Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Just letting people know that I will be taking answers to my question until tomorrow. I've already started my article, but I don't have near enough quotes from you guys! So post them in the comments!

Question: What is it about Twilight that gets you to read it over and over? Why are there some books that can only be read once, and others that tug at your conscious until you read it again?
And I'm still looking for your fanart!
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Anonymous said...

I think I read the Twilight books over and over again is because I'm in love with the characters and I want to find out more and more about them. I read it over and over so I can get every single detail. PLus I love the story, and I want SO badly to be Bella, and the more familiar you are with a story, the better you can picture your self in that story. I love Love stories. And I often read those kind of books again. Books that don't have a very complicated plot or I can't relate to the characters or story, Or I don't really feel like i need anything more out of it, I don't read again.
I Hope that helps with your question! :-D
~*Twilight Luvr*~

Nicole *smiles* said...

this is coming from a person who has read all three books a grand total of 35 times. (yes, i have no life..haha) but what makes me read them is that the story keeps you coming back for more. you want to know every single detail about each character so that you can fully understand why they do what they do. Then there are books were they were really good the first time around, but you go to pick it up again and you read the first few pages and you just cant continue. its not that the book is written badly, its just that the story line can only hold your attention for so long. that is the great thing about the Twilight Saga; the story line keeps you pulled in. most people, like myself, can pulled in so far that they cant and DONT want to get back out.