Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Edward!

It's his birthday where I am, so I'm posting this now.
We can officially call him old now. An old man in a 17 year old's body. Okay, that just made my stomach turn. Let's not think about that, because it may change our thoughts of him. He's just an old soul... that's it. Breathe. So, it's Edward's birthday! I'm going to celebrate it like no birthday before! All day, you will be seeing me post up poems, stories, and news.
If you have a poem or story or anything devoted to Edward send it to me at! I want them all! Tell me how much you love him , and why we need to celebrate it more than Christmas. It should be called Edward Day! Give me art, give me shout outs! Let's not skip the comments this time! Show your support for Edward and his birthday! What do you think Edward and Bella are doing to celebrate? I'm going to be making a contest out of it. So! You have until Saturday, midnight EST, to send me those stories. Then come back Sunday and vote for the best one. I'll be posting them all day.
Okay, so to start it all off, I have a little fan fiction story for you to read! Tell me what you think. It's just a bit of a story of Edward before he was changed. I hope you like it!

I place my hand on the cold glass. Watching as the rain falls, I can almost hear men as they march across the empty field. Of course there is no one there, but the memories are so vivid in my head that there is nothing I can do but see it again. My life. Who I was before. All that's out there now is the backyard of our home. Over a hundred years later. Memories I thought I had forgotten, I wished I had forgotten, came rushing back like my own thoughts.
I brought my fingers to my temple. For some reason unknown to myself, I was sick. I never got sick, never had a cold in my life. But here I was, walking home with a sore throat and every possible symptom of a cold. I sniffed and turned the corner, nodding at an officer as he walked by. I must have gotten sick from my mother. That was it. She had a cold, and I had given her a hug the other day. I coughed.
She must have done it on purpose to stop me from going off to battle, I mused to myself.
I walked up the stairs of my home, the maid waited for me in the entranceway.
"Something has happened, sir" She said under her breath. I turned to look at her from where I was placing my coat and hat on their hooks.
"What do you mean?"
"It's your mother...." She whispered, bowing her head. I turned and walked past her, going as fast as I could carry myself. I ran up the stairs and bursted into her bedroom. The maid came in behind me. Doctor Mellan stood by the far wall, drying his hands on a hankerchief. I only gave him a momentary glance before I knelt down at my mother's side. Her copper hair, the same colour as mine, was wet and stuck to her cheeks. I pushed it back. Her face was a sweat; her temperature at a vivid height.
"Edward..?" She moaned, turning her head into my hand.
"It is me. I brought you some tea."
"Good. Good. Could you make it for me? I so tired."
"Of course, Mother." I sat up and walked to the doctor. He shifted his feet, showing his unease. He looked up into my eyes, and I knew that he was going to tell me that it wasn't as bad as it truly was. "What is wrong with her?"
"I... "
"It's not just a cold, is it?"
"Well, no." He turned and looked out the window. "There's been cases of it in Medford. I have a handful of patients who have the same thing." I nodded at him. He had to tell me more.
"A cold is just the first symptom." He said. "And then the fever, then the flu."
"Flu?" I almost mouthed. The doctor pulled on his suspenders and adjusted his vest.
"It gets worse. It's not an average flu."
"It's going to kill her isn't it?"
"I'm going to do as much as I can." He said, starting to walk to the door. "I must leave, Mrs. Markell has asked if I could check her daughter. I'm sorry, I'll be back in the morning." He left the room. I knew he wouldn't be back. He didn't want to catch this. Whatever it was. I closed my eyes and swallowed the lump that formed in my throat. I had to come to terms with this. I had a cold too, what would it turn into?
Keep coming back through the day for more Edward celebration! Send your poems and art to me!

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Chika_Chica said...

Happy Birthday Edward!!!!!! By the way, I love the music thing you have on the side, there are some really great songs on there! (I didn't even flip out when I saw Micheal Jackson on there!)