Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12th

So I heard that the first set pictures have hit the web. That's pretty awesome. It just makes this so real, you know. New Moon is coming! the movie! Which is totally my favorite of the series at the moment. Uhm.. but I hope they keep a lot of the little details from the novel in the movie. 
Personally I think that if they do this, the avid readers will become more connected and appreciate it more while watching. I think they should add Jacob's 'Sure sure' a few times, because that really is him. Also the sceen where Edward calls the house thinking Bella is dead, and Jacob answers and tells him that Charlie is at the funeral. I hope they don't change that. 
Other parts of the book I hope to see ( add yours to the list):
-The cinema scene with Mike Newton, Bella, and Jake.
-The pipes under the ground leading to the Volturi (anticipation moment)
-The "That's all I needed to hear" kiss between Edward and Bella in her bedroom at the end of the novel.
-The proposal.
-The vote, where Edward leaves the room and breaks the tele
- The jump from the cliff! They HAVE to keep that scene. They also need to add the parts where she hears Edward's voice when she does something extreme (the scene where she wants the guys outside the bar to talk to her, thinking they're the same guys who tried to assualt her, just to hear Ed's voice) BUT don't make her see a ghost or anything like that. nuh uh
- More Embry and Quil. OH! and Emily! I can't wait to see who plays her!
- Give Cameron Bright (Alec) a few lines so he can feel special. Lol.. 
- The Ferrari! vroom vroom
- It would be neat to actually see Bella's temper tantrum with her parents. 
Any more?

Things I do not want to see:
The boringness of the scenes. Well, thery're not boring. But like the scene in Edward's room. A little but more talking, a little less awkwardness. but now that they're in love it might be okay.
A little bit less of stuttering from Kristen -- I love her to death, but please.
A sprint like Blood and Chocolate. Stick to the book.

Alright.. on the bigger things. I have posted a chapter for Whispers of the Purple Eyes tonight. I'm proud two in a few days! That's good for me lately. Haha. No class til Monday. Soo... maybe. Lol. Next is my Maximum Ride story and then probably Alice in Wonderland because it's been a while. I'm starting a new story, like tonight. But I want to have a bunch of chapters written first so that you don't loose interest when I have a big test or something and miss a few days. Just so that I have back up. It's called: Kiss the War Goodbye. and it's a What If? story. Yay! That's all I'm giving you for now. 
I had this huge history midterm this afternoon and I chose the essay on the Industrial Revolution.. and I think I got a really good mark! I'm excited! 
New Music: Been listening to the new Kelly Clarkson album straight for the past few days. It's sooo good. Anyone esle agree or disagree?

I hope to get a few more blog readers back to me, now that I am going to write on a more regular basis. Unless you find me boring of course. (Please don't) 
New chapters up on Webook (penname: KimberleyFalk) go check them out. Don't forget my youtube page in the name of LupsandTnks.
see you around! Doesn't robert look dazzling?
Kellan wasn't really smoking in this picture.... dont smoke!

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