Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What We Become Ch.18

Sneak Peek at chapter 18. I know you guys love me! And I even said I wasn't going to write today. Talk about devotion!

Dr. Cullen pulled a chair up the the table where I sat. He looked up at me. Slowly, he rubbed his forehead.

"Anything wrong with me?" I smiled. He laughed.

"You're as healthy as any small-framed 18-year old pregnant girl with twins can be." I watched him critically. He sighed. "As of now, things look okay, but we may see a few problems near the end. I may have to put you on bed rest if you get too big." He placed a hand on either side of my six months of belly. "You're already pretty big."

I smiled. "My Dad won't let me go to school, and he's acting all nurse around me."

"I guess my pep-talk with him worked." He grinned and stood up, walking to the table and grabbing my file. He looked at Edward and then back at me. "So do you want to know the sexes of the babies?"

Saucy. So I may not update tomorrow, but I probably will.

Question: What do you think I should name the babies? (comment below)


Anonymous said...

how about benjamin or anothony john (a.j.) for a boy and laurel or Lilith for a girl


Anonymous said...

Olivia and Masen

Anonymous said...

Max or Holden and Charlotte or Anna

Eullyne said...

If its a boy and a girl (I came up with the name of the girl, Its what i would name my daughter) The girl should be named Estella. the E coming from Edward and Ella from Bella. I was thinkin about it one day. Your the first person i suggested it too. For the boy I was thinking Eber. One E for each name a B from Bella and R from Edward.

Anonymous said...

Jack or Alexander for a boy and Brenna or Abby. Alexander means defender of men, I don't know what Jack means, Brenna means princess, and Abby means joy of the father.

ashleigh said...

Boy and a girl

John and rose

two girls

hope and faith

two boys

jack and john

Anonymous said...

I love your story!! Ryan and Liam for boys and Emma and Katherine(Kat, Kay, Kate Katie for short) for girls! Or Sarah or Kevin or Autumn (Autie or Auds)or Brian! Just some suggestions.

Anonymous said...

for a boy & a girl-

Tristan & skyler

2 girls-

skyler & shea

2 boys-

tristan & Dimitri

your fan,

Sam said...

Shane! I like that name or Fuller or Aster... or Ginessa... I like all those names xD

Ballads said...

If the are a boy and a girl:

Jacqueline (Jack for short) and Jason

Two girls:

Destinee' and Dianne
Allegra and Cordelia

Two boys:

Azrael and Abaddon

FallOutGirl458 said...

Okay, For Two Boys, Edward and Anthony
For Two Girls, Alice and Elizabeth
for One Boy and One Girl, Anthony and Alice.