Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's here, It's really here!

In case that makes no sense to you at all. TWILIGHT IS NOW EXISTANT IN THE PHYSICAL SENSE... excluding the novel. teehee. 
I have watched it twice already. The sad thing was that I had to walk two hours, by myself, from my residence building to the nearest Walmart to get the DVD. I was content listening to my iPod on shuffle and ignoring the stinging of the afternoon air on my ears! I had to pick between the 2 disc special edition and the one disc copy that came with posters of the Cullen Boys. Of course I picked the 2 disc one. But I really want those posters... hint hint. I see pictures of the other special editions and the case folds out and has pictures and stuff, and mine just opens up and then there are the discs. I think I was ripped off in some form or another. Oh well. They had some nice T-shirts there! and I really want Catherine Hardwick's scrapbook. You know what I really need? A JOB! It's gonna be rough soon trying to stay in the city during the summer with no job whatsoever. 
Okay okay.. I will write a chapter for Tokyo. :) :) I needed someone to just come out and ask. Haha. That will be my update and work for tonight instead of doing homework and studying for my NATS assignment. 
Did anyone watch the Special Features of 'Twilight', the part where they go through the process from book to film.. there was that one part where Jackson (Jasper) puts up his collar, walks for a bit, and then turns and hisses at the camera! I had to skip back and watch it four times it was so hilarious. I love Jackson he is sooo adorable. ( I have a youtube video about him in case anyone is interested).

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