Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Twilight Tuesday!

Today is Tuesday, which may relate to Twilight if you've been following MTV.. Today was an interview with our very own favorite director, Catherine Hardwick. We found out two amazing things in this interview.

1. The Port Angeles scene will be in the movie! Yay! Edward saves Bella from a group of crazy predators, keep it coming!

2. Catherine gave Robert and Kristen full out permission in the make out sessions...

MTV: The last question is a big one: When Edward and Bella kiss, is it a French kiss? Many of the fans feel that there needs to be tongue action.
Hardwicke: I agree! Everybody needs tongue action, believe me. And we put no restrictions on the actors; I did not have a camera inside their mouth, but I would believe there was a little tongue action from the passionate way they've kissed. But maybe we should put a little camera, a little lipstick camera, into their mouths. That would be a good idea.

Now who doesn't want to see some of that.

Stephenie Meyer also filled us in a bit on her site with some FAQ on Breaking Dawn. On Edward being able to father children:

Vampires are physically similar enough to their human origins to pass as humans under some circumstances (like cloudy days). There are many basic differences. They appear to have skin like ours, albeit very fair skin. The skin serves the same general purpose of protecting the body. However, the cells that make up their skin are not pliant like our cells, they are hard and reflective like crystal. A fluid similar to the venom in their mouths works as a lubricant between the cells, which makes movement possible (note: this fluid is very flammable). A fluid similar to the same venom lubricates their eyes so that their eyes can move easily in their sockets. (However, they don't produce tears because tears exist to protect the eye from damage, and nothing is going to be able to scratch a vampire's eye.) The lubricant-venom in the eyes and skin is not able to infect a human the way saliva-venom can. Similarly, throughout the vampire's body are many versions of venom-based fluids that retain a marked resemblance to the fluid that was replaced, and function in much the same way and toward the same purpose. Though there is no venom replacement that works precisely like blood, many of the functions of blood are carried on in some form. Also, the nervous system runs in a slightly different but heightened way. Some involuntary reactions, like breathing, continue (in that specific example because vampires use the scents in the air much more than we do, rather than out of a need for oxygen). Other involuntary reactions, like blinking, don't exist because there is no purpose for them. The normal reactions of arousal are still present in vampires, made possible by venom-related fluids that cause tissues to react similarly as they do to an influx of blood. Like with vampire skin—which looks similar to human skin and has the same basic function—fluids closely related to seminal fluids still exist in male vampires, which carry genetic information and are capable of bonding with a human ovum. This was not a known fact in the vampire world (outside of Joham's personal experimenting) before Nessie, because it's nearly impossible for a vampire to be that near a human and not kill her.

I dare to find that interesting. :) There also some information on Marcus' wife and how Aro killed his own sister! Yikes!

The playlist for Midnight Sun is also up. I feel sorry whenever I hear her talking about the book. I mean it looks as if she's trying not to act like something completely horrible has happened, trying to just let it pass and get to other things, but you can see in her writing the toll that this has taken on her. I mean, these were her fans. Someone went and violated an author in one of the only ways one can be, and that's not easy to forgive and forget.

And the big news of the night! 90210 starts in almost half an hour, and if you've been keeping up at all with my love of Kellan Lutz, you would know that I really cannot wairt to see him in action tonight. Hopefully he lasts the whole season! Yay! Watch it a 8/7 C. And then tomorrow after you read my chapter, tell me what you think of the show. Sounds good?

So I've come up with a random name for the website... but I wnat some ideas from you! I may even make a contest out of it.. for prizes of course.

See you later!

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