Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Let's try this again!

I have a new Twilight task. Add it to my other one, which wasn't very pop-ular. Okay. So, first:
What is is about Twilight that give someone the ability to read it multiple times? What motivated you to read those books again and again?

And my new task for you guys. I am making a Twilight inspired dress. That's right. And I need artistic versions of the Cullens. Basically I want the dress to be all punky and what not -- Vampiristic (if that's a word)-- and I want it to have drawings of the Cullens ALL over it. Bella, Edward, Bella with Edward, Jasper, Alice, the whole shibang! If you have a picture, it can be anime or manga or whatever your expertise is, please send it to me at jedi_gurl2005_naboo@hotmail.com or leave it in the comments.
Reason for the dress: To wear to my Breaking Dawn release party/ masquerade. I'm going to win the contest for best dressed. That's right, nod that head.


From The Twilight Blogger -- said...

i can make a banner for you if you would like. just let me know! :-) i can only make Twilight ones, though, not personal ones... like pics of yourself..you know.

From The Twilight Blogger -- said...

do you want me to use some of the twilight pics I already have?

FallOutGirl458 said...

It was the tensions and romance that you see happen between Edward and Bella, I mean from the first time he glared at her and the first time him kissed her to the time where he was sucking the venom out of her hand. The Motivation is desire. Many girls who read Twilight (Even some guys) numerous times have shown to wish to be in Bella's spot. I've seen someone read and say that her name was Bella.
The Outfits she described for the Cullens were nice clothes. When I first read it, I thought they dressed punky and "Vampiristic" because they are, Well Vampires, You knew that! So, It was my first impression that they were goths and punks, obviously not emos. They have no blood. But Yoiu should check out http://www.twilightarchives.com/. They have a lot of art and drawing.