Monday, June 16, 2008

Twilight Special Edition.. among other things

At this moment I am doing a bit of breathing excersizes. Why? Because I just found something that is totally amazing. I'm so angry now that I quit my job! That's right.. Twilight books of many colours are going to be hitting the shelves starting in October. You'll see me buying each of them no matter the cost. I can only guess that you guys will be too.
I mean, I personally own two copies of Twilight, three of New Moon, and three of Eclipse. One to read over and over. One to use as reference for my fanfics... and for New Moon and Eclipse, they were the special editions and I just had to buy them.

So.. List of dates for release of the different Twilight promotions coming out:

Twilight Mass Market Tie-In Edition: Featuring a movie cover with foil effects. [November 2008]
Twilight Trade Paperback Tie-In Edition: Includes a full colour fold-out movie poster. [November 2008]
Twilight the Official Illustrated companion: Includes a behind the scenes guide, photos, etc... [November 2008]
The Twilight Saga The Official Guide: A definitive encyclopedic reference, including character profiles, charts, maps etc... [Hardcover, December 2008]
The Twilight Saga Collection: Hardcover box set, containing all 4 novels in the series, as well as 4 exclusive colour prints. [October 2008]
Twilight Collector's Edition: Deluxe edition in a slipcase, with ribbon bookmark, leather like spine, cloth cover and newly designed chapter openers. [October 2008]

Oh yeah....
Thanks to BellaandEdward

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