Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today is Wednesday.

Hello, my friends. There shall be a chapter tonight. No worries. News for today.

HisGoldenEyes is saying that Twilight will not be in Imax.

NovelNovice has posted up their Twilight Yearbook! Read it here. I was a contributor! I was the one who did the "Most Likely To.." Although they changed it... a lot. *Harumph*

One of my reviewers left me a little country song to listen to! It is so Edward/Bella and I want you guys to listen to it. It's by Jamie O'Neal. Best known for her song "Somebody's Hero", I know her as the artist who wrote one of my favorite songs "God Don't make Mistakes." Youtube them, their great. This song is called "Shiver." Enjoy.

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