Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So I got it...

I was able to post it, the new chapter, on Twilight Archives. Thankfully. geez.
Uhm. Up to a few days ago, I did not like the Jonas Brothers. I mean, I never really listened to them, but I pictured them as posers. They are everywhere! In movies, on posters, on the cover of every magazine. I kind of grew sick of them. I really hated Camp Rock. No offence, but they could have done a better job to make it look more realistic.

But, anyway, a lot of their songs on the new album scream Twilight. But! That doesn't make me a fanatic. It just means I had a few extra dollars to spend on Itunes. :)

Still haven't had my pictures developed yet from the release party! hopefully soon.
A chapter for "Thank You" tomorrow. Oh... and Thank You God for this picture.

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