Friday, August 22, 2008


So I have the chapters for Back From the Past and Who We Are half way done. They're good too. I just posted a chapter for She Crashed Life. I have no idea if it will be the final one or not. So I leave tomorrow, and I don't know if I will be able to get any internet or not at the hotel. But the next day I'll be in my rez, and hopefully have my internet hooked up to post my chapter, which will be written by then.

watch this.

God sure gifted this child. ^

So here is my proposition for all of you. More people will be reading my blog after I post for "Who We Are" But Iwas thinking the people who come here regularly can have their opinions heard first, because you guys are so amazing.
I'm going to be making a website devoted to aspired writers. Kind of a place where you can go to talk to other people who want to become writers. These people can be fanfiction authors. Such as myself. And I wanted to get it far enough that actual authors will create accounts, and then you would be able to chat with them and ask them questions, ect.
Basically I hope to make a community for readers and writers to just give and take advice. That's where it's going to start anyway. So I think it needs a bit more, and I was wondering if anyone would like to help me out. Give me ideas ect. I'm going to need volunteers who are experts at html, web design, graphics and so on. Or I just need plain old people who just want to help keep the site up and going once it starts.
This isn't going to happen over night, but the more people the better.
So what do you think of my idea, and is anyone willing to help me plan? That's all I need. People who are willing to devote some of their spare time and skills to helping. Because I am not good at all this computer business such as creating the actual website. And I don't want to be jipped by the big people.
I'm going to be writing up a basic plan this weekend, but get back to me if you can. Email me at jedi_gurl2005_nabooAThotmailDOTcom or leave me a comment.
Until later,


Caitlin said...

i would love to help! i'm not good with all the html stuff or graphics, but i would really like to help keep the site running!


Anna said...

Please, please please let me help! I might know someone who can help with the graphics but I don't know how he is with the HTML. I can do it, but not well. Let me know how I can be a part of this!