Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back from the past Ch.8

I have posted chapter 8 to the awesome story. Sorry guys for not updating as soon as possible. I had midterms like crazY! I'm back.

So happy Halloween!! BooO... My favorite holiday! Yes! I'm going clubbing downtown Toronto tomorrow in my retro vintage 80's dress. Vampire me! woot! I just spent the past two hours dancing to Thriller! It's amazing how I still know the steps! I love myself.

I still have homework I need to do for tomorrow. Oops. :)

I hope you guys have an amazing Halloween! No need to watch out for vampires, because according to my favorite vampire show (guess?) they stay in on that night. Lucky us... not! I want a vampire. I'm A fangbanger. Haha

Any body doing anything awesome???

O.M.G only 20 more days until the long awaited movie comes out. Yay! Cheer with me everyone.. Yayayaya... Jack o' lantern pumpkin awaaaaaayyy!!!!!

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