Monday, June 9, 2008

My Gradtastic Night! And an article about banned books.

My journalism teachers pushed back my magazine due date to Wednesday, which means it is not due tomorrow. Breathe. I still have one more profile to write. It may not get done, because the author who I was supposed to interview has not sent back her answers. Yup. So if you are a published author, unlikely but hey, let me know!

Uninteresting things that happened to me today:
I wrote my article on the banning of books. Thanks for the feedback people! Sarcasm there. Not intended of course. It shall be posted. Up there.
I watched the second episode of Heartland (which was filmed so close to my home town) during my spare period on my iPod with Rebecca. She's one of my best friends.
I had a Grad Dinner hosted by us tonight in my school cafeteria. I barely got any of the potluck food because I was always at the end of the line! My pasta bake was a hit! It was gone when I got there, and one of my teachers said that it was the best there! So proud. That same teacher started to brag about me to ther teachers. He, Mr.Butlin, said "This girl here, she reads book after book. ( makes a space between his fingers thats 4 inches wide) She'll come to class with one of these and finish it in what, three days tops. And it's not like it's a one time thing! She comes to school the next day with another equally long one! She's always reading in class, and sometimes I wonder how she recognizes my voice." He's a cool teacher, who likes to take breaks while teaching. So, I read. Mr. Butlin won an award: "Self Accounted: Not a morning person". He asks you not to talk to him in the mornings. And when we do have him in the mornings, he reads to us.
Now, if he only read 'Twilight'.
I do read a lot, and that's what they put in the yearbook, but seriously that's not all I do! Geez. You'd think I was obsessed with books about vampires and werewolves or something. Yeesh.

Please answer my 2nd question below. Down there in my previous post. And tell your friends to come too, I want to see how many answers I can get!

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