Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back From the Past Ch.8

Okay.. So I watched 90210.. and *tear* No Kellan in this episode. Like, how could they!? He better be in number 3! I posted a chapter for Back From the Past. yay. It's longer too. Yay.
Here's a sneak peek at Chapter 8.
I watched from around the corner as she whispered into her date's ear. I knew it was nothing romantic, because she had already accepted meeting me. She watched me carefully as she walked behind a statue, around a pillar, a drink at her bright red lips, but not touching them. Her blonde hair pulled back in a sophisticted twirl. I wanted to devour her then and there. She came close to me.
"Meet me in the lobby." She whispered. Rosalie was her name.

Kellan! Is in this picture! Vipidee doo da! So's Robert and Taylor.. they're okay too... right? *walks off into the distance* Right?! Helloooo? Kellan is beautiful!And I shall see him on the big screen in nearly 72 days!

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