Friday, July 11, 2008

It's my Birthday!

I was going to post a chapter today. (Seriously I was)... But I have a party to get ready for! Who's? Mine of course! I'm 18 today people! Isn't it amazing. So I have no time to write.. I'm rushed this morning!

Kaleb has posted for the final chapter!

-The Penelope DVD starting Tuesday (July 15) contains an exclusive scene from Twilight that has not yet been released to any other outlet.
-The attached clip is the "behind the scenes" introduction that leads into the scene from Twilight.
-The report from Video Business (quoted on multiple sites ) that there is a Twilight "trailer" on the Penelope DVD is incorrect. The Penelope DVD contains an actual scene from the movie between Bella and Edward.

Mike Welch has left me Birthday Wishes (As if!) On a new MTV Blog. (Actually he didn't... :(, but the blog is there! here.

Entertainment Weekly comes out today! I know! With all its Twilight pleasure! There's a sneek peek here. I'd much rather buy it.

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