Saturday, June 28, 2008

What We Become Ch.20

'Tis late I know, but I almost didn't post one! Gasp! What would you have done then? Hmmm?
Ch. 20
Edward's POV
I walked slowly through the rooms picturing family pictures hanging on the walls. I grazed my fingers along the edge of one wall, just seeing the measurements of my children as they grew.
With a sigh, I leaned against the back door, staring out into the yard.
"This is what I want." I murmured.
"It's pretty sturdy, I suppose." My father said, coming up beside me. "But we can afford to build one for you." I shook my head.
"No. This is it. This is the house I've seen in all my thoughts since the moment I fell in love with Isabella Swan." I closed my eyes, wondering what Bella would say right now.
"So. What do you think?" The realtor said from somewhere behind us. I turned around. I let myself smile, but what I really wanted to do was jump for joy. This was the house I wanted to raise our Annie and Henry in.
"Yes. This is what we want. We'll take it."
"Wonderful. I hope you and your wife have a great life in this house."
"Oh, I know they will." My dad said. Just then, his cell phone rang. He checked the number. "Do you have your phone with you, Edward?" He asked.
"No. It's in the car. Why?"
"Because Rosalie is calling my phone." His eyebrows curled and then he and I came to an assumption at the exact same time. "What's wrong?" My Dad said urgently into the phone, clicking into doctor mode."
That's right! You heard the names of the babies! What do you think of them?


Diana said...

annie and henry!! thats too cute!
henry is actually a family name :)
and nnie is kinda.. well its ann
thats part of my name :)

Ballads said...

I won't say it's unique, because truthfully it's not, but it is adorable. Perfect for perfect Bella-and-Edward babies.

Anonymous said...

eh, not what I expected, but they are okay. nice normal cute names =]
very nice.

Anonymous said...

hmmm well annie is a good name but henry.......not really lol