Friday, June 13, 2008

Bored in Religion Class

Nothing amazingly exciting in the Twilight world has happened yet today! 'tis blasphemy I say. So I've gotten a few answers to my Twilight question (What allows you read them over and over again?) I'll give you guy a couple more days and then I'm going to write my article. I hope you'll like it.
So anyway, I'm sitting in Religion class, well most of us have left because we were dismissed a half hour early. I am still in the computer lab typing away. I want Twilight news. Someone tell me something fascinating that has been happening with Kellan or Jackson lately. ANYTHING! I'm going out of my mind.!
Kaleb has posted, talking about Blue October... Maybe he's seen my cute little banner. Maybe not.
This is my second last day of actual school. It's truly scary and wonderful at the same time. All I have now is Monday and then my first exam is on Tuesday! And I'm done Wednesday! Only two exams out of my 4 classes.
I've found an amazing Twilight song: Angel by Natasha Bedingfield. Heard it? Well the name kinda already screams Twilight doesn't it? Got any other song recommendations for me? Commet away!

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