Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kaleb rules the Nation

So Kaleb's on chapter 15 now, which is one chapter before the infamous baseball game. (One of my favorite chapters of the book)
It's been only a few months for this guy, and yet he's got fans bombarding his site. I would be just as stressed as you, Kaleb. No worries. Keep on reading! It shall get better. Here is the shout out to Kaleb. It won't be too long now before you've taken over the world! One Twilight guy at a time.
Those witty pictures, and awesome in depth readings just keep me wondering when the next chapter will be posted.

From Twilight Guy:
“What’s fer breakfast?” the goblin growled. (…)

Edward rolled his eyes. “Just eat Bella.”

Read the rest of his post here. Let him know how much you admire his writing skills! And that creative mind he's got, he notices everything!

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rawrrryoface said...

well, I not quite sure if this is where i'm suppose to post this, but
my response to your question would be.

that twilight probably never gets old because stephenie meyer is really like a fan writer. (fanfiction type, like you and me) It's really strange how we, or I at least, never get old of reading fanfics over and over again, but stories, real stories, I can only read once, or once in a couple years.
It truely is really strange. But I seriously think that is the reason why.