Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finding the Moon (Isn't that an amazing title)

Here's the banner for my new story now that Who We Are is finished.

Isn't it beautiful? I'm amazed with my work, I really am. This story is actually very complex, but it will be easier to understand I promise. Not your typical fanfiction happy ending love story. Mine actually has a plot. As all of mine usually do. I hope this one pulls you in just as much as What We Become did.
Speaking of What We Become and Who We Are, I am not going to be posting a third installment for Who We Are at the moment. For now it is finished. I may start it up again some day, but I want to move on to other projects that will amaze you just as much.
Such as my Tokyo story and Back From the Past. My other stories aren't as popular with you guys for some reason! Haha. Go read them they are amazing. Tonight I am writing a much needed chapter for Thank You. Lots of people are getting edgy and demanding in that department. I've been spending too much time on Twilight. Someone slap me! How could I do such a thing?
I'm actually getting into my Maximum Ride story. People have been telling me that it seems Miggy at the moment. Sorry! I'm a sucker for Iggy, and I kind of want them together too. But in this story it is completely just brother/sister kind of stuff. I hope you all understand.

I also want to start a fanfiction for "City of Bones" series. Has anyone read them? They are amazing! I love Jace so much!

Also, I bought the first books of Night World tonight. Should I be excited to read them?

I might get my epilogue finished tonight too. I'm not doing any homework! All writing for fanfiction. I need to catch up. You guys all probably hate me by now for not updating as quickly as I used to. Sorry again!

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