Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hello to you all.

Hello my readers.
It has been one... interesting week for me. I am so terribly sorry that I have not posted the chapter for Who We Are. I will have it up tomorrow. Promise. I've just been so busy with my frosh week at university, that I have had no time to write.
To my Canadian readers, I was in the audience of MuchOnDemand yesterday... If you watched it or want to... You will most likely see me. Why? Because I was constantly right behind the hosts. They are so nice. And it's fun cheering on cue and waiting patiently during commercials. Ah, live televison.. doesn't get any better.
I bought a funky 80's dress from the black market downtown Toronto. It smells 80's too. I must do something about that.

I was incined to go to Wonderland today, but took the whole day to read. This was something I had to do, so don't go complaining that I should have wrote instead. Lol. I read Girl, Interrupted amd half of Life of Pi ahead of time before classes start. Just so I can get ahead. I love to read.

And... I am half way through Midnight Sun. Don't call me a cheater, please. It's just that she left the link and I have no idea when the book will actually be published. But, this version is really good, and I am really angry that it was leaked. It would have been so much better on solid paper in my hands. I do feel extreme sympathy for Stephenie. Why would anyone do such a thing is beyond my own thoughts.

Is anyone else reading it?

My dorm is pretty nice. I like it. The room is big. The people here are amazing. The guys are good looking. There's even a guy that looks like Kellan Lutz, although he does not remind me of Emmett, and he looks like he's full of himself. All the same. Eye Candy. Kellan is much more better looking though. Let's not forget.

So I didn't get my fan review in on time. Unless I write it tomorrow as well. I have no idea if I could. Novel Novice is also doing a fanfiction contest, which is due tomorrow I believe. Write a scen from Breaking Dawn from someone else's perspective. Thier prizes are pretty awesome too.

I am so full on chocolate and Dr. Pepper right now... and oddly watching Denise the Menace. Haha

So, I'll see you guys tomorrow, and I still would like ideas for my future site. Share.

Peace. Love. Edward. kilig is a word that describes how you feel when you see for example a romantic movie, or better yet, when you read the giddy/romantic moments of Bella and Edward.

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