Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Wednesday.... Right?

Hello my readers! Guess what! I'm posting a chapter for "Who We Are" today. *bows*. I've been putting my novel first, and that's why you haven't been seeing as many updates. Don't worry though, I haven't given up fanfiction. I'm addicted.

Okay, I'm sitting here listening to Faith Hill on CMT and I've come to realize that country music has MANY Twilight songs. I think there are more country songs that you can relate to Twilight than any other. I know that a lot of you probably think that Country Music isn't to your standards. But, just listen to some of these songs that make me cry, make me laugh, inspire me with my fanfiction and my novel. I grew up with these people in my CD player. I want there to be a Country playlist. SO if you're not a fan, that's okay. Just listen through a few and vote for which one you think is the ultimate "Country Twilight Song." I'll be putting up the poll in a few days, so if you have a country song that would do awesome on my list, just leave me a comment.
Some of the songs you've got so far:
'Stealing Cinderella' by Chuck Wicks ( not in the playlist, but look it up) Edward to Charlie
'Didn't you know how much I loved you' by Kellie Pickler -- New Moon
'Song in my head' by Julliane Hough-- Twilight

Today's Quote of the Day:
Edward: “Do you want me to sing to you? I’ll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away.”

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