Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kellan Lutz... OMEmmett

If you have read anything on here for the past few weeks, you would know that I love Kellan Lutz. Now. I didn't know he was going to be in 90210! I told my mom yesterday that I probably won't watch it because it will probably put the original to shame... I change my mind! Did you hear me? I change my mind!
July 13th... HBO.... 'Generation Kill'...Kellan Lutz! "Little sexy." DUH! with you in it, anything is. Did I just say that out loud? watch the trailer for Generation Kill here.
Here's the video from Seventeen if you didn't watch it on the lexicon or over at hisgoldeneyes.

Other stuff... Ok.. I'm reading 'Twilight' for the upteenth time. And I've asked myself a few questions that never really crossed my mind the first few times I read it.

1. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO JACOB'S MOM? Seriously. Was there an accident or what? Did she leave? And what happened that put Billy in the wheelchair?

2. EMMETT KILLED TWO INNOCENT PEOPLE. We learn from Edward that Emmett met two people that 'sang' to him. One more than the other, and that he killed them. So how does Emmett feel about that, and how does that tie in with how he feels about Bella now? I just want to know!

hmmmm... give me your thoughts. :)


sinsoo said...

Ironically, ((Read my comments on the last What We Become update and you'll see how I find this ironic)) I think she died from giving birth to Jacob. Thats what my friends tell me.
And if I remember correctly, I believe Billy is paralyzed.

And for the Emmett question. I think eh see's Bella as his second chance or his chance to redeem himself. If you know what I mean. ^^


Anonymous said...

On Stephenie Meyer's website she explains that Sarah (jacob's mom) died, but the reason she died is not important in the first 3 books (i'm not sure about the 4th)so Stephenie Meyer doesn't know how she died. And for Billy the website also says that he had diabeties and that cause his legs to lose their feeling cause the diabeties attacked his nerves in his legs. And for Emmett it doesn't say.

LupsandTnks said...

Well that helped me out.. a lot. Thanks guys!