Thursday, January 8, 2009

Into January we are...

I have gone into a state of remission.... maybe I have become extremely lazy, or my mind will not surrender. Either way, you may have noticed my lack of chapter updates. Don't worry, I give myself a Gibbsslap every time I think of all the people awaiting. Uhmm.. as of the moment I have one chapter for Thank You in the pending stages. I have been working on it little by little as I get the motive to work on it. Other than that, I have had a special request for a chapter for my Tokyo story, so that one will be coming along as well.
Yay Taylor Lautner is still playing Jacob in New Moon. I'm so proud of that little guy!
In case anyone cares, my school is still on strike. That's right. It's been over two months! Ah! Please God let it stop! I need to have school. My life is only so short and it's being wasted on watching the History channel all day! I could be living it in Toronto. I feel like my sister and brother right now. aka. GOING NOWHERE IN LIFE. not that I don't love them or anything, but yeah. It's true. I can only party for so long until I go crazy. Especially when I party by myself. All my friends are at college. Oh, and my idea of a party is sitting in the living room drinking Coke (not that diet stuff) and reading novels. All my novels I have been reading lately were assigned for my classes at the beginning of the year. But some of them ARE so not interesting.. Or only a littlei nteresting.. comsuming my energy for only a short while. Has anyone read Germinal my Emile Zola? I'm in the middle of it now for my history class. Interesting.. but unable to keep my attention like my other novels. Aka Twilight.
I'm going back to my residence in Toronto on Sunday no matter if the strike is over or not. Hopefully my family can count enough pennies to find gas money. Seriously, this economic downfall has taken a chunk out of our family. Shape up gov't! Before long.. well I'm not even going to say it.
I think I'm gaining weight from sitting around all day... that was random.
So yeah, I'm going to try and write more often, but I have a lot of readings to catch up on to get caught up with where our classes are supposed to be. Meh.
Talk to you soon. Check out my youtube videos.

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