Saturday, June 21, 2008

I didn't even have a chance.

Look at that! Just imagine the amount of people that must've been waiting for tickets! NYC sold out within minutes! Come on! :( It's not like I could go anyway! But the chance would have been there.

Okay, I'm done moping. I'll sure meet Stephenie Meyer when I am big and famous like her! That's right, move over!

So. Friday News. Breathe. I'm sorry. *runs off and cries.* I'm okay.

Novel Novice,which is one of my favorite sites, posted up a bit of a fan spotlight of yours truly. Go check it out. She has also posted up a pretty hilarious news bulletin.

I have been getting reviews like crazy for my stories. Thank you guys so much! I didn't think that What We Become would be so popular. It makes me cry when I look at my inbox and see over 120 new emails from you guys!

TwilightLexicon has posted an interview up with Christian Serratos. Also known as Angela Weber. Go read it if you haven't already.

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