and twittering to followers who only followed me in hopes of getting a followback. Yes, I am talking about finishing exams, leaving school, going home. And.. doing everything I just said six hours away from here. But, hey, I'm gonna try and find a job this summer so that I can make enough money to have a half decent laptop, half decent clothes, and oh yeah rent for next year!
  No worries though, because I will still be the girl who writes the fanfiction in her spare time. But will also be working on that novel that still needs to be finished, and you never know what else. The summer is a mystery, but hopefully it will be a bit cooler than it is now. Probably not. But I love to be busy, so maybe I'll lose some weight this summer being so active Haha.

  So the first ever official poster for New Moon is out! Aren't you all so excited for November. I know I am.  Jacob, here I come. No,no I will not forget about Kellan. My love.
I have yet to watch the last two episodes of 90210. I've been busy with exams! So no one ruin it for me. Right now I am watching American Idol and Fringe and LOST at the exact same time! Well aren't I the multitasker...

Off now, I am much to hot and tired to type about nonsense no one will read anyway. Haha. ;)
Chapter for Tokyo Battle coming next, thanks to the lovely Caitlynn!