Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Is here...

Hey everyone. So I posted an Epilogue to She Crashed Life with a Broken Heart. If you're thinking of asking me to do a sequel, go ahead. But, it most likely won't happen. I have so many stories I want to start, and so many to finish, that this one will be hard to continue. I do hope you enjoyed the journey of it though.
Some news:

If you are a fan of our Esme, also known as Elizabeth Reaser, she will be starring in a new television show called The Ex-List. " Flower-shop owner Bella (Elizabeth) re-examines her past relationships after a psychic tells her she's already met her future husband, but will be alone forever if she doesn't marry him within the year. " Sound interesting doesn't it? It starts on October 3rd, so keep an eye out. Maybe the special someone will be a handsome blonde surgeon?.. The title of the show is thus because she goes on a journey of all her ex-boyfriends to see if they are that someone.

Here's a picture of Jacob and Billy from the Hollywood Reporter. Thanks Hisgoldeneyes for that.

Twilight, as well as a new vampire television show, True Blood, was on Entertainment Tonight yesterday. To see the youtube video for it, click here.

And just a heads up that I am about to post a chapter for The List. Some of you enjoy that story. I know I do, but whatever. :) But I encourage those who have passed it to read it. Tonight will be an addition to my story Back From the Past as well. See you guys later.

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