Sunday, July 13, 2008

News and Theory of a Deadman

I don't mean to brag.... BUT I was a a Theory of a Deadman concert. If you don't know who they are you have a problem. :) One of their songs is on the right. So My friend Mimi and I stalked Tyler (The lead singer) down the path for five minutes before meeting up behind stage and getting our pictures taken with him... I totally forgot to get him to sign my CD (and I didn't get to him afterwards) I got a picture with Dean (Bass) and I got HIS signature. YES! Mimi also pushed our way through a huge crowd and got us front row centre stage! It was amazing! I totally made eye contact with the guitarist, Dave-- who didn't show up afterwards by the bus and Mimi had to drag me away before he came out, and he smiled at me and was nodding his head with me because I was literally SCREAMING the lyrics at him. All three of them are adorable! And Canadian.

And DONT even try to tell me Tyler is not god damn sexy! And he had his arm around me! I shall post the pictures as soon as Mimi uploads them to her computer.

Other news:
Kaleb is done with Twilight! And Your Guardian Angel wins for Twilight song.

Todays Quote!

"Bella: “Oh, Mike! How will I go on?”"

Sorry I didn't get to post, but I'm half way through. So the second I get up, there will be a chapter for "The List" If you haven't read it.. do it now.


sinsoo said...

I've never heard of that band. Though the song on the playlist from them I don't personally like. It's to soft for my tastes. Though I pretty much hate most bands. x3 Glad to hear you had fun Kim. :)

LupsandTnks said...

I'll have to add another one of their songs to the playlist. One faster and more hard than the one here. :P