Thursday, June 26, 2008

What We Become Ch. 19

So here it is.... No need for introductions! Sneak Peek


I leaned back into Jasper's arm. He grazed my arm as he whispered in my ear. I shivered.

"Have I told you how much I love you?" Jasper asked lightly as his hand slid down my side.

"I believe you already have, five seconds ago." Jasper smiled against my neck. I giggled. A screen door opened behind us, and we shifted out of sight behind a flower pot. Covered in darkness.

"I don't know what to do!" Rosalie bellowed into the phone. "Just stay calm." This was where Rosalie started breathing loudly in and out. I supressed a laugh. "It's okay! Oh My God! Bella? Bella? Hold on-- I'm calling Carlisle!" She turned around quickly and paced to the door. "It's too early!....." She hung up and slid the door open hard.

"Uh Oh." Jasper whispered. We stood up quickly and followed Rosalie into the house.

So... What's happening?!? Should I let you guys vote on the names?


Anonymous said...

YESSS! i so want the babys names to be tristan and skyler, there not too common yet not out in left feild either. plus they fit the whole cullen family setting i think =]

Nicole*smiles* said...

hmm...i pick the names for the babies...when i wrote my "bella gets pregnant", i didnt even ask for suggestions..i decided on two names that i liked and i think Bella would have picked out..Noah and Sadie..but do what you think is best..

Anonymous said...

I think the names Riley and Katrina because they're not very common.

Eullyne said...

well it's up to you really. I like the Names i sugguseted before. But its your story so role with what you want

Ballads said...

Well, I did suggest names before, but it's really up to you, as eullyne said. Oh, and if you do choose 'Skyler', the name annoymous here suggested, can you please spell it as 'Schuyler'. It's the same pronounciation, but in my opinion, this spelling has style.

And just some new suggestions that happen to pop up in my head:

Guy names:
Stefan, Damon, Clyde, Jean- Claude, Acheron

Girl names:
Elena (Or Eleanor), Anita, Magdeline, Gabrielle, Trinity

Oh, one more thing, I hope I don't offend anyone, but this is really my honest opinion, Noah and Sadie sounds a little plain for my liking. Katrina seems pretty, but Riley makes me think of the vampire Victoria brought with her in Eclipse. Sorry.