Sunday, June 8, 2008

Welcome to me/ My theories on Breaking Dawn cover

I want to get out there. I want you to know who I am. That's right. Who is this LupsandTnks and why have I seen that name before. That's right, I am a Harry Potter fan. Have been for six years now, and it shall last until my dying days. I want people to give me their opinions on that unfortunate teen. To catch up with Harry Potter news, I post on a site called check it out. We have all the news first!
I am also a Twilight fan. Yes. Have been since 2005, and I cannot go one day without checking the lexicon et al. other sites. I am hooked and in love with Jasper Cullen and Kellan Lutz. They do not play the same character.
So I am starting a blog for all my readers, and new people to read. Readers? What? Yes, I am a fanfiction craze. I am a beta as well. Read my stories. People have asked me why I take so long to post sometimes, well this will be the place for updates, sneak peeks to later chapters, as well as a place where I can chill and talk about my life and the books I love. And when my novel is published (yay!) I will post stuff about that up here too. Sound good? Okay.
Feel free to talk to me!


As I hope most of you avid Twilighters have seen, the new Breaking Dawn cover is completely mind wrenching. I stared at it for a full 15 minutes before I had the sudden realization of what it might mean. So, here are my theories on the cover! August 2nd couldn't be any farther away.
One... there's a white queen.. who could that be hmmm? Is it a person? ...Vampires are white/pale.. Could it be maybe be Bella after being changed, and she's Edward's queen? Or could it be Tanya or maybe even Esme. White wedding dress...Two... The red pawn in behind the queen. If the queen is Bella? Who could the pawn be? Maybe Jacob and his RUST skin. That's right. She's putting him behind her.Three... Red symbolizes and is the colour of blood, remember? So.. that could mean death or something.And four... the chess board all together. The battle! Red against white... the pack against the vampires. The vampire queen is there, Bella will succeed, but to what extent? Or what if both the pawn and the queen represent Bella. Red pawn—because she has blood.. and when she's changed she becomes vampire queen (as I already mentioned).

Characters we shall see in BD:
Tanya... We have heard about her a lot, but have never met her. So. Stephenie wouldn't just leave it off like that. We must see her!Aro... because he's quirky and won't give up on Bella.Alec... we have yet to know his powerAro, Caius, and Marcus... who are they? did you know that the names of the two men who killed Julius Ceaser were named Marcus and Caius? Hmm.Jacob... because it can't just end like that!


Chika_Chica said...

I haven't (very unfortunately) read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, but I like your last theory about the red pawn and the white queen both being Bella, and the theory of the battle of white against red (vamps vs. wolfies) is very logical. I also really hope she does put Tanya in there, I want to actually meet the Denali coven! (But Tanya beter not keep throwing herself at Edward. He's Bella's. Grr.)

Sara R said...

I love the ideas you have, and welcome to your blog! :) Enhoy it.