Monday, July 28, 2008

I suppose you could consider it Monday...

So my poll that was recently closed came up with mixed results. Obviously most of you agree with me and would choose to meet Kellan over anyone else. It's not just his looks though! That's only part of it. It's the way he talks and acts. The way he relates himself as a fan and actually talks to them, plays tic-tac-toe with them. He jokes all the time. In every interview I had read with him, I come away eager to see this movie. He is amazing. Just to talk to him and ask him my undying questions-- about his character, about his feelings towards "Generation Kill" and just to ask him why he loves gummy bears so much-- would be amazing.

I thought Jasper would be my favorite character, because he was the mysterious one. The one couldn't control himself, but chose to stay with Alice because he loved her so much. But my views have changed. Yes, Jackson is awesome as well, but Emmett has shined through Kellan. Literally, I see him. I do. So my Cullen of choice went from Jasper to Emmett.

Don't tell my friend though, because she called him long ago. Haha back in 10th grade we chose who was our favorite and no one else could have them. I had chosen two because I'm greedy; Jasper and Carlisle. Caitlynn had chosen Emmett. It was hilarious because by the time my friend Amanda read it, there was no one for her to have. We kept telling her she could have Mike Newton. Her face would always go green after that. She chose Edward of course and made me swear not to tell Caitlynn. Because Edward was said to be mutual among all of us; he's the instant choice.

So I secretly stole Emmett away. ^_* shh. Same with Jacob. Now that I have seen Taylor, I have changed from Team Edward to Team Switzerland. I love Taylor. He's just so.... Jacob. Jacob was "called" by my friend Shaylene. She has no idea that I stole him too. Geez, I'm making myself out to be some "me mine mine" girl. I kind of am. I see a male lead in any book or movie and he's instantly mine. And I'm always the one to read the book first, whatever that book may be, so I steal the character before any of my friends can take dibs. Like now with 'City of Bones'-- that book surprised me by far. I felt like gagging in the end-- I dib Jace.

Does anyone else do that with thier friends; take dibs on characters? Or are we just crazy Canadians?

All this came on from one Kellan Lutz interview. Interviewed by a very lucky girl. Gosh I wish I had been in her place. Read it here.

Today's quote is oddly from Jasper: “I can’t understand. I can’t bear this.”
5 days.

After I sleep, I am going to write a chapter for "Who We Are". ALL YOU PEOPLE GO READ "BACK FROM THE PAST". No one's reading it, and I love it so much more that 'What We Become".

I have started the poll for the Twilight Country Song, so go vote. And if you hate country, don't listen to the music, listen to the lyrics. It's a whole different thing. Hear me out, okay?
Or look up the lyrics online and read them. Mmmm Kay?
Good-bye for now my pets.

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sinsoo said...

I read that story! DD: I actually love it more than Who We Are. >.>
Hey, heres' an idea. Get the Who We Are fans over to Back From The Past by making Bella pregnant with James child. xD ((Come on, you know it's tempting..))
I is your most devoted fan! How can you say I don't read it DD: