Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is my apology

I am sooo sorry for not updating sooner. I know I have probably infuriated a few of you.
It's been crazy. My school went on strike, and I went home. AFTER meeting Maria V Snyder (I had to walk 3 hours home down Yonge street followed by peddlers). My laptop will not connect to the internet for some infathomable reason here at home. And the hosue computer just doesn't have the software for writing. That's no excuse. I have been lazy.
Partying and the like. Sorry!
I have turned a new leaf! Writing more! But, of school starts Monday again then it sucks haha. But I WILL post the epilogue, which is written and ready to go on my laptop.. tomorrow. And I will find time to post up a chapter for another story. Don't forget that tomorrow is the release of Twilight and I might be to excited to sit down and write. Althougyh, you guys will be too excited to sit down and read. Haha.
You guys are so amazing, please don't hate me.

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