Sunday, June 8, 2008

What do you think?

I want you guys' help. If you want to give it.

1. What is your personal opinion on books being banned in school libraries? Do you believe that they should or shouldn't be allowed to do so?

Please leave me your opinions in the comments. I'm writing an article for my school newspaper and a magazine project. Feel free to leave examples. I will leave my finished articles up here when it's finished.

2. What is it about Twilight that allows you to read it multiple times? There are some books out there that you can only read once, and then the thought of reading it again does not cross your mind. I know I've read Twilight and the rest of the series about 7 times each, and I can still read it again.


Chika_Chica said...

1. I hate it when they ban books in libraries! It's a library, the books are supposed to be there!! I want to open my own library later in life and I won't ban ANY books. :)
2. For a book to have that "re-readable" quality, it has to still be suspenseful enough that you don't remember to come to the surface long enough to say,"Oh, yeah, they'll be just fine." Twilight has this, plus there's the fact that there's so many details you basically have to reread it just to go over and see what you missed the first time.

Sara R said...

You always miss something evertime you read, and of course there are the amazing parts that you can't help reading again and again.

Anonymous said...

One thing about Twilight that makes it re-readable is that there is so much stuff going on and it is so intense that each time you read you are like speeding through it. with this you miss all the little details that make the story even better. re-reading allows you to pick up all on the small little things, the irony in the beginning that you couldn't get the first time because you didn't know what was going on. each time you read you are able to discover something new and it makes reading the whole thing over again worthwhile. it also gives you the chance to dive back into the world of the book that you love so much since there are only a limited amount of pages, books, devoted to the world. while a book will probably never be as good as the first time it was read, since the excitement of not knowing is no longer there, re-reading helps enhance the overall reading of the book and can be almost as good as the first time!