Friday, October 10, 2008

Who We Are

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And now read this short one-shot between Edward and Bella! yay!
"Do you ever wonder if the stars can see us? That when you're alone and looking up, that you're really not alone?"
"God, I hope not."
"Because this would be like porn to them.." Edward answered. He had both his arms above my head and I was beneath him. He was soft and hard at the same time.
"How erotic would that be?" I laughed, wiggling beneath him until he could do nothing but moan and hold my tighter. He smiled into my cheek.
"This also gives new meaning to 'sex on the beach' as well." The vibrations of his voice on my neck. I slid my fingers up the plains of his back and grasped his shoulders.
"It does, doesn't it."
"Uh huh."
"Shouldn't we get back to the kids." His ear was just next to my lips. He shivered and caressed my cheek with his knuckes.
"Soon. They're safe. They have thier cousin to play with, and right now I want to play with you."
"Yes. So enjoy the ride, my love." He growled and I laughed, rollling over so I was on top. Slowly, I pulled off of him.
"No.. no.. no.. Uh.." He groaned as I slide down his legs. "Come back up here!"
"Why?" I asked, grinning.
"Because I said so, Darling."
"That's not good enough." I teased and then stood up on my feet. Edward reached out for me. "Uh uh.." I wagged my fingers at him. And then I turned around, racing to towards the water. I could hear him behind me laughing. I dove into the chilly ocean. He grabbed be around the waist from underwater, and we both hit the surface together.
"Love me?" I whispered into his lips, running my hands through his wet hair.
"Always and forever, love."
"haha. Very original."
"You know me."
"I do."
Right at this moment I am watching Kristen Stewart in 'Into the Wild' . Never seen it before, but it is reallly good so far! Has anyone else seen it? Oh and tell me what you though about my one shot there, okay?


Anonymous said...

Very Cute! = ]

Caitlin said...

very nice! I love into the wild it cried so badly when i saw it though. *sniff sniff* but it was filmed beautifully.