Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's Sunday!

Yes, I know I didn't write a chapter yesterday. I bow my head in need of forgiveness.
I was up early this morning doing a podcast for the Harry Potter page I work on. It was just the headmistress and me today, and we talk about all those amazing pictures that have been popping up online for the past few days. If you love Harry Potter, and have an infathomable irkling to hear my voice, listen to it here.
So I went back to bed afterwards, which was around 9 am, and now I just woke up. It's one in the afternoon. I was so planning on writing a chapter today! I almost had the urge to not write one, because I have to go to one of my best friends' pool party today. But, I think maybe, I'll get it done before then. Because I love you guys so much!
Now, shouldn't you go listen to that podcast and leave your love in the comments?

Bye for Now!

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