Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It is Wednesday

A chapter will be up within a couple of hours. I am planning on writing a chapter for the sequel as well as a chapter for my 'Just Listen' fan fic.

Until then... Tell me what you think of this picture (I think that Kristen doesn't even look like Kristen and its just... almost porn. Haha .. Though I like Robert's chest)

To be released July 18.

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Anonymous said...

I like the picture a lot, but I'm not a big fan on Rob's face make up around the eyes. I know he's a vampire and supposed to have purple bruises under his eyes, but this make up makes him look too halloween. he's amazing and gorgeous, i'll admit, but wish they would have tuned the darn make up down.
Kristen looks amazing! I was like "NAH-UH! that can't be her!" But it is! I can't wait to pick this magazine up and have it in my hands. YAY!