Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday.... is spent at home

Yes, I am back in Cornwall for the weekend. I decided, on a split decision, that I was going to hop onto a bus, transer onto the subway, and then take a 3 and a half hour train ride home. From Toronto. I shouldn't have done so. I should have waited until next weekend so I could be with my friend Shaylene who was also coming down for the weekend. Oh well. I really missed home, so I decided to come. I didn't even tell my roommate. haha.

So I started a new story about Alice (followed by cheers). I had wanted to do so for so long that I decided there is no time like the present. Go read it, I swear it will get more enduring as the story goes on. I plan on making a banner for it soon, but if anyone would like to make an Alice-inspired banner, I would greedily take it off your hands.

I'm not going to make any swearing promises for chapters, because I have a knack for not getting it in on time. Have you noticed? What I will say is that my next chapter will be for "Back From the Past" and it will not be a long wait. MmmKay? Savy? :)
As of now, I am reading "Jane Eyre" for one of my classes. Geez Louise, tell me why I had not picked it up sooner?! It is so amazing! Anyone else like it?
Mr.Rochester's name is Edward... giggle.

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Caitlin said...

jane erye is my favorite book ever. is falls in the that top five.