Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn was AMAZING!

Who agrees? Hmm? I finished it last night at say around 3 AM. I went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth last night, so it made me put it down. I would have had it done Saturday if I wasn't so busy this weekend. Don't worry, I'm not going to post any spoilers on here. But for those who HAVE finished it, do you think I should write a fanfiction story that's say ... hmmm... 6 and a half years later? What do you think?


And for those of you who understand, can you agree that yes it is every fanfiction come true? I mean, I have read so many fanfiction stories that are like Breaking Dawn, but I never believed that Stephenie would actually make this her final story. It took me completely by surprise when I found out. I literally had to put the book down and rock back and forth for a good five minutes before I could start reading again. I had to do this plenty of times while reading. Especially at a certain page 360. Didn't see that coming AT all. Although I should have.

NovelNovice is having a fanreview contest. I'm entering.

So, a breakdown of my release party night. I did get my dress done on time and I will post it on my site once I get my pictures developed and scanned. So many strangers took pictures of me. "Can I take a picture of your dress?" Over and over. Haha. Never had I had so much attention! People were coming up to me and touching me and giving me praise on my wonderful creativity. There was an older fan who said she loved the picture of Esme I had on there. Her daughter was like "There's me!" and pointing at Nikki Reed's picture on me. Haha.

We had The Jacob and The Edward themed drinks. The Edward one was kind of disgusting..

There was a line up down thew block for this book. I took a picture of that too. And these men had telescopes outside and showed us Jupiter up close. That was pretty cool.

All in all I wish I could have gone south to New York, but I did have fun anyway.

Stephenie Meyer's new playlist has a lot of repeats from other playlists on it, but it's still good.

So people, comment PLEASE on what you thought of Breaking Dawn! I need to release all my thoughts. Email me if you want! I would go on forums and talk, but sometimes it gets so busy and it gives me a headache with all the people. They ignore me anyway. :(

I will be posting a chapter for either "Who We Are" or "Back from the Past" tonight! I haven't decided yet. Which would you rather have?


~Kim, LupsandTnks


Anonymous said...

i had mixed feelings about BD, but it was all in all a good book, i guess. who we are, please.

Anonymous said...

BD was the BEST!! it had lots of twists :)


that grl said...

it wuz ok, i liked it but didn't love it like twilight. forbidden love should have been the only kind allowed between edward and bella. it wuz the only kind that really fit both of them. page 360 wuz the best twist EVER. although i didn't understand what it even meant until later, oh well, i got it when bella actually said it at least.