Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who We Are Ch. 1

I like the sound of that! So the first chapter has been posted! It's not as long, but I'm too on edge right now, and I also want to save all the honeymoon part for the next chapter!!

Before you read the sneak peek: Does anyone like photoshop? For those of you who read my story from Twilight Archives (Or for those who just like that banner I post up in every post), I need a banner for this next story. I would do it myself, but I just don't have the time. I have too much going on at the moment. It's crazy. So if you have one, email it to me at the email on the side. Thanks.

Chapter One
In every moment when something amazing happens, there's always something that comes rushing back. It hits you in the face like a tennis racket in gym class. You don't know if its going to be as terrible as the last horrible thing that happened. You don't know if you're going to want to crawl into a hole and hide from everyone.
I've been feeling moments like this many times lately.
"Bella!" I heard Edward scream from somewhere close by. I opened my eyes and turned to look at him. He had the bed sheets wrapped tightly around us, one arm above my head, the other on my neck. He was leaning over me, a serious expression on his face. His fingers grew cold on my skin. I tried to keep my eyes open, but they slid shut again. "Look at me!" Edward tapped my cheek. I opened my eyes again and took in every facet of his face. "Please tell me that you're just tired." I shifted slightly, feeling his flesh move with mine. I knew I had to lie.
"Yes." I whispered.


Eullyne said...

Whats happening to her...?

gymnastbritt said...

ahh! i hope bella isnt...idk, faling out of love. that would suck majorly!! =]

sinsoo said...

Depressing moments= A happy sinny

So, I curse thee for making short, but adore you for the depressing-ness.

Eullyne and Gymnastbritt-
Haha, dense aren't we? Nothing mentally wrong with Bella, as in the preface, she mentions something about her muscles tightening up. I think this is a side affect from the birth. Meaning, if this were true, Bella is still not feeling well, and she has not completely recovered ((Though she mentioned this in the beginning of the chapter))So I think she is going t faint, or something. So Bella is severely sick! 8D Yay! Depressing!
*luffs to Kim*


kaathaaa said...

hopefully it doesn't hurt much...

Anonymous said...

AWWW. poor edward. You are so mean >.< lol But i luv ya anyway. I just hope shes okay.