Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm now a happy member of TopSites

I know I cannot even compare to some of the sites out there, but I want to be noticed too. You know what I mean. I'm getting more and more hits every day. I have been acknowledged by only one site, biteoftwilight, but they rock and I know that other sites will notice me too. For now, I can get my fanfic readers and people who read my site, to vote for me on topsites. It's not like I'm going to surpass NovelNovice or BellaandEdward.
Vote now! Takes two seconds. I'm already at number 136 out of 178, which is pretty good for only having it up a day.
update: I am now number 117. Keep on voting....
Twilightlexicon has updated the site talking about recent rumours about Jackson Rathbone that have been circling around.

Any rumors regarding Jacksons Rathbone’s sister and her health are
unfounded. Jackson has also been reported to be over the age of 24, that
is also false. And finally the stories circulating the web about him being in a long term relationship for the last three years are also unfounded.

Does that mean he's on the market?

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