Saturday, November 22, 2008

My views on Twilight



Okay, now that I have that out of the way, HELLO.
This is what I wrote on TwilightGuy's comment page:
LOVED Emmett and the knife. Charlie and the Gun. Eric and the Worm. LOVED Mike doing his jig at the window. And I liked when Tyler was trying to apologize to Bella in the hospital and Charlie eventually swung the curtain closed.
Do you think she likes Italian food? Emmett: Her name is Bella.
I love Emmett and I truly believe that Kellan played the part to perfection. They just should have shown more of him, but I’m biased because I love him so much. Haha
I noticed the lap top too. When she pulled it out I gasped, and my friend Caitlynn beside me patted my shoulder and said “It’s okay, Kimmy. It’s okay.”
There were many parts that were different, but I loved how they changed it. If it was point to point the same then I think it wouldn’t have been as grasping as it is now. Like, I could complain forever about what they didn’t keep the same (the cast was to small, she wasn’t hurt as badly. lap-top, no Cullens at prom.. etc..) But I truly did like the movie. I LOVED IT. I have been waiting over four years to see this movie in action, and I really did like it.Nikki as Rosalie was wonderful. Ashley and Jackson had amazing chemistry, especially when they grapsed hands in the car.What I didn’t understand was how Bella got to the ballet studio. It was too quick. There was no going to her house first etc. And I doubt she could have gotten past Alice and Jasper that easily. Alice would have “seen” something or they could have just smelt her. And Edward appeared too quickly before James could confess about Alice.Against most of the others in the comments, I liked the meadow glittery skin. It was a good way to acknowledge that he was beautiful and unhuman. And how she walked past him like that and into the woods, I shook and could just hear Edward saying “Oh no… she knows.”
It would have been hard for a non reader to love it as much as we did. With Robert’s wolf reference at the end and such. But these viewers leave the theatre knowing that it’s not over. Victoria and her teary eyes are coming for you Bella! I’m so glad Rachelle is from Canada like me. And she’s so amazing at her role.I could talk about sooo much more, but I need to see it a second.. third… fourth time for it to really become instilled in my mind. Haha.
I’m going to leave on a funny note.Edward: I can read every mind in this room. See, [points to individuals] money, sex ….sex… money.. sex… cat. [show image of a biker guy with a dreamy smile on his face].
They should have said I love you more.
Should have kissed more.
More Jasper and his talk with Bella.
Bella's aversion to blood! Like HELLO!
All in all 9/10. hehehe

What did you guys think?

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Caitie said...

ok i loved loved loved loved LOVED the movie! It was amazing! I loooove Emmet, he wa amazing, one of my favorite lines were Bella-"Everyone's staring you know." edward-"No that guys not-oops he just looked" I cracked up. I loved james. he was awesome, but no cullens at prom? sad. And Alice not getting her story in? sad. lurant, was amazing he was fuuny. I liked Charlie and the gun part too, that was funning. And i liked how ALice and Jasper made thier entreance at the cullens house when bella first got there. and esme, she was great. carlise the best. edward oooohhh, and jacob jacob! I DIDN'T like the guy who played sam though. what about you? sorry i none of this made sense i just saw the movie for hte third time hehee. twilight frenzie here!