Friday, June 20, 2008

NoMoreMarbles does it again!

My all time favorite youtube girl has made another video for Edward's birthday! I am completely in love with this video! You make me laugh girl!

Baker: So how old is he?
Bailey: 107
Baker:I dont think so
Bailey:No he really is, I need 107
Baker:Are you friggen joking?
Bailey:No, Im serious!
Baker: 107, where the hell does he live?
Bailey: in Washington
Baker: Happy 107 hope you live well, longer
Bailey: oh, he will
Bailey: 107 edward... oh and you added the blue
Baker:does he like blue?
Bailey:yes, actually he does like blue
camera girl: makes his girlfriend wear it all the time
Baker: awww thats so cute.. he has a girlfriend at 107 ...
Bailey:yes, he does
Baker: wooo hooo

Bailey:He has a lot of money.
Baker:Does he? good for him.

Go watch the video hisgoldeneyes!

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