Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day... well it was.. I don't think it's Wednesday anymore. Haha.
Uhmm.. interesting things that happened to me today: found out Green Day is coming out with a new album, and I love thier new single.
Went crazy trying to see my financial advisor in order to get more money.. hopefully everything works out soon.
Going to see Cassandra Clare on Sunday! Yes, I know! She wrote City of Bones in case you have no idea who she is (shame on you). Lily Allen was tonight. And very good.
Just posted a chapter for BackfromthePast.. next is going to be Thank You. I've gotten some new readers for that one, so it will be my next project.
I might not be around for a bit due to the next 4 weeks being stressed out completely. I mean, I have 3 ten page essays due the first week of May, plus a cultural critique. Then I have exams. It's all been condensed due to the strike. I have twitter! so for all you people who have it, follow me and I will follow you!

Sexy Wolf pack above! Yumyum

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Moon Cast List

All I have to say is "About time!" I feel like they've been keeping me on a thread for weeks now. Yeesh. So Summit has released, kinda, the complete list (minus a few).
Dakota Fanning as Jane (She's grown on me, and I think she is going to do a splendid job in my opinion, but I could be wrong)
Cameron Bright as Alec. Finally a slight tie personally to the cast. I don't know him, but he is my best friend's cousin which is better than how ever million people who have no tie what so ever. I was so close to getting his siggy when he was i n X-Men 3, but Cait told me that his mom wouldn't let him sign a card for me because he didn't know me.... If actors knew everyone they were giving a siggy for, they wouldn't know thier lines! Ok, I'm not going to complain... But hey Cameron! You were finally asked to do a role and you're going to get what you want: Instant Fame. I'm sure you'll do a good job as well.
Charley Bewley as Demetri. Two words: Holy Shit. They sure got you sexy down pact.. but Demetri has lots of muscles (described as having more than Emmett..) so you better bulk up kid. haha. Nah, you're good the way you are. I mean, Kellan is perfect the way he is!
Daniel Cudmore as Felix. Felix has always been my favorite volturi member aside from Aro. That said, I have even placed him in my stories as a good guy--sort of-- for those who have read my older stories. Daniel is perfect. And he can pull off that sly smile that the character has! Mmm.. I want your half vampire child! 
Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius. I mean, I don't know how I sw Caius, but I did see him as having a more of a babyish face. Jamie does as well. Caius is the suck up, he is a subordinate and doesn't really speak his voice in the books, and think Jamie does a good job of pulling that aura off.
Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus: He looks kinda spooky like Marcus. and Mean too. Marcus was the one who really wanted to kill Renesmee (I add him later to my Finding the Moon story). Nice pick to Summit.
Michael Sheen as Aro. I don't know about you guys, but I saw Aro as having a little round head. haha. And Sheen pulls it off. I mean, look at him. He just screams 'Aro!'. He has that air of kindness about him-- a person who truly wants to do the right thing for the vampires and be good to them as well -- but he also has the condendency of getting mean if he has to. This is Aro by far!
Noot Seear as Hiedi: I sure hope they don't go overboard with this role, because she is only seen once in the entire series, and I don't think has any lines either (correct me if I'm wrong). I didn't even get a chance to picture the perfect Heidi in my head before I never saw her again. I was hoping for Annalynn McCord to play her. But maybe it's for the better. Because she's Kellan's girlfriend and everything and Emmett needs to want Rosalie and not wanna-be blonde goddess. 
Graham Greene as Harry Clearwater. I wish he had a bigger role! I love this actor so much! I pictured Harry as the same age as Charlie pretty much, but I think Greene will be fine.
Tinsel Korey as Emily: She's so beautiful! I wonder how they are gonna do make-up for the scar. 

I'm posting a chapter for Finding the Moon tonight.. and If I can't finish it, then I will do one of my soldier stories. until then... my love to you all!