Monday, September 15, 2008

"Who We Are" Chapter 12

Another not so happy chapter.. I did add a bit of a flashback though! Yay! No sneak peek for this chapter, because I fear it will give too much away. But, vote in the poll on the right!


Robert's version of Bella's Lullaby will no longer be used in the movie. I am sad. How rude! :)

KELLAN NEWS, because you all know how much I love that guy. From MTVBlog.
“If I was Stephenie Meyer,” Lutz said, “and if I made that book — which is more heartfelt, like a diary in a way — it wouldn’t be out for years. I feel like she created it just for herself, and it’s sad that a part of her has been leaked, if that makes sense.”
Lutz said that if Meyer decides to continue with “Midnight Sun,” she should take extra time to make it like her other books: “so fluid, and so easy to read.”
Long before the leak, Lutz did get some of Meyer’s insight into the vampire POV. “Us actors doing ‘Twilight,’ we have our ins on all the extra stuff she hasn’t put out there yet,” Lutz said. “And it’s really cool seeing another side of it. Like, Bella doesn’t understand the point of view of a vampire. If you can’t die, you have the knowledge that you won’t have an end. You don’t need to accomplish that much. Because you’re going to live forever, you can do whatever. There’s no risk, and that’s not really living. And it’s cool to see Edward’s point of view.”
In time, however, after the “Twilight” buzz has quieted down a bit, Lutz thinks it will be good to “mix it up and show that confusion” of Edward’s perpective. “Not so much of the storylines, but of the mentality: good versus evil,” Lutz explained. “Edward doesn’t think being a vampire is a good thing, and Bella doesn’t see that. She just wants to be turned. And it’s important to see another point of view, plus it’s a cool extreme.

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