Sunday, July 6, 2008

What We Become... Is No More

Yes... It's all over. All of it. Until the Sequel. Haha. Which isn't far off.

Sneak Peek of Ch.1 (Anyone have any ideas for the title of the story?)
I shivered as Edward placed a hand on my waist, the other of the side of my neck. I smiled in anticipation at the words I had been dying to hear for so long now.
"I do."
And then he kissed me.
After the ceremony I went and found my dad. He kissed the top of my head gently.
"So let me get this straight. I have to watch the kids while you two go off on a luxurious honeymoon together?"
"Sounds about right. I'll think about you as I'm picking grapes in Venice." I smiled up at him. I felt Edward's arms wrap around my waist. He whispered in my ear.
"And how are you Mrs. Cullen? How do you feel?"
"Like a bride, a mother, a daughter all at the same time." My stomach muscles tightened, but I ignored them. "And I couldn't be more happier."


Anonymous said...

oooo.cant wait until the next story and i cant really believe that u cant get a title lol :o)
and i am happy that bella lives and so does annie and henry( i still think that henry is a wired name :P )


ashleigh said...

idea for story name = What We Are

Sophie-la-is-foolio said...

i think you should have her get pregnant again but then get sick like she is at the end of the 1st one. and have something bigg happen.

Anonymous said...

Your story is freaking amazing and I cannot wait for the sequel! It's just bloody brilliant! I like the story title "What We Are" that ashleigh suggested! It would be perfect.

Katie&Kelly ( yes its two people saying this. said...

i like what we are also, but lets have no more bella dying, its okay if there are scary moments but lets not kill anyone off? I think we should include jacob in # 2. just so we can create some conflict
married to young? what if hes not the one? stuff like that. plus i think we all like to watch edward jelous. i know i do. =P hes cute when hes angry and jealous. lol

Eullyne said...

I like the title What We Are. Also you can make the title What we Became. As in to point out what happens after everything

sinsoo said...

What we are and What we became are good titles. :)

but lets have no more bella dying, its okay if there are scary moments but lets not kill anyone off? I[/quote]

DDD: The depressing moments are the best part! It's funny to read the comments/reviews. >.> It really is. And this time please kill someone! D:< And no Jacob does not count. Or anyone related to Jacob. If you do that I will eat you... >.>
Hopefully, something horrible will happen...